Friday Night Lights

Season 4 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 2010 on DirecTV

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  • Friday Night Lights for the win this season, yet again.

    There are successes and failures all around for our characters in Season 4 in this brilliant, yet under appreciated series. Coach stands by his key players; Vince, Landry, and Luke, all finally getting that needed win after a long fought season riddled with hardship and failure, against the Dillon Panthers. Tami Taylor decides to stand up for herself against the school board, having nothing to do with Becky's decision to abort her child, leaving us with the prospect of Tami once again working as a counsellor at East Dillon. Matt and Julie's storyline caps off with the realization that they've become worlds apart, leaving the viewers with the daunting realization of how powerfully fleeting life is in those few years after graduation. They emotionally captivated that time of indecision in transition. The real heartache will be the absence of Tim Riggins in Season 5. All of the episodes, and previous seasons for that matter, left a lasting ray of hope to it's graduating characters, some better than others, now, with the exception of Tim Riggins. Tim left college on account of academic apathy, but to what end? To drown his life in the illegal pipe dreams of his brother, while giving support and unrequited love towards his new found neighbor Becky. Tim redeems his apathetic life, once again, within his strident selflessness in serving his brothers sentence alone, an unpayable debt to Billy's family. A beautiful depiction of justice and mercy.

    There's no wonder the Writers Guild of America has nominated Friday Night Lights for best Drama years on end! Thee example of inspiration on a medium that's quite simply, a derivative wasteland.