Friday Night Lights

Season 2 Episode 9

The Confession

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 07, 2007 on The 101

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  • Landry confesses


    The title of the episode is pretty self-explanatory. While the focus of the episode was on Landry confessing to his crime against Tyra's attacker, there was still plenty of stuff going on that interested me.

    Besides Landry confessing, there was Tami and Julie continuing to go at each other's throats. It could've been easy for the show to bore us to death with these scenes, constantly showing the same thing over and over. However, the writers have been smart in how they show Julie and Tami arguing. There's a sort of ebb and tide to it; just as they start getting along, the tension builds again and they explode. Their argument in this episode may have been their best scene yet. The intensity of it stood out to me and I was psyched to see that the show allowed them to scream over each other, even if we couldn't understand them.

    Then there's the Santiago character, who has been a wild card this season. He hasn't exactly contributed anything to the season so far except for when he moved into Buddy Garrity's house. I'm not exactly having high hopes for him, but I have been hoping that the show would at least use him somehow and tonight, my waiting paid off. Watching his nervousness over his first game as handled perfectly. They didn't make him do good right off the bat. He had to earn a few bruises first before he could change the momentum. Seeing him and Buddy talk together and bond a little bit was a great scene as well.

    Speaking of characters who haven't contributed as much to the season, Jason Street shows up after he was missing for a couple of episodes. I've always liked Street and I hate it when the show gives him little to do. Luckily, his plot here was some good comic relief and it's nice to see him get a little victory. It also finds him moving out of his parents house and into Herc's apartment.

    Besides the Matt and Carlotta relationship, the show is starting to find its feet late in the second season.

  • This episode hit all the right notes, which is saying something in a series where every episode is a standout.

    This really is one of the stand out shows on television. The writers expertly capture what it is like to be a teenager struggling with so many high-running emotions while also showing what the adults are dealing with. To realize how skillful this show is you just have to remember that this is what Party Of Five was meant to be about. But where Po5 frequently got lost in drama, Friday Night Lights mixes it up, managing to switch from emotional to dramatic to funny -- and sometimes all in the once scene.

    I love that Coach Taylor isn't allowed to talk to Julie at school. That Matt had that moment that all teenagers dread - their parents walking in on them. And that even Landry, the smartest kid on the show, had to concede that sometimes fathers do know best. The tension between mother and teenage daughter has also been well played out between Tammy and Julie (so very real!) and came to a nice conclusion tonight.

    But the best parenting scenes were between characters that aren't actually related. Santiago and Buddy and Coach Taylor and Tim Riggins.

    Santiago and Buddy fighting in the car was gold. Santiago might have been saying that Buddy wasn't his father but their argument has been played out in many family cars across the globe. As for Taylor and Riggins, coaches frequently walk a fine line between coach and parent which is always well played in FNL. I love that their father/son scene had no dialogue. Handing Tim a sleeping bag said it all.

    It is a bit sad though that Coach Taylor was more clued in to Tim Riggins' situation than the one in his own home. He really fumbled the Tammy/Julie drama. No wonder Tammy is stressed!

    Having Coach Taylor be the athletic director is a great device and it brought the funniest moment of the episode -- Tim Riggins' commentary on the girls gymnastics was hilarious. It also highlights just how passionate he is about sports and the myopic nature of football. I hope we see more of this side of Tim!
  • Friday Night Lights in a second season slump??

    This has been a bottom of the barrel season. For some reason I keep watching hoping beyond hope that it will get better. I despise the murder storyline. It is an utterly ridiculous. Landry committing an extremely violent act took me out of the whole show altogether. It was very out of character. I can understand wanting to shake it up but come on! I can not understand why Landry would not plead self defense to begin with. They made it seem as though it was self defense from the beginning. Thankfully they wrapped up the Landry/Tyra rape/murder story line during this episode. Also what is going on with Matt? Character development is good but what are they trying to do with him? He used to be one of my favorites now I just fast forward all the parts involving him and random girls. I must admit I will continue to watch due to the fact that I love Tim Riggins. I really want to see what he is going to do with his crazy room mate and how Coach Taylor is going to deal with him. Julie, Julie, Julie, what to do with her. She needs to find someone that isn't her English teacher.
  • A very satisfying end to what began as a very predictable story. It will be tough for this one to serve as a season finale because the football team is in limbo but all the other stories are brought to conclusion.

    Eric and Tammye "miss" each other. Here they get to work together as parents. Saracen and Carlita can express their feelings. Street takes Smash's place for the weeks' comic relief role. This is actually a great demonstration of good writing and the ability to transcend handicaps and disabilities. In other words, it is nice to see Street as something other than a "mascot" as McGregor called him. His romance with the waitress might have been forced (but maybe it wasn't romance but just a hook up). But the scene in the restaurant was hilarious. Santiago really becomes the second major plot of the episode. Buddy's scene in the car was about as heartwarming as a Buddy Garrity scene is ever gonna get. He is trying to help Santiago and football is the only way he knows how. He is right and his intentions are good. And in the end, it seems that he is able to help Santiago begin to emerge from that shell of a scared angry and nervous young man.

    Landry was thankfully not as stubborn as I thought he might be. I thought that because he saw his actions in black and white, he would seek out more punishment. He did this at first but finally gave into an "out" that he law allowed him. The only reason he did this was because Tyra assured him that it was not only the right thing to do but it was the truth. I also wonder whether Landry's meeting with the victim's brother had anything to do with not pressing charges. I'm glad this story is over and it will be interesting to see where the Landry/Tyra relationship goes from here. I hope this show returns sooner rather than later in 2008. It was really getting good again.
  • Matt and Carlotta heat things up a notch. Tim works hard to fall back in Taylor's good graces. Jason moves out and moves on. Tami and Julie go head to head. Santiago plays his first games. Landry confesses...

    So wow, now I love this show, but this episode brought it somewhere else.

    So we open with Matt and Carlotta hooking up in Matt's room and Matt's grandma walking in and accusing him of eating all her snackwell's, I love that. Their relationship seems sweet, but you know there will be some sort of consequences for the two.

    So now the Riggins is back on the team he has to work hard to get back into Coach Taylor's good graces, I laughed so hard at two scenes, when Tim felt that Smash was not a team player, and his critique of the gymnatics team. I am glad he moved out of the drug making ferret owners place, cause damn that was freaky. I hope he stays at the Taylor's cause that would be just hilarious.

    Ok, I have been rooting for Tim and Lyla, but what is she doing driving by Jason's, before he went on the wheelchair lover's date, I thought it was so crazy that a site like that existed, I'm sure it doesn't, but who knows. I am glad that Street moved out, he needed to, and I am glad we will see more of Herc.

    Onto the two bigger stories of the night.

    Tami and Julie, this thing between them is finally getting somewhere. It is frankly run it's course, Julie was acting too bratty, and Tami was being too self-righteous.

    Landry confessed, and I have to admit I was glad he got off. What he did was stupid, and brave, and well really stupid. I am a bit shocked they did not charge him with something, but I guess to wash this all away, it needed to go away, and it seems like he will not have much guilt, especially since he and Tyra are reconciling.

    The best story of the night...

    There was also Santiago's story, which to me was a good representation of why we all watch this show. It was great to seem him on the field with the team and channeling his aggressions in the right place, I was really behind him.

    Friday Night Lights returns in 2008.
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