Friday Night Lights

Season 3 Episode 10

The Giving Tree

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 10, 2008 on The 101

Episode Recap

At the beginning of the episode Buddy gets into a brawl at The Landing Strip over a poor investment he made in which he lost 70 thousand dollars. He ends up causing 30 thousand dollars in damage and gets charged with drunk and disorderly as well as assault. He gets put in jail overnight.

Tyra complains to Julie that she missed too much school and doesn't think she can get into college anymore so Julie suggests that she ask Landry for help studying for the SATs. Meanwhile JD McCoy goes to a party and meets a girl named Madison who takes an interest in him. Then Coach Taylor asks Tami to go check on Lyla and tell her about her dad's predicament. Lyla opts to stay at the Taylor house for the evening, which is facing some drama as a result of Coach Taylor walking in on Matt and Julie in bed together.

The next day Madison shows up at the McCoy household unannounced which leads to Mr. McCoy telling JD to lay off girls until the football playoffs are over and done with. Which JD reluctantly agrees to. Buddy gets out of jail and admits to Lyla that the 70 thousand dollars he lost was actually her college fund. Lyla storms off and starts to stay at Tim's house.

Landry has agreed to help Tyra study for the SATs but gets in a fight with her when he realizes she's using him. He compares her to the boy from The Giving Tree. In order to prove Landry wrong Tyra goes to a club in town and gets them to agree to give Crucifictorious a gig.

Julie and her Mom have a serious conversation about her and Matt and about safe sex. Later on Matt reluctantly picks Julie up for a date and has to have a chat with Coach Taylor who very sternly warns Matt that women are to be respected. On Friday night the Panthers take on a really brutal, dirty team and the referees don't make any calls for the Panthers. Coach Taylor gets really frustrated and ends up getting ejected from the game. The Panthers pull off a nail-biting win anyway. JD finally mans up after having a conversation with Tim about being a leader and making his own decisions and sneaks out of his house with Madison after the game.

Crucifictorious rocks out at their gig and Buddy calls Lyla to apologize for being so selfish.
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