Friday Night Lights

Season 4 Episode 9

The Lights of Carrol Park

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 13, 2010 on DirecTV

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  • Coach Taylor and Jess' dad Virgil throw an impromptu game between the Lions and people on the street.


    In the midst of all the stuff going on between characters this season, I nearly forgot about a subtle, simmering plot point that has barely been addressed but is still there nonetheless: the rocky relationship between Coach Taylor and Virgil, Jess' dad, the former QB for the Lions in 1983 and the owner of Ray's Barbeque. Early in the season, it was clear that Virgil wanted nothing to do with football, which included Coach Taylor. However, slowly (and subtly.. that's the key-word here), the two came together and in this episode, they work together to bring a community together for a night.

    I really liked everything that had to do with the football players and the football team this week. It seems as if week to week, the focus changes from football to stuff that happens outside of football, and this week, the writers show Coach Taylor, Virgil and an ex-convict turned community helper try to get the lights turned back on at a park to play a football game between the school and the community. In the middle of this is some more focus on Vince Howard, who gets a job at Virgil's restaurant and new developments with Luke Cafferty, who seems to have moved past his injury only to end up having bigger problems in the form of Becky's pregnancy. I was worried about how the show would handle this, mostly because the reveal was so random. We know they went on a ride together, but they never implied that they hooked up until tonight. But the show is doing a good job, and in a way, it seems like Riggins may be more of a father figure right now. Unless the show has other plans. Either way, I'm tentatively going along with it.

    For all the complaining I did last week about the whole kiss between Tami and Glenn, it ended up having some hilarious consequences. It's obvious that there's nothing that will tear Tami and Coach apart, which means the way they go about dealing with events like this are much different than other melodramatic TV shows and sitcoms. When the Coach discovers about the kiss and laughs uncomfortably, I was laughing too, mostly because Kyle Chandler sells that discomfort so well... also, the way Coach brings up the kiss to Tami ("Glenn told me about a little experience he had at the karaoke bar...") is classic Coach. Everybody should wish they were as cool as this couple.

    There's also a new boy on the horizon for Julie and some interesting developments with Landry and Jess, but they were so minor that there's not much to say about it. Basically, Jess hangs out with Landry more than Vince, which makes Vince jealous. I'm sure things will heat up later, but everything else was working so good this week that I'm inclined to forget about that arc.

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