Friday Night Lights

Season 2 Episode 10

There Goes the Neighborhood

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 2008 on The 101
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Not only do Coach Taylor have to adjust to their rivals Laribee High School sharing their lockers, football fields, and weight room with them after a tornado strikes, but he also has to adjust, along with Tami and Julie, to Tim Riggins living with them. After being cleared of murder, Landry and Tyra now must work on their relationship.moreless

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  • Painful to watch, but in the best possible way.

    **Contains spoilers**

    Finally, it felt like I was watching Friday Night Lights again. The first part of Season 2 has been below par, but episode 10 was back up to the high standard of Season 1. Not that it was comfortable to watch. If anything, it was almost painful at times, and here's why:

    First, poor Buddy finding out that Pam is getting remarried. It was almost unwatchable as he begged her to come back to him, out on her doorstep, with the odious interloper lurking just inside and gleefully witnessing her rejection of Buddy's best sales pitch.

    Second, the unfairness of the Laribee boys seemingly getting away with the pranks against their hosts (the ingratitude!). It was so frustrating watching Eric continue to be gracious toward them through gritted teeth, but very satisfying when he finally let the Laribee coach have it, though again, the inappropriateness of the two coaches fighting in front of the students, combined with Eric's loss of control, made the confrontation almost unbearable to watch.

    Third, Julie's continued rudeness toward her, let's face it, awesome parents. It's awful watching her transformation as she was such a great kid in the first season.

    And worst of all: the end-of-episode scenes with Tim rescuing Julie from the party and sweetly putting her to bed were absolutely cruel to the viewer, knowing as we do that nothing in Tim's life can ever end well, and that the writers would have to punish him for the earlier moments of unguarded and happy domesticity at the Taylors'. Who didn't love seeing him relaxed enough to tease Tami by pretending to take a beer out of the fridge, and his obvious delight at being able to please Tim by fixing the cable? So it felt like watching a car crash in excruciatingly slow motion as Eric inevitably came into Julie's room at just the wrong moment at the end, misinterpreted the scene and threw Tim out in betrayed rage. Poor Tim, alone once more. And having been on probation with Eric after his earlier infraction (abandoning the team to go and rescue Jason in Mexico), how is Tim ever going to earn back his trust, approval or - what he clearly craves (and needs) - his fatherly affection? It doesn't look good.

    If I'm being really picky, in an excellent episode, the one or two downsides for me, were:

    First, the absence of Jason and Lyla, though it perhaps wasn't surprising, as the writers don't seem sure what to do with their characters anymore, now that neither of them is involved in football - which, after all, is the lynchpin of this show. Lyla did have a brief and moving scene with her mother, finding out that her mother is engaged, and I have to commend Minka Kelly for conveying Lyla's shock, heartbreak and her determination not to spoil her mother's happiness by hiding her true feelings behind a cracked smile.

    Secondly, I felt there was again rather too much focus on the peripheral characters of Tyra and Landry, which has been the case all season so far. They are both likeable, but their relationship just isn't believable, and the ridiculous manslaughter plotline they've been embroiled in, has not helped (although it did give us the chance to see some great father-son scenes between Landry and his dad, played sympathetically and conflictedly by Glenn Morshower).

    Finally, please can they wrap up this business between Matt and Carlotta? Matt's home dynamic was so compelling in the first season and made him an interesting character that you rooted for, but again it seems as though the writers no longer know what to do with him.

    Apart from those small complaints (hey, no show is ever going to give you exactly what you wish for!), I thought this episode was vintage Friday Night Lights and it has me excited again to see how things are going to unfold over the rest of the season.

  • Another great episode filled with all sorts of potential game-changers.

    Right now, I feel like Friday Night Lights is beginning to truly feel like Season 1 again. I'm not one to necessarily compare one season of a show against another because I understand shows can't 100% stay the same over time, but I do like there to be a consistent quality. Early Season 2 episodes were a bit dull but they've really picked up now.

    The main part of the episode involves a rival high-school being forced to share locker space and the school halls with the Dillon Panthers. It should be obvious just by this premise that tensions would be high, and yes, things roll out exactly how you would expect them to. But boy, the writers are good at taking the obvious and wringing surprises out of them. Just because we know or assume it's going to happen, it's just as powerful to see the Panthers and the other team fighting against each other, playing pranks on each other and such.

    In fact, although Landry has gotten off scot-free, he's still feeling the after effects of not being able to be with Tyra, which results in him starting a school-wide fight between the other team and the students at Dillon. I'm hoping that Landry and Tyra continue getting stuff to do... right now, the show is having trouble keeping everyone involved in the show. I feel like we go awhile without seeing Tyra, Lila, Jason and others.

    That being said, we're being given some pretty strong stories with the other characters. Coach Taylor may be one of the best "good guys" on TV right now, he still has those moments where he goes off the deep end, and when he pushes the other team's coach against the locker and threatens him, it's a powerful moment for Kyle Chandler. I also enjoyed seeing Riggins show up at the Coach's house, although I'm not sure I'm happy with the whole "Coach thinks Tim is trying to get with Julie" thing. Is it really that hard for people to open their mouths and tell the truth?

    I won't even bother talking about Matt and Carlotta because it's stupid and Zach Gilford deserves better storylines than this. Overall though, the rest of the episode was good.moreless
  • A lot of moments typical of a high school drama but not typical of this series. But some of these moments are still golden and save the episode.

    Resorting to immature high school banter is not one of the strengths of this show. Yet, here, it seems like that is what we are left with. Nonetheless, the plot does move forward and there are a few quality moments. Coach Taylor taking up for Riggins stole the show. The evolution of Landry and Tyra's relationship is getting old. He deserves better than her and he is growing to realize this. He was a much more entertaining character when he wasn't obsessed with Tyra. His speech during the dance was another great moment of the episode. Riggins' subplot with Julie is not that interesting and the fact that he is "caught" was stereotypical and is the type of event that can cause a guy like Riggins to make a handful of poor decisions. So wait until next week...moreless
  • watching FNL is allways a pleasure but this episode was really good, tim riggins, is the best character in the show.

    where to start... I loved this hole Julie/ Tim story I really think he should be her big brother. He continue to get problems with every thing he does and I hate when he gets missunderstood. I really hope Julie is steping up for tim, cause he needs that from someone. Tim is really a fun guy and always makes the best of the situation.

    It is allways a good episode in every show when a tornado comes to the town, and a can really understand the fights between the two teams. I really hated that team all the players were such divas, when they sould be greatful.

    Julie has this season been very moody and like a little girl, I really hope she becomes like she was in season 1.

    Tamis sister is just so funny of course she thinks Tims hot who dosent, and tami just gets more and more boring she needs to change her attitude a littel. Landry and tyra, well!! what can I say, she is to afraid of his dad and every on else in school, but I dont really think they should be together, but both have grown as a person while beeing together.

    every episode makes me feel happy and sad, Loves this show and this episode. keep up the good work.moreless
  • Do not cancel this show!!

    After watching this episode (I have seen all of them) I cannot believe this show is in jeopardy of being canceled. This episode is in my opinion the best one so far. This show deals with problems that the average American encounters in life. All of the off field things that occur in this show are very realistic. I would say some of the on field situations are a little unrealistic. I have never seen a team win so many games on the last play but I can live with it. I love Coach Taylor and Riggins and if this show gets canceled I will be disappointed.moreless
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