Friday Night Lights

Season 4 Episode 8

Toilet Bowl

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 06, 2010 on DirecTV

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  • The first annual "toilet bowl."


    First off, I'll make my obligatory comment about the low rating: the episode is certainly better than a 6.8. Okay, with that out of the way, I really liked this episode (I sound like a broken record right now... I just love this show). However, there was one big thing that happened in the episode that frustrated me. And that is Billy Riggins using his warehouse as a chop shop.

    It's frustrating because the show is better than resorting to ridiculous stuff like this. Yes, we know that the Riggins clan is hard-pressed for money, but do they have to resort to crime every single time they need quick cash? It's a shame because Tim had some of his best scenes on the show here, when he was getting mad at his brother for making a chop shop and also when he stands in the field and ponders to Becky about what he would do with the land. I thought that Tim was fascinating to watch this week while Billy's stuff just bored me. Hopefully they don't drag it out for too long.

    Then we have Landry, Vince and Jess, who seem to be stuck in this weird love triangle. Maybe I would care about it more if two of the characters in the triangle weren't new, but then again, both of those new characters are good in their roles. It's just not as high-stakes as I thought. And Jesse Plemons was full of great little lines this week (I liked when he was in his car alone with his toy... fun stuff).

    As for Julie and Tami, they go on a college trip and Julie realizes that she's having trouble getting over Matt. She also feels like her mother is pushing her to apply at Boston University and this leads to tension. The acting and writing was great, but once again, I didn't feel as interested in what was going on.

    The football stuff was good though. We get some more Buddy scenes, which is always a good thing. This time, he gets East Dillon a radio station for football of which he is the DJ. Luke begins taking some pain killers that aren't exactly legally prescribed, and I'm not sure where this will take us, but I'm expecting anything at this point. Also, East Dillon got their first win! It wasn't pretty, but it was nice. They're out of the hole now and they have nowhere to go but up. Also, it'd be nice to see the team beat the Dillon Panthers. That would be the ultimate victory.