Friday Night Lights

Season 3 Episode 13

Tomorrow Blues

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 2009 on DirecTV

Episode Recap

This episode takes place five months after the championship game. At the beginning of the episode there is a montage of all the show's couples being cute together: Julie and Matt, Tim and Lyla, Tyra and Landry, Eric and Tami. Billy and Tim are renting tuxedos for Billy's upcoming wedding.

At a pancake breakfast for the senior class Tami announces what the graduates are doing: Matt is attending the Art Institute of Chicago, Tyra is waitlisted at the University of Texas, Tim is going to San Antonio State, and Lyla (who is ranked number 2 in her class) is also going to San Antonio State. It's also announced that JD McCoy has won the Dave Camel High School Quarterback of the Year award.

Buddy and Eric go to recruit a future Panther named Shane DeBuke. When they arrive at the DeBuke household they find out that Wade Aikman and Joe McCoy have already made a house call and that Shane will be attending Dillion High. Mr. DuBuke explains to Eric that he thought Aikman was the new head coach of the Panthers.

Eric's contract is up for negotiation at the next school board meeting and the superintendent asks Tami if she would like to recuse herself from the meeting as the discussion of Panther head coach might become heated. Tami decides that she wants to attend the meeting, because as principal it is her duty.

Grandma Saracen is packing to go to a nursing home while Matt goes to school in Chicago. Lyla has a meeting with Tami and her dad to discuss whether San Antonio State is a good fit for her. Buddy tells Lyla that he's willing to ask her uncle for a loan in order to pay Vanderbilt's tuition, even though he hates him. Eric confronts Joe McCoy about trying to squeeze him out of his coaching position. Joe tries to bargain with Eric and tells him that if he's willing to let Aikman make all the calls for the plays, and is willing to start JD for every single game then he can keep his job. Eric doesn't like to be threatened, and doesn't agree to this lousy offer.

Tim and Billy have fixed up the warehouse/auto shop, and go to an auction to bid on a hydrolic lift. Tyra and Landry drive to UT to find out her waitlist status from the admissions office, and they warn her that she's on the waitlist with 1000 other candidates. Tim and Billy get the hydrolic lift at auction as well as a Longhorn Steer to be the new mascot of Riggins' Rigs. Billy tells Tim that Mindy is pregnant.

The Taylors buy Julie a brand new car from Buddy to reward her for being a good kid, with good grades. Julie admits to her mom that she feels left behind with Matt and everyone getting ready for college and that she's scared about all the change that is about to occur.

Matt moves his Grandma into her nursing home, and Tyra gets her acceptance letter from UT! Coach Taylor defends himself at the board meeting. The entire cast attends Billy and Mindy's wedding, where Tami tells Eric that the board offered Wade Aikman the head coach job for the Panthers and that they have offered Eric the head coaching position at East Dillon High. Lyla admits to Tim that her uncle has agreed to pay for Vanderbilt and Tim persuades her to go because she deserves it.

After deciding he doesn't want to break up with Julie and realizing that he can't abandon his Grandma (the only person who has never left him) Matt decides to stay in Dillon and move his Grandma back home.

Tim tries to tell Billy that he isn't going to go to San Antonio State anymore because Lyla isn't going, and Billy tells Tim that he has to go so that their kids (the future Riggins') can lead better lives.

The last scene shows Eric and Tami standing in the middle of the East Dillon Lions' football field contemplating the future.