Friday Night Lights

Season 3 Episode 13

Tomorrow Blues

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 2009 on DirecTV

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  • The seniors are graduating and the parents are trying to move forward with their lives. How will this group of friends face the inevitability of change and the unknown?

    The director took his time with this episode and featured aspects of Texas culture and life in Dillon that set it apart from the rest of America: a Texas wedding, an auction, horsing around in the middle of nowhere. The radio jockey's voice, like a narrator, reminds us that the stakes are always high, that football is what ties everything together or tears everything apart. This voice is often critical of Coach Taylor, yet coach somehow seems to come out ahead even when he comes in last. In this episode he is again confronted with questions of how he will deal with the consequences of his choices and how his choices will affect his career and his family. The main point of the movie Friday Night Lights, which the show catches up with here, is that winning isn't everything. Life is about the heart that you put in along the way, the difference that the mentor makes in the student's life, about making decisions and learning from mistakes. It's also about the triumph of underdogs like Landry Clarke and Matt Saracen, both on and off the field. The director pans out a little in this episode, perhaps to say goodbye to these characters we've known for so long. The cinematographer chooses wider shots in some instances, as if to say that there is more to life than Dillon, Texas. But we also get some closure to the high school relationships that must change with graduation. We see how the parents deal with the challenges of living by their values and the opportunities that come with the unexpected. The show ends well, giving us hope for the characters even if the story must only continue in our imaginations. Yet there is also a perfect opportunity in the plot to turn the show in a new and interesting direction.