Friday Night Lights

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 2009 on DirecTV

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  • This was the episode that showed what an amazing series Friday Night Lights is, and hopefully, will continue to be.

    The episode started off just like any other episode - amazing. Typical Landry and Tyra fighting again, Garrity asking Lyla to come home, Saracen having problems with his grandma and JD dealing with his father and CPS.

    But the best scenes came when the Panthers went to Austin for the State championship game. Landry waking up hung over, realising that he had missed the bus and then Tyra driving him was just hilarious and a delight to watch. These two have such an amazing chemistry. Eventually, it all came down to one scene, when Tyra's reading Landry her application letter, which was basically a look back to everything she's been through, and reminded us viewers of how many great storylines we've witnessed, and after she had finished reading the letter, the two finally kissed. You can't help but cheer for them, because they're such amazing characters.

    I was hoping the Panthers would win, but then again, I was expecting that they would lose... I thought the writers would do another "big comeback scenario", and it seemed that that's what they were doing, but the Titans managed to get to 19 yrds and it all came down to a silly field goal. And it was so painful to watch, which is why this show is so amazing - it makes you genuinely care about these characters, and when you watch them, they just don't seem fictional. The pep talk that coach had with the players, and with the family members, was absolutely incredible. It was so great to have the entire cast in one place to simply remind us what an amazing group of actors this show has and what an amazing group of characters they have created - from Saracen and Riggins to Tami, Saracen's grandma and Mandy, Tyra's sister...

    The promo for the season finale also aired after the episode, and I'm just so angry that the show might be ending, because the season finale looks so emotional... And I don't want to watch it until I know if the show will get a fourth season. Because if there was a show that really, really deserved to get another season, it's Friday Night Lights. And why people don't watch it continues to puzzle me. I guess they'd rather watch people constantly having sex in break rooms on Grey's Anatomy or watch countless procedurals... This show is a rare gem. Watch it.