Friday Night Lights

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 2009 on DirecTV



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    • Coach Taylor: (about the game) I have no idea what's gonna happen tomorrow, babe.
      Tami: Well, you're gonna win. Or you're gonna lose. Either way the sun's gonna come up the next morning.

    • Tyra (reading her college essay): Two years ago, I was afraid of wanting anything. I figured wanting would lead to trying, and trying would lead to failure. But now I find I can't stop wanting. I wanna fly somewhere in first class. I wanna travel to Europe on a business trip. I wanna get invited to the White House. I wanna learn about the world. I wanna surprise myself. I wanna be important. I wanna be the best person I can be. I wanna define myself instead of having others define me. I wanna win and have people be happy for me. I wanna lose and get over it. I wanna not be afraid of the unknown. I wanna grow up to be generous and big hearted, the way that people have been with me. I want an interesting and surprising life. It's not that I think I'm gonna get all these things. I just want the possibility of getting them. College represents this possibility. The possibility that things are gonna change. I can't wait.

    • (After the game)
      Coach Taylor: I wanted everyone's friends and family to be in here to hear this, gentlemen. I have never been more proud of a team than I am right now. I am in awe of each and every one of you gentlemen. (Long pause) You played great football tonight. This is the game that people are gonna talk about for years to come. This is the game you are gonna talk about. There's not a single person in this room that's ever gonna be the same. You be proud of yourselves. Because gentlemen, you are champions.

    • Tim: Last game, Seven.
      Matt: No regrets.

    • Landry: You obviously don't believe any of what you're saying.
      Tyra: Fine Landry, why don't you tell me what to write?
      Landry: I don't, this is your essay, I don't...
      Tyra: What, should I write about my trashy family, about the fact that my sister's a stripper, or my mom is a high school drop out who drinks boxes of wine like it's water? Or about the fact that I lost my virginity when I was thirteen, or the fact that my papa wasn't around? How about that? Oh, I know what I should write about! The fact that up until two years ago I had enough hate in my heart to start a freaking car.
      Landry: What changed?
      Tyra: What?
      Landry: You know, what changed from two years ago? Why, why did you stop having enough hate in your heart to start a freaking car?
      Tyra: Jason Street got paralyzed. (pause) I realized that he was this great guy, I mean like this hero, and it happened to him. And it, it made me realize that life isn't fair for anybody. Not just me.
      Landry: Alright, and what else?
      Tyra: I don't know, I became friends with Julie and Mrs Taylor started to take some interest in me. Started doing my homework. (pause) You. I met you. I started to feel like I was on the inside instead of the outside.

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    • Episode Title: Underdogs

      A song by the musical group Manic Street Preachers from the album Send Away the Tigers.