Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 14

Upping the Ante

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2007 on DirecTV

Episode Recap

Jason Street is explaining Quad Rugby to Lyla Garrity's mother. He's explaining the difference between Wheelchair Basketball and Quad Rugby. Buddy Garrity is putting Jason down by calling Quad Rugby a hobby because Jason can not make a living doing it. Buddy and Jason get into an argument about the lawsuit. Buddy is upset that Jason is suing "his team and his Coach". In the heat of the argument Jason tells Lyla's parents that they are getting married. Buddy doesn't take the news well and he goes into the house upset with his wife. Lyla goes in the house after them. *Theme Music*

Ralph Jarrett is broadcasting a radio show from Applebee's; they are having a special Playoff Broadcast. They are talking about Smash Williams being benched last week and whether or not he will play in the next game. Matt Saracen is sitting with Julie Taylor. The host of the radio show calls Matt up to talk. The whole Applebee's is cheering his name and he's getting a lot of looks and waves from girls.

Julie is outside the Applebee's waiting for Matt Saracen. Matt spent more time talking on the radio show then he thought he would. Tim Riggins and some other football players drive up to the Applebee's and grab Matt and put him into the car and drive off leaving Julie alone with no ride. Tyra Collette offers Julie a ride home. Julie turns it down at first but then accepts the ride.

Smash Williams is in the locker room doing chores for Coach Taylor. Coach wants to see the drug test results from the clinic. Smash is clean. Coach Taylor is showing no compassion for Smash at all and will not tell him if he will play again.

Tim Riggins is in court and he needs to pay a fine for speeding. Billy Riggins is not Tim's legal guardian so Tim needs to get a document signed by his father in order for the charges to be dropped.

Julie is hanging out with Tyra and they are shopping. Tyra tells Julie that Buddy Garrity is her sister's number one customer at the strip club. Julie likes some lipstick at the store but tells Tyra that she can't afford it. Tyra shoplifts the lipstick and walks out the store giggling with Julie.

Tim doesn't want to risk losing his license so he is determined to get his father to sign for him. Billy warns Tim about going to see their dad.

Julie Taylor begs her mother to go to a concert with Matt on a weeknight. She wants to see the Old 97's. Julie makes a bunch of promises to her mother and finally Tami allows her to go.

Tim is on his way to see his father. He is having a hard time finding him because he doesn't live where he used to. Tim runs into one of his father's former girlfriends named Lydia and she tells Tim that if he finds him to give her back her Conway Twitty.

Tim goes to a public golf course and that is where he finds his father. His father recognizes him and gives him a hug. They go inside to get something to drink and Tim's father signs the document for Tim. His Dad tells him that he has been sober for six weeks and then wants to know if Tim will hang out with him for a while so they decide to get something to eat.

Lyla is telling Jason that she's always had a vision of her wedding at 25. Jason and Lyla begin to argue about getting married. Lyla feels like she might be too young and she doesn't want to rush into marriage and make a mistake. Jason is sure that he wants to marry Lyla but he's hurt to know that Lyla isn't sure.

At practice Smash is having a hard time. Coach is making him block and do things to punish him. Buddy is at practice and Coach tells Buddy that Smash may not play in the playoff game. Buddy is upset about Smash but then he changes the subject and talks to Coach about doing a TV show. The Eric Taylor Show.

Matt isn't going to be able to go to the concert because he's going to be on TV with Coach Taylor. Julie is a little upset that she's not going to the concert after she begged her mother. Matt then asks Julie to watch his grandmother while he's on TV.

Tim is bowling with his father. The waitress at the bowling alley tells Tim that his father talks about him all the time. He's always talking about how well he's playing football and how well the team is playing. Tim wants to spend more time with his father and asks him if he can stay over after they are done bowling and his father agrees.

Buddy Garrity is setting up the Eric Taylor Show. Coach Taylor and Matt Saracen are going to do the show together. Matt asks Coach Taylor if Smash is going to play on Friday. Coach Taylor gets upset with the question because he thought if he did the show with Matt that things would be easy.

Julie is looking after Grandma Saracen. Julie invited a "friend" over. It's Tyra. Tyra is giving Julie advice on dating a Dillon Panther. Tyra tells Julie that she needs to make Matt jealous by

Buddy Garrity is talking to Coach Taylor about Jason Street. Coach thinks that Buddy needs to back off of Jason and Lyla. Buddy wants Coach Taylor to talk to Jason for him because he doesn't think that they are ready to get married and he still believes that Jason will listen to Coach Taylor.

Smash comes home late. Smash has been out running all night. He is afraid that Baxter is going to steal his job and that Coach Taylor doesn't want to play him anymore. Smash's mother is worried about him working too hard. Smash says he doesn't feel the same without the drugs but that he has to keep doing his job.

Tim is hanging out with his dad and talking about Jason and then they talk about Billy. Tim tells his father that Billy said "hi" but he really didn't. Tim's father knows that Billy doesn't like him because of the things that he did when they were younger. Tim tells his father that he still remembers things too because he was 10 and not a little kid. Tim has missed a few practices hanging out with his dad, he spent the whole day with his father.

The Riggins Team. Tim and his father are playing golf against each other. Tim makes a bet with his dad that if he wins his father will have to come to the game on Friday and if his dad wins then Tim won't tell Lydia where he lives.

At practice Smash appears flat. Smash is getting yelled at by Coach Taylor. Coach makes Smash do 20 suicides at the corner of the end zone. Coach Taylor continues to punish Smash Williams.

Tami Taylor can tell that Coach Taylor is tied up in knots about the upcoming game and Smash Williams situation. She's giving her husband some advice and asks him to stop being so hard on Smash.

Tim is playing really well on the golf course. His father tries to give him some swing advice but Tim dismisses it because he's winning. Tim's father reminds him that the game isn't over yet because he knows how Tim putts.

Coach Taylor comes over to visit Smash. There are some kids playing football outside. Coach tells Smash that he's been hard on him because he felt let down by Smash. Smash tells Coach Taylor that he doesn't need him to like him for him to do his job. Coach is there to apologize for being so hard on him. A kid goes up to Smash and Coach and tells them that he wants to be running back of the Panthers. He's boastful and says that Coach Taylor needs to get ready for him, Miles Shepard is his name. Smash and Coach Taylor play some football with the kids outside.

Tim's father wins the golf game and Tim feels disappointed because he felt like his dad won so that he wouldn't have to go to the game. Tim feels like Billy was right about him and that he shouldn't have come over to see him.

Tim makes it home and Billy is on the couch. Tim shows Billy that he did get the signature. Billy can't believe he spent the night. A car pulls up honking in front of Tim's house. There are some Rally Girls that stop by to pick up Tim.

There is a huge party, Tim and Matt with Smash all show up. There are a ton of Rally Girls and other girls from the school wanting to take pictures of the football players for a calendar. Matt is drinking and surrounded by girls and some of them are kissing his neck. All of this is going on with cameras going off. They are taking pictures of Matt with his shirt off for a calendar. Matt doesn't tell Julie that he is out with the team and the Rally Girls.

Coach is getting ready to go to the Court House for a hearing on the Jason Street situation. Tami is complaining about the Streets suing them and the school and wants to go with Coach Taylor but he wants to go on his own because it's just a hearing.

At the Court House, Coach Taylor has a word with Jason. Coach talks to him about Lyla. Coach tells Jason that getting married is a big commitment. Jason tells Coach that he is sure but that Lyla may not be sure. Coach is telling him that no one is telling him that he should not get married but that he should take some time to really think about it. Jason tells Coach that Buddy was really pissed off when he found out about it and that he was all red in the face. Jason apologizes to Coach Taylor that the hearing is on a game day.

At school on game day Matt walks up to Julie to say "hello". Julie asks Matt what he did last night. Julie saw Matt and all the pictures that he took with the Rally Girls and she wants to know why Matt lied about where he was. Julie is upset and she's crying. Matt is a little surprised by her reaction. I guess he didn't realize how much Julie really liked him.

Smash is called into the Coach's office. Coach Taylor is surrounded by his staff when Smash walks in. Coach Taylor tells Smash that he is starting at tailback for the playoff game. Smash is happy and excited that he is playing and starting.

Smash leads the team in pray before their big playoff game. The whole team gets hyped up for the game. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, CAN'T LOSE!!!

The team is rushing out of the locker room and they are about to go onto the field when Billy stops Tim for an extra ticket. The ticket is for his father. Tim's dad came to see the game.

The team runs out onto the field.