Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 14

Upping the Ante

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2007 on DirecTV

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  • Buddy finds out that Jason asked Lyla to marry him. Tim goes looking for his father to get a signature from his legal guardian. Julie likes Matt more then he knows and Julie and Tyra are becoming "friends".

    Another great episode with very little football footage. Coach Taylor is riding Smash after being caught with Steriods. He has him doing chores in the locker room, and in practice Smash is blocking and running suicides. The good news is that Smash will be starting tailback in the playoff game!!! Tim spends some quality time with his father and he is disappointed when his father beats him at a golf game to win a bet. The bet was that if his father loses that he'll have to see Tim play. Tim's father ends up at the game at the end of the episode anyway. Lyla tells Jason that she doesn't want to rush into marriage. Julie is becoming "friends" with Tyra. That relationship interested me the most. Matt hurt Julie and he seemed surprised at how much she really liked him and it will be interesting to see what direction Julie will go in. Will she continue her relationship with Matt or start to skank it up with Tyra? I have to keep watching.
  • This show makes me want to move to some town in the mid west and either coach football or have a kid and then have him play football. The shows are always similar yet always different.This week we finally see Matt step into the true off the field qb role.

    "Its cool, your the big star now" You gotta love it. The whole team wants to hang out with him, the radio personalities wanna talk to him, and good ole Matt is finally living the life. The QB life. Ive been waiting for the episode that he develops into the famous town qb guy. Looks like it finally happened. And to see Smash doing everything he can to make things right was nice to see as well. Everything hits home every week on this show. Coach once again shows us how he is stern yet he cares about his players. Love every week of this show.
  • Everybodycentric

    Everyone was involved in this episode. Great in every field, relationships,responsibilities and expectations. Never the less i was really dissapointed they did not show the game at the end. I was all geared up for it. Felt sorry for Matt I know it seems like he keeps standing her up, but it comes with the territory, so Julie should be understanding. Nothing wrong or dull in this episode.