Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 12

What to Do While You're Waiting

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 10, 2007 on DirecTV

Episode Recap

The Buckley vs. Arnett Mead game is going to determine whether or not the Dillon Panthers will go to the playoffs. Buckley has to beat Arnett Mead. Coach Taylor is practicing the team hard just in case Buckley wins so that Dillon will be ready for the playoffs.

Smash is at the diner talking about the Arnett Mead vs. Buckley game with some friends. Waverly is at the same table with Smash but then decides to leave in the middle of his conversation about football.

Matt is talking to his father about the Arnett Mead vs. Buckley game when his father tells him that he's not going back to Iraq and that he is going to stay around. Matt's father wants to see Matt play in the playoffs and hopes Arnett Mead loses.

Coach Taylor and Tami make it home after school and park the car in the driveway. They both get out of the car and then Coach Taylor is served with papers from Jason Street and his family. There is a lawsuit against him concerning the miss tackle that resulted into Jason's accident.

Coach is talking to Tami and he's trying not to take the lawsuit personally. He's stressed out but he won't blame Jason directly for the lawsuit.

Jason is out and about in the morning. He is wheeling himself down the street and into the corner store. He's getting the cold shoulder from the clerk but doesn't know why. He notices the lawsuit against Coach Taylor on the front page of the paper. Jason hurriedly wheels himself home.

Matt's father is trying to get all of the medical bills for Grandma Saracen together. Matt thinks his father is going back to Iraq but his father tells him that he is staying home to help out.

Bob, Angela's boyfriend is reading the paper and doesn't think that Jason should be suing the Coach. He is staring at Tyra and what she is wearing to school. Bob then makes a comment about the family's genetically superior backside. Tyra is weirded out by the way he is looking at her. (Angela is Tyra's mom)

Jason is at home telling his parents that everyone is going to hate him in the town because they are suing the Coach and going against the Panthers. Jason's mom is trying to tell him that they need money to help take care of him and that she is sorry to put him through everything but they need to sue.

Coach Taylor is telling the team about the Annual Women Booster League's Rodeo Fund Raiser and Fair. Coach tells the team that they will all go and have smiles on their faces.

Matt shows up to Buddy Garrity's car dealership to talk to Buddy about finding a job for his father. Buddy tells Matt that he can put his father to work as a new salesman.

Coach Taylor goes up to Mitch Street and talks to him about receiving the papers to sue him. Coach Taylor tells him that it was no one's fault and that it was an accident but Mitch tries to tell Coach that he doesn't know what to do and that he doesn't want to sue anyone but he has to because it's difficult to take care of Jason.

Matt and his father Henry Saracen are at Garrity Motors. Buddy is there to greet them and he's going to set Henry up so he can sell some cars.

Smash is talking to Waverly about what happened at the diner. Smash was ignoring Waverly and she walked out on him. Waverly is afraid that she doesn't have much in common with Smash and wants to know if there are other things about him that isn't football. Smash lies and says that he hangs out with Matt and Julie and they talk about other things besides football. He invites Waverly to the rodeo with Matt and Julie.

Matt forgot that he was supposed to meet Julie at the library because he is caught up at home doing tons of things. His grandmother is at it again and he wants to have dinner ready by the time his father comes home. He then tells Julie about the deal he made with Smash to lie.

Tyra's mother and her boyfriend are arguing and shouting at each other. The boyfriend Bob slaps Tyra's mother Angela and Tyra looks over and sees it. Tyra runs over to try and help her mother and she is screaming at Bob. Tyra picks up a poker and swings it at him. Bob takes the poker away from Tyra and then threatens to hit her with it. Tyra is yelling at him to swing it at her but then the boyfriend backs down.

Julie comes home and tells Tami and Coach Taylor that she loves them and that they are the best parents in the world. Coach Taylor likes the compliment but Tami knows that something must be wrong. Julie tells her parents about how hard Matt's life is at home. Coach tells Julie that Matt is tough but Tami thinks that it is a lot for a 16 year old to handle.

Tyra can see her mother lying on her bed crying, she's upset and thinks her boyfriend isn't coming back and that she will be alone and she's not used to it. Tyra tells her mother that she's not alone and that she has her.

Buddy thinks that Henry sold a vehicle but he actually didn't. Buddy asks Henry to wear a flag on his suit to help him sell cars because he is a military man and a war veteran. Henry is obviously not comfortable selling cars.

Lyla is over at Jason's house. Jason is telling Lyla that his parents are fighting over some things including the lawsuit against the school and the Coach. Lyla is on Jason's side and wants to know how he feels about the lawsuit. Jason says that he doesn't blame the Coach but he does wonder if he knew how to tackle if he wouldn't be in a wheelchair. Lyla says she's with Jason if he thinks it is for the best.

Henry comes home and Matt asks him if he sold any cars, Henry says no. Matt's dad is completely miserable and it is obvious to Matt.

Matt is outside on the porch when Julie comes over. Julie says hello and wants to know what he's thinking. Matt says that he just hopes Buckley beats Arnett Mead so they can go to the playoffs. Julie brought over a casserole for Matt and his family that her mom made. Matt thought things would be better for himself and his father with him being back but things aren't working out the way he thought it would be.

It's time for the Annual Woman's Booster Club Rodeo Fair. Coach Taylor is complaining about how much stress he is under to Tami. He's dealing with the lawsuit and the stress of not knowing if the team will go to the playoffs or not. Coach doesn't feel like going to the rodeo but he has to go.

Smash and Waverly are on a double date with Matt and Julie. Julie tells Waverly that Matt goes to art films. Waverly wants to know if Smash goes, too. Smash and Matt are talking about the football game and they are worried they may not go to the playoffs. Buckley has to beat Arnett Mead. Matt is telling Smash that he needs to pay more attention to the girl he likes and that he needs to change his selfish way of needing attention.

Buddy Garrity is routing for Buckley to beat Arnett Mead. Instead of participating in the rodeo he is watch the game on TV. Buddy's wife is pulls him away from the TV.

Tyra is asking her mother if she's ever wanted to move out of Dillon and in the middle of their conversation, the abusive boyfriend shows up. He's apologizing to Tyra's mother about things. Tim Riggins can see Tyra from across the way.

Jason shows up with Lyla to the Rodeo.

Tyra is sitting by herself and she's upset but then her mom comes over to talk to her and tells her that people have fights. Tyra says that people do have fights but not everyday and they don't let men beat the hell out of them. Tyra says a lot of encouraging words to her mother and then tells her that she is a loser with men and that if her boyfriend comes back she will leave.

Waverly is questioning Smash about what kind of concerts he went to with Matt and Julie. Waverly caught Smash in a lie. Smash Williams is having some serious ego issues and tells her that she has no idea who she is with and that he's "Smash". Smash then challenges the arm wrestling champ at the rodeo.

Tim spots Tyra feeling bad and asks her what is wrong. Tyra tells Tim about her mother letting her boyfriend stay around. Tim apologizes to Tyra about everything and what happened with Lyla and then he asks for a second chance. Tyra doesn't want to be a hypocrite and even though Tim apologizes she doesn't take him back.

Smash Williams wins the arm wresting match but Waverly is gone.

Jason is strolling along at the rodeo and then he spots Coach Taylor. They just stare at each other for a while before Lyla comes over and then Jason and Lyla leave.

The rodeo broadcasts the winning play to everyone in the Buckley vs. Arnett Mead game. Buckley wins and Dillon gets to go to the playoffs. The whole rodeo is excited and the football team is happy that they will get a chance to play again.

Buddy is happy and he is thanking God for letting Buckley beat Arnett Mead. He's praying and asking for one more thing, he's asking for the team to win the State Championship.

Coach Taylor is at the field and Jason is there. Jason wants to talk to him. Jason tells Coach Taylor that he was against the lawsuit and that he will always be his Coach. Jason shakes his hand.

Matt is visiting his father at Buddy Garrity's car dealership. Matt tells his father that he knows he hates working there. Matt tells him that he can go back to Iraq if he wants to and things can go back to the way that it used to be and that he will continue to take care of Grandma.

Tyra is packing her bags and she's sticking to what she said. She tells her mom that it's either her or the boyfriend. Tyra's mother tells her that she would never choose a man over her daughter.

Smash apologizes to Waverly about lying about everything that he did. He admits that he loves himself and he loves football and he loves being a star. He tells Waverly that he likes her a lot and that he can't change who he is and he hopes that she likes him because he can't be anyone else.