Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 12

What to Do While You're Waiting

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 10, 2007 on DirecTV



  • Trivia

    • A team with a bye week on the final night of the regular season in Texas HS Football is pretty rare. This happens to approximately 15 teams a year out of the ~1100 teams statewide. A team must be in a district with an odd number of teams and take their bye week (if they have one) in the final week.

    • The UIL, the governing body over Texas high school athletics and academics, does not allow for high school football to be televised on Friday nights. Therefore, the Buckley-Arnett Mead game would not have been televised.

  • Quotes

    • Buddy Garrity: Thank you Lord for letting Buckley win. I know it was nothing short of a miracle and I thank you for that miracle. I know you truly are an all powerful God to let such a crap team win.

    • Tyra: Mom, I love you more than anything in this world, so much. You are an amazing woman and a damn good mother, but god you are such a loser when it comes to men.

    • Smash: Hey, Waverly, how's the tuba looking?
      Waverly: Bright and shiny like your forehead, and it's a trumpet. How's the endless speculation of who's going to win that game you guys were talking about going?
      Smash: Yeah, well, it's not like my whole life don't hang in the balance. Is that why you walked out on me at the diner yesterday?
      Waverly: I—I didn't walk out on you. You weren't talking to me anyway.
      Smash: I was sitting right next to you.
      Waverly: That is so not the same thing.

    • Matt: (to Julie) Would now be a bad time to tell you that I told Smash that we'd double date with him and Waverly and we'd pretend that we do that a lot, and we talk about all sorts of neat stuff besides football?

    • Angela: (crying) I don't think he's coming back.
      Tyra: God, Mom he's just a stupid guy. It's not like Jesus Christ just left you.
      Angela: I'm just not used to being alone.
      Tyra: You're not alone. You got me.

    • Lyla: But everyone would've looked out for your family.
      Jason: The town cripple? How long do you think that charity would've lasted, huh? It's killing me to have to do this to Coach, it's killing me to have to do this to the team but maybe they're all right. The lawyers, my parents maybe they're right. Maybe someone teaches me to tackle somebody I'm not in a chair. We're not in this mess.
      Lyla: If you think this for the best then I'm with you.
      Jason: What is it with you that you wanna screw your life up for me, huh?
      Lyla: Love makes us kind of stupid.
      Jason: Well, thank God for that. (kisses Lyla)

    • Julie: Hey.
      Matt: Hey.
      Julie: So, what are you doing out here?
      Matt: Honestly, I was just kinda wishing that Arnett Mead loses to Buckley and then we get to go the playoffs then I don't have to spend everyday of the rest of my life wondering what if as I punch into the feed store.
      Julie: The feed store?

    • Tyra: Mom, you know I love you more then anything in this world. So much. You're an amazing woman and you are a damn good mother, but God you are such a loser when it comes to men. You're gonna let that man back into our house and I will not accept it.

    • Tyra: There's a trait in the women in my family that just drives men crazy. Treat us like crap and always come back for more.
      Tim: That's, uh. That's actually what I was here to talk to you about. I am truly sorry for everything that has happened, for what I've put you through, everything that happened with Lyla. I was a complete jerk and I am so sorry. If you would even consider giving me a second chance, Tyra, believe me it'll be so different. Sorry.
      Tyra: You know, so many times, I would have loved to hear those words come out of your mouth. God, I'd love to say yes, but I'd hate myself for it. I'd be a hypocrite you know? I guess timing is everything.

    • Jason: (speaking to Coach Taylor) Coach. Listen, uh, I just came out here to let you know that no matter what anyone says, no matter what happens with this whole lawsuit thing. Just know that it was not in my hands and I was against it and that you'll always be my coach. (shakes hands with Coach Taylor)

    • Smash: There's something else I gotta say. Yeah, I like myself, and I love football. I love it. I love the game. I love the crowds. I love the attention. I love being a star. I can't help it. It's a beautiful thing it's just who I am, it's how God made me. I like you a lot, Waverly. I mean more than I've ever liked any other girl. But if you don't like me for me then I gotta live with it 'cause I can't be nobody but the Smash. Yes, I like talking about myself in the third person. Something tells me deep down inside you like it too.
      Waverly: I'll see you around, Smash.

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