Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 12

What to Do While You're Waiting

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 10, 2007 on DirecTV



  • Quotes

    • Smash: Hey, Waverly, how's the tuba looking?
      Waverly: Bright and shiny like your forehead, and it's a trumpet. How's the endless speculation of who's going to win that game you guys were talking about going?
      Smash: Yeah, well, it's not like my whole life don't hang in the balance. Is that why you walked out on me at the diner yesterday?
      Waverly: I—I didn't walk out on you. You weren't talking to me anyway.
      Smash: I was sitting right next to you.
      Waverly: That is so not the same thing.