Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 4

Who's Your Daddy

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2006 on DirecTV

Episode Recap

The football team is having a party and outside they are burning a "tiger" because they have a rivalry game against the Arnett Mead Tigers. Lyla Garrity, Tim Riggins, Matt Saracen, Landry Clarke are all at the party. Julie Taylor, the coach's daughter shows up and a guy throws up on her shoes. Tim has been staring at Lyla. Lyla's friend thinks that Tim is staring at her and then she tells Lyla that she heard Tim dumped Tyra. Voodoo Tatom shows up at the party and people are calling out his nickname "Voodoo". Matt is still hanging out with Landry and someone comes up to Matt and tells him that he's history; he "googled" Voodoo and he was the QB for his team that won State in Louisiana. Voodoo Tatom changes the music on the Stereo. Smash gets upset and calls Voodoo "Doo-Doo". Smash Williams tells Voodoo Tatom that if he ever touches him that he'll break his fingers.

Students from Arnett Mead are breaking into the Panthers locker room; they are spray painting and vandalizing the locker room. The camera pans around the city. In the beauty salon some women are watching the local news as they talk about the rivalry football game. The mayor from Dillon has placed a wager on the game offering her prize cow.

At Coach Taylor's house—Tami asks Coach Taylor what time he'll be home on Friday and the coach says he has a scrimmage. Julie has a dance recital but the Coach forgot about it and upset Julie.

Jason is being lifted out of his bed and placed into a wheelchair. There is a guy that wheel's in and he's being sarcastic to Jason and Jason's physical therapist. He's Jason's roommate Herc.

Coach Taylor shows up inside the locker room and he can see that it has been vandalized. The locker room is completely trashed. Coach Mac and Coach Taylor both say to each other "Rivalry", "Tradition".

Matt Saracen's house—Matt is talking to his grandmother and tells her that he's going to talk to his father. His grandmother asks him if his father is coming to dinner tonight. She has dementia and obviously doesn't remember that Matt's father is in Iraq.

Matt is at school talking to his father, Henry Saracen via Video Conference. Matt tells him about the game that he started. His father asked him if he's going to start again the next time but Matt doesn't know. Matt tells him about Voodoo Tatom and that he might start. Matt's father says that it will take to pressure off of him if he's not starting. Matt feels a little discouraged by his father's response.

The Physical therapist wants him to try to use his hands and pick up his food. Jason says that he can't use his hands. Jason then says that he's tired as Lyla walks in the room to visit him. Lyla tells the therapist that he's tired and the she sits down and starts to feed him. Corey and Jason's roommate Herc roll in on their wheelchairs. Corey has all his limps amputated and he shakes Lyla's hand with his stump. He doesn't want Lyla to be afraid to shake hands with him. Herc takes some food from Jason's plate. Herc is aggravating Jason. Herc and Corey leave the room. Jason tells Lyla that he's gotta get out of that room.

At school--Matt is watching Julie during her dance practice as he's walking down the hallway towards the locker room. The players arrive in the locker room and Coach Taylor is already in there waiting for them to arrive. The place is a complete disaster. Coach Taylor says he's pissed and he knows they are angry, too, but he doesn't want any retaliation. They are going to start practice and Matt is asking where Voodoo is. Voodoo hasn't shown up yet. Matt is running practice as quarterback. Then Voodoo Tatom shows up on the field. The Coach gets in his face for being late for practice. Voodoo Tatum doesn't say a word. Voodoo gets his turn at Quarterback; he runs an option play and runs well down the field after making a fake. Voodoo is still at QB; he throws an accurate pass. Buddy Garrity is gloating and bragging at how good Voodoo is doing in practice. "Got my Voodoo working."

Panther Radio is interviewing Voodoo Tatom and Buddy Garrity. They are talking about Voodoo living through Hurricane Katrina and being in the Superdome. They do not confirm whether he's going to start the next game or not. Buddy says that they will have to ask Coach Taylor about whether or not Voodoo is starting.

At home Coach Taylor is listening to the radio. After hearing the broadcast he shuts the radio off and slams the knob. Tami Taylor tells coach not to let Voodoo mess with his mind. Tami says that he should start Matt Saracen but Coach Taylor just can't see himself starting him right now. Julie walks in and asks about a party at the coach's house. The Coach didn't mention anything and the party is bigger then he wants to admit. It's a traditional rivalry party that they are completely unprepared for at the moment.

Matt Saracen comes home and his grandmother hasn't taken her pills. The pills are sitting on the table the same way they were when he left in the morning. Matt wants her to take her pills right in front of him. She puts the pills in her mouth and then swallows the pills and drinks her juice. She saw Matt's game tape and tells him that his feet are slow and that he needs to move them faster.

Lyla pulls Tim aside at school and tells him that she's having feelings. She said that her feelings are coming from Jason. She tells Tim that she was emotional and that kissing him will never happen again and that it didn't mean anything.

At football practice-Matt is running practice again as quarterback. Matt Saracen sees Julie Taylor walking on the field and he loses his concentration and messes up the play. Coach Taylor yells at him and tells him to play smart. Matt runs another play and then finally runs it correctly. Julie wants a headcount for the party to tell her mother. Coach Taylor says that it will be about 50ish…or 60ish, but he's still not sure.

Coach Taylor tells Matt to stop messing up and to not let Voodoo mess up his concentration. He then asks Matt if he has a girlfriend. He tells him to ask her out. Coach Taylor tells Matt to loosen up; "he's tighter then a rubber band."

Matt goes home and he says hi to his grandma but there is no answer. He walks around the house looking for her. He doesn't see her in the house at all and then he goes next door to see if she's there. Matt is walking on the street looking for her.

Julie is with her mom and they are at the store buying food for the rivalry week dinner party. Some parents of the team members see them shopping at the store and mention that they will be showing up at the party as well. Tami starts to realize how big this party might be and it's bothering her.

A police car pulls up to Matt and his Grandmother is in the back seat of the car. His Grandmother wondered off into a neighbor's yard. Matt is walking her inside the house and his Grandmother is crying.

Matt is speaking with his father on the phone. He tells his dad that she has dementia. Jason's roommate, Herc rolls into his room. Jason is watching TV. Tyra comes into Jason's room to visit. Tyra came by to say she's sorry that Tim hasn't visited; she says that Tim wants to be he can't because he's scared. Jason tells Tyra thanks for coming and whenever Tim is ready he can come and visit. Tyra tells Jason that he's a good person and then kisses him on the cheek. Herc finds Tyra attractive and says, "who in the hell is that?"

During football practice Tim looks up at Lyla in the stands. Voodoo is running practice as QB. Tim makes a block and then looks up for Lyla and she's gone.

At the Coaches house the doorbell rings and Tami answers it. There is a huge crowd of people that show up, more then they anticipated. Tami sends Julie back to the store to buy more items. Tami is close to panicking as the party begins. Coach Taylor forgot to buy the ice and so they send Julie to buy the ice. Matt tries to talk to Julie but she's in a hurry to go buy the ice and doesn't stop to talk to him. Buddy Garrity is talking and bragging about Voodoo Tatom. He's asking the Coach who's going to start next week. Coach Taylor is still avoiding the question; he gives a sarcastic answer and walks away. Smash Williams has some information on the quarterback from Arnett Mead; they are going to do a little pay back for rivalry week. Tami is hiding under the table, she's cleaning up and she's upset and she's going to stay under the table until she can get herself together to fake a smile. Coach Taylor is still giving her a hard time even though he was fair to her about the party. Matt asks Coach who's going to start on Friday but the Coach won't tell him either. Coach Taylor starts arguing with Tami when someone from Arnett Mead throws a brick through the window with a message.

Smash and Tim go to pick up Matt. Matt wasn't going to go at first but Tim tells him to get into the car. They are going to get some payback for all the vandalism that they've received.

Smash drives up and finds the house and car. They all get out with baseball bats and begin to bash the quarterbacks Mustang. Matt has a lot of suppressed rage and is still swinging at the car even when they are trying to get away. They are yelling his name SARACEN, to get his attention because they want to drive off. The quarterback from Arnett Mead comes outside the house and can clearly see Matt's face.

At the school, Coach Taylor walks into his wife's guidance counselor office and apologizes by saying "I'm sorry that you're mad at me". Tami doesn't accept that apology. Tami tries to tell Coach Taylor about her job and how hard it is to talk to kids instead of just yelling at them. Coach Taylor still doesn't understand what he put her through with the surprise rivalry party and walks out of the office.

Herc goes into Jason's room and asks him about his girlfriend. Jason gets upset and tells Herc that he doesn't know anything about his girlfriend or his life. Herc tells him that he knows everything about his life. Herc tells Jason that people will get bored with sending him letters in 6 weeks and then in 3 months his girlfriend will tell him how different they are and then three maybe 4 months his parents will say that the stress of his condition will drive them to get a divorce..etc. As Herc is talking he is banging his wheelchair into Jason's wheelchair. Jason gets upset and slaps the juice of the table as he yells at Herc. **Jason moved his hands.**

Coach Taylor is has the team running "stadiums". They are running up and down the steps at the field. Coach Taylor knows about the retaliation and he's upset and wants to know who went on the raid. No one will talk and they keep running.

The kids from Arnett Mead see Matt Saracen at his job Alamo Freeze. They ask Matt who else was there with him and Matt won't talk. Matt throws the first punch and then they crowd around him and start punching and kicking him on the ground.

Coach Taylor is changing his clothes as he's getting read for the recital. He tells Coach Mac he can't go over any plays right now. Matt Saracen is in the hospital and calls Coach Taylor. Coach Taylor is taking Matt along to the dance recital after picking him up. Matt didn't name any names and he tells the coach that he still won't tell on everyone. Matt apologizes for asking about who's going to start. Coach Taylor tells Matt that he's a different kid from two weeks ago. He tells Matt that he can do anything that he puts his mind to. Matt and Coach are at the dance recital. Tami is there and she's surprised and happy to see Coach Taylor. She looks at Matt's face and asks him if he's alright. Coach Taylor is still on time to see Julie's performance. Julie and her group get on stage and start their routine. Eric and Tami are proud and Matt is enjoying the performance because of his obvious attraction for Julie. After the performance Coach Taylor tells Tami that he appreciates everything that she does and all the things that she puts up with. Julie sees Matt's face and has a surprised reaction and asks him what happened. Matt tells her that he got beat up but that the song reminded him about a painter that he likes Jackson Pollock. Coach Taylor sees Matt talking to his daughter and can see that Matt is attracted to her. He tells Tami, "I think I told that kid to get our daughter in the backseat of a car"

Tim is in Lyla's room. Lyla walks in and Tim shuts the door. He tells her that he can't stop thinking about her. Lyla starts kissing Tim and then they fall on her bed.

There is not game this Friday. Panther radio announcer Slamming Sammy Mead says it could be the biggest game of the season. Coach Taylor and Tami are going to bed. Jason is going to bed. Matt is outside intensely throwing the football through the tire. "Winning goes to the one who wants it most."