Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 4

Who's Your Daddy

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2006 on DirecTV

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  • There was a lot of great character development in this episode. They are proving that this show is more then football.

    I can see the future for this show and it looks great. Smash Williams doesn't like Voodoo Tatom, of course Tim Riggins doesn't like him and Matt Saracen is threatened by him as well. The only problem is that so far Voodoo has shown that he's a great football player. Matt has a lot going on. He has a crush on the Coach's daughter, he's dropping classes for football, his dad is in Iraq and his grandmother has dementia. Now that's a lot to handle. Tim still hasn't visited Jason and he's attracted to Lyla. Tim dumped Tyra and she's off visiting Jason. I'm sure that will develop into something. Jason finally moved his hands. He was provoked by his new roommate but he still moved them. The main focus is still on the good ole' Coach. Coach Taylor is getting caught up with the team and the town's maddness. He's forgetting his daughter's recital and parties, being the Coach of the Dillon Panthers is a lot of stress.