Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 4

Who's Your Daddy

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2006 on The 101



  • Quotes

    • Tyra: Hey.
      Jason: Tyra.
      Tyra: Um…Look. I know we were never close buddies and I can only image the load of fake crap that you've had to put up with from people you hardly even know, and I am so not doing that. I just um--I came by to tell you how sorry I am that Tim hasn't been in to see you. He wants to. Although, he won't admit it, but he just can't do it.
      Jason: Yeah, why is that?
      Tyra: He's scared.
      Jason: Oh, he's scared. Yeah, well that's Tim for you.
      Tyra: Sure is. Well…
      Jason: Well..thanks for coming.
      Tyra: Yeah, yeah.
      Jason: And you tell Tim whenever he's ready he can come on by.
      Tyra: Jason…I'm really sorry. No, I mean…Something like this shouldn't happen to a good person like you. (kisses Jason on the cheek)
      Jason: Thank You.
      Tyra: Bye.(Tyra walks out the room)
      Herc: Who in the hell was that?

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