Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 3

Wind Sprints

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2006 on The 101

Episode Recap

Live from Panther Stadium we are in the middle of a football game. Jason Street is watching the game with his mother on TV from his hospital bed. . The Panthers have the ball with Matt Saracen as the quarterback. He's calling plays. Matt fakes a run and throws up a pass. It is complete to Dolia the wide receiver. Dolia is running all the way for a touchdown but a defender catches him from behind and Dolia gets stripped at the 10 yard line and fumbles.

The camera cuts back and forth from the field and the locker room. In the locker room--Coach Taylor is screaming at the team about execution. Back on the field--the Panthers are getting tackled hard. (locker room)Coach is screaming at Tim Riggins. (on the field)"Smash" Williams is getting hit hard and gang tackled. (locker room)"Smash" Williams is talking back to the coach in the locker room. The Panthers are losing 13 to 7 and time is running out in the 4th quarter. There is 15 seconds left; it is 3rd and Goal from the 9 yard line.

Jason Street is still watching the game from the hospital and he's coaching Saracen from his bed. The ball is snapped; Matt fakes a handoff and then takes off running. Matt runs down the field and makes a couple of moves but he is tackled at the 1 yard line. No Touchdown. The Dillion Panthers lose the game. In the locker room—Coach Taylor tells Saracen that he played a good game, but then he turns to the rest of the team and tells them "not good enough, not nearly good enough!" At the hospital--Jason Street looks out the window from his hospital bed and can see the stadium lights.

Tim Riggins house—Tim's brother, Billy Riggins is putting ping pong balls in the house. Tim is drinking beer, watching TV and laying on the couch. There is a knock on the door and Billy says that Lyla Garrity is at the door but Tim is giving him the "I'm not home right now signal". Billy answers the door and says that Tim is not at home. Lyla is speaking really loudly because she knows Tim is home and says that she is going to the hospital to visit Jason and that Tim should go visit him too.

Matt Saracen and Landry Clarke are in front of Matt's house talking about the game. Matt's quarterback billboard has been vandalized. Some kids in the neighborhood spray painted LOSER on it and Matt is trying to clean off the spray paint. Landry has a whacky theory that Matt's grandmother could be a witch and put a spell on the Dillion Panthers. Matt's grandmother comes out and tells him to water "the children" but she means the flowers. A car drives by with some kids taunting Matt. "Hey Loser!"

Jason is at the hospital trying to get himself to move his leg. Jason is having trouble getting his limbs to move and he wants to keep trying but the nurse tells him that he can try again the next day. Lyla Garrity comes into the room to visit with some flowers. Lyla is still optimistic about Jason getting his legs back and they are having a pancake supper benefit to raise money for his rehab. Lyla is kissing Jason and then she reaches down by his leg and can feel that he is wet. Jason has an accident on himself. The nurse is there to fix his catheter. Jason is embarrassed.

Tim is in his truck at a local convenient store. Mrs. Street sees Tim and Tim said that he's been meaning to go visit Jason at the hospital. Mrs. Street tells him that he can still come over for Tuesday night dinner. She wants to know if he will be at the Pancake benefit. Tim just agrees with everything but he's still struggling with what happened to Jason.

Coach Taylor and Julie Taylor, his daughter, are at a restaurant ordering food. Julie has a seat while her dad makes the order at the counter. A guy eating his food makes a comment to Julie. He asks her if she's the coach's daughter and then he asks Julie if they've started packing yet. He is sarcastically asking if she knows what happens when they lose football games. Coach Taylor gets upset and tells the guy if he has comments that he shouldn't make it to his daughter. He then starts making comments to the coach. Coach Taylor gets upset and tells the guy that he's going to walk away right now. The rude guy continues talking and says he won't finish out the year as head coach. "You got no guts, you won't finish out the year… won't last one year"

Football practice--The team is running sprints. Coach Taylor is telling the team that they need to be faster because the team they are playing next is bigger then them. After running several sprints, "Smash" Williams stops running hard and starts talking to Coach Taylor, saying that the problem is the quarterback. A couple of other teammates agree with "Smash". Coach gets upset and the number of sprints go from 5 more left to 10 and then up to 15. Buddy Garrity as at the field watching practice. Mr. Dietz shows up to the practice and sits next to Buddy. Buddy wants to talk to Mr. Dietz about a displaced Katrina victim named Ray "Voodoo" Tatom. Mr. Dietz agrees to go with Buddy to meet Voodoo Tatom.

Lyla Garrity is having a conversation with her mother. Mrs. Garrity brings up the fact that it's Lyla's birthday tomorrow. Lyla is going to spend her birthday with Jason at the hospital. Lyla's mother says that she's at the hospital everyday and she's concerned about all the time that she is spending at the hospital. Lyla says that she is marrying Jason one day and that her mother would do it for her dad. Mrs. Garrity thinks that Lyla might need to speak to someone about what's going on. Lyla believes that Jason needs her right now and that Jason is going to come back from his injuries.

At the pancake benefit--The whole football team is there except for Tim Riggins. They are eating a lot of pancakes. Matt is with Landry Clarke, but then Matt gets some soy sausage and brings it over to the coach's daughter Julie Taylor. Julie is leaving and she hands Matt her left over pancakes. Buddy and the Boosters are talking about the Jason Street and Matt Saracen quarterback situation. One of the female boosters tells Tami that one of the last school counselors killed herself with pills, Tami Taylor is a new guidance counselor. Buddy and the Boosters want to make a move for the Katrina kid. The Boosters are trying to put pressure on the coach and Buddy wants the coach to look at the tapes of the Katrina kid playing football. "Smash" sees Tyra Collete and she asks "Smash" if he's seen Tim. He hasn't seen Tim. Then "Smash" changes the subject and says let's talk about us, Tyra says I don't think so and walks away looking for Tim.

Tim hasn't shown up to the benefit, he's outside drinking and hitting beer cans with a golf club. Tyra is driving by and then pulls up next to Tim out on the road. He tells Tyra to leave him alone. Tyra is yelling at him for not going to see Jason, then Tim asks Tyra how was "Smash". Tyra and Tim are arguing and Tyra says that they should end their relationship because he's another mediocre football player that is going to drink himself to death. She gets in the car and threatens to break up with him. Tim doesn't care anymore and he's still swinging at beer cans with his golf club.

Coach Taylor, coach Mac and the boosters are watching game film on Ray Tatom. Coach Mac has seen the tape before at Buddy's house.***Coach Mac has been spending time with Buddy without Coach Taylor.***

At the school--Tim is getting his school work handed to him from a Rally Girl and she wants to know if he and Tyra Collette broke up. Lyla sees Tim walking down the hall and asks him if he wants to meet after school because they are going to have a prayer meeting for Jason. Tim says, what are they going to pray for, a new spine? Matt sees his new guidance counselor Tami Taylor, the coach's wife, and says he needs to drop Pre-Calculus so he can go to morning practice. Tami's a little concerned about Matt's academics and advises him to take the course at some point. She's asking him how he's doing with his dad being in Iraq and everything. Matt is talking to her about his grandmother and how he has to help take care of her. Matt knows about the Katrina refugee, a quarterback from New Orleans that might be coming onto the team. Matt is stressed out about that. Tami had no idea about the kid from New Orleans, it's the first time the Coach's wife has heard about it.

Football practice—Tim Riggins is running drills. Tim's not running with enthusiasm anymore. Coach Taylor pulls Tim aside. He tells Tim to give 110% every time not when he feels like it. He tells Tim to do the drill again. Tim takes off his helmet and walks off the field. Coach Mac tells Coach Taylor that Tim's been watching the film when Jason Street got hurt and that he might be blaming himself for the hit. Buddy Garrity is telling Coach Taylor that he saw Tim walk off the field and back in the old days that would've never happened. Buddy wants to take the Coach over to see the Katrina refugee, Ray Tatom. When they arrive to meet with Ray Tatom, there is another coach coming out of a hotel room. Ray Tatom and his family are in the hotel room. Buddy tells them that they can give them housing and Mr. Tatom a new job. The might be able to arrange a fund from some of the businesses. He's selling the town of Dillion and a guarantee to start for the team. Coach Taylor doesn't agree with anything that Buddy has suggested. Coach Taylor starts to talk to Voodoo himself and tells him that the Dillion Panthers are the #1 team in Texas and asks him if he wants to play college and pro football. Coach sells his program based on the fact that they have the best team and will have a long season. Coach Taylor politely thanks Ray Tatom and his family for meeting with him and then leaves.

The Garrity's are arguing about talking to Lyla and about how she's dealing with Jason Street. Lyla's mother is concerned about her and how preoccupied with Jason she is. Lyla is overhearing their conversation.

Coach Taylor comes home from practice and then Tami tells him she didn't know they were getting a new quarterback from New Orleans. Tami tells coach that Matt Saracen was stressed out and worried about the new quarterback. Coach Taylor is being sarcastic and is upset. He's telling Tami that they need to win. "Smash" Williams is on TV getting interviewed. "Smash" is telling the reporter that he has an opinion about the coach but won't say it, and then he tells the interviewer that they just need to win. After watching the interview, Coach Taylor calls Coach Mac and he tells Mac to get all the players to meet him at the field house in a ½ an hour. Matt Saracen gets a call….all the other football players start to get a phone call. Tim Riggins gets a call, there is a knock on Smash's door and it's Coach Taylor. Coach Taylor is picking "Smash" up himself.

The football team is getting on a school bus. They have no idea where they are going or what they will be doing. When they finally reach there destination, they all get off the bus. Coach Mac and Coach Taylor have the team running wind sprints up and down a hill. It starts to rain on them and they continue to run. Coach Taylor begins to yell at them while Coach Mac blows the whistle. Coach Taylor yells, "Champions don't complain…..champions don't give up!!" "You're not champions until you've earned it!!" During a small break between wind sprints Smash Williams begins to yell, "Clear eyes….full hearts….can't lose" The rest of the team starts to chant (Clear eyes, full hearts can't lose) Coach Mac blows the whistle and they continue running wind sprints.

At the hospital with Jason Street, Lyla Garrity visits him for her birthday. She says that it is just a little hiccup and that he has to have faith. She believes that in one year he'll be back on track. Jason says, "His legs are never going to get better...ever." He's telling Lyla that she's not helping him and that she needs to stop pretending. Every night when he goes to sleep he dreams he will walk again and then when he wakes up he can't walk. He tells Lyla that they are not getting married and then he yells at her and tells her to get out. Lyla says she'll be back tomorrow when he gets transferred to the rehab facility.

The kids are getting back on the bus. Coach stops Tim and tells him that what happened to Jason was not his fault. Coach is telling Tim to be smart and then he warns him about walking out on practice and threatens to kick him off the team if he walks off again. Coach Taylor tells Tim that he owes him a practice. Coach won't let Tim on the bus and makes Tim walk home.

Tim is walking home and Lyla can see him walking on the side of the street. Lyla stops to pick up Tim but he doesn't take the ride. Lyla starts to drive away and then stops again for Tim. Lyla then gets out and asks him if he's drunk again. Tim says that he will be drunk soon enough. Lyla is upset with Tim and doesn't understand why he won't go and visit Jason. She hits him and says that Jason asks for him all the time. Lyla is extremely upset and starts crying and hitting Tim because she knows that Jason is never going to walk again. Tim holds Lyla while she is crying and then they start to kiss.

Coach Taylor comes home at three in the morning and gets in bed. His wife asks him where he has been and Coach Taylor says, "Practice".

The next day Jason is getting read to be transferred to the rehab facility. The nurses are dressing him. Lyla shows up as they get Jason into the wheelchair. Jason apologizes about what he said to her and tells Lyla that he loves her. Mr. Street puts the signed football (signed by the football team) in Jason's hands.

Football practice---They are running normal practice with Matt as the quarterback. Everyone is practicing hard, the team is unified after the run they had the night before. Buddy Garrity shows up with Ray "Voodoo" Tatom in street clothes. Everyone stops practicing and is staring at the new person on the football field. Coach Taylor shakes Ray Tatom's hand. Coach Taylor yells at everyone to continue practicing. Ray "Voodoo" Tatom walks off the field.
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