Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 3

Wind Sprints

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2006 on DirecTV

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  • Could have been better for me, but I feel growth in this show already.

    Could have been better for me, but I feel growth in this show already. I don't mean to offend anyone about this don't get me wrong, but I really think that there could have been more clarity and more music, although some of the parts touches you but does not really capture you I am talking about the show itself or the episode, but what is interesting is that it makes you wanna see more.
  • I am totally hooked on this series. After a couple of very good episodes, this one manages to step up a notch in terms of real character development and in terms of setting the scene for each character's future challenges.

    The show just keeps getting better and better. All of the major characters have been extremely well written. The lives of Coach Taylor, Lyla, Tim, Matt and of course Jason himself have all had their lives turned upside down after Jason's freakish injury. In this episode as the realisation that things are not going to go back to the way they were sinks in, each of them is forced to look within and make some decisions as to how they are going to move forward.

    Lyla in particular is given some great development this episode as we see a glimpse of the real pain and repressed feelings behind her positive and hopeful exterior. It is also great to see Coach Taylor starting to gain the respect of his players and how far he is prepared to go to earn this.

    I can't wait for to watch the next episode.
  • GREAT !!!!

    Excellent again. 3 Episodes for Friday Night Lights and 3 goods and excellent epiosde. SARACEN is unbelievable, he is exceptionnal, sweet, nice, cute. Street has a good role too. Lyla is beautiful and his caracters seems to change in the future episode. I want again a scene STREET-RIG. I hate SMASH. i love the realisation of this serie, the perso. The cast of the show his wonderful, young but intelligent. The dialogues are very goog, like the situation. I love Kyle Chandler. In France, american football is not popular but this show do to me a Fan of american football
    GREAT EPISODE 9.8/10
  • Overall, a slight step up from the previous episodes. Which is amazing, because the previous episodes were great already!

    The 3rd installment continues where the 2nd one left off. A football game. While it's cut short(literally... about 3 minutes), it's pretty spectacular, although, not as spectacular as the one in the Pilot episode. Nevertheless, the Panthers lose this one.

    The irony is, that, Matt did EVERYTHING he could... yet he gets all the blaming. And the coach, of course.

    The episode revolves around this issue, and touches upon Jason's relationship with his girlfriend, which might just be more complicated than we first thought.

    Logically, Lyla does everything to make Jason feel better, however, the opposite happens... Meanwhile Smash gives interview to a TV channel, which Eric caches. Oops. In the interview Smash said that he's not satisfied with the coach's performance. Again - it's not the coach, and no, it's not even Matt. It's everyone else.

    The episode, unlike the previous one, isn't as focused, however, still... more character development in this one than in a whole season of Heroes! And it's a big thing.

    Tim's troubles with seeing Jason although do seem pretty 'cliché' (It wasn't your fault!) but still... the way the characters are, it's pretty damn... REAL. To help the realism, I've to admit, the actors and actresses are great, and I realized this in this one. Teenage actors, actresses usually tend to be over the top, but these people are brilliant.

    Overall, a slight step up from the previous episodes. Which is amazing, because the previous episodes were great already!
  • This whay I watch this show

    This episode woes amazing wily amazing I like all of at Eric woes angry about the them and He right he wily right The part in the rain woes so hard to watch bat after all They know what eric mean For am This wily show how Eric try to get is them on is foot and down fold down Like it say in the start eric wont to win and in this episode to wily show that he is doing the way to there I woes wily sorry that Eric laft one boy behind in the rain bat He right that he do at beacuse this boy need to know that what happend to strat is not beacuse of am and He need to be good that is not happend to am
  • Character development and great under pressure!

    I love this show and it would be a real pity if it got cancelled as NBC needs to move it to a better night in order for an audience to grow. Coach Taylor faces a very tough loss and takes heat. While the star QB has injuries while he is recupperating. Great character development under pressure and just a good family drama!
  • If you've been watching from the start your faithfulness has been rewarded (finally).

    Up to this point in the series it has been difficult to truly get into the story. All the ingredients just didn't quite come together... until this episode. And, coincidentally, the team also unites. For the first time since anxiously awaiting the pilot, I'm excited about this show. There is a lot of potential, and we're starting to see a bit more divergence from the film, which I think is a good thing. Not that a copy-cat would be bad (the film was great) but now there is less predictability.
  • This show continues to amaze me. Im drawn in by the characters and the great story.

    We learn more about Saracen and how he handles his stress. He comes out and plays a great game. He gets hit, he plas hard, and he rallies the team the best way he can. To me I believe the team is what let him down. A great pass turns into a big run but then his teammate fumbles the ball. The run game is shut down and they cant really seem to do much agaist them. Saracen is their biggest winner because he actually steps up and takes what he can to rally the team. Thats why it hurts so much when he bootlegs and fails to run it in by one yard. You just feel such pain for him.

    The coming week is hell for Saracen. People hate him because they have to find someone to blame even though the team played badly. We see Street in the hospital. He finally accepts that things arent going to be what he was planning on. His girlfriend also gets a grim reminder that hes not going to get better. She goes weak and kisses his best friend.

    Now it looks as if Coach is doing what it takes to win because he brings in another kid that was displaced in Texas from Katrina. Now Saracen has competition which I think is the point why they brought him in. To see if the kids rally around Saracen and figure out just how strong the team is. I think they are being tested.

    This show blew me away, lets hope it stays the course and makes TV fun to watch again.
  • Great episode!!

    A new quarterback. I didn't see that one coming. That was a nice twist with a displaced Katrina victim to show an example of "recruiting". YES, recruiting happens in High School. I'm sure there are a lot of people that know that already but there are plenty of people that don't know. The Panthers suffer their first loss and the Coach is getting crap from the locals. The "Booster of the Year" Buddy Garrity is out trying to find a quarterback, risking a violation for the school. Matt Saracen the new quarterback is about to sacrifice his academic future for football and he might not be the quarterback anymore, anyway. Jason Street is fighting with his girlfriend because she's in denial about his injury. Tim's relationship with Tyra is just crazy. They both fool around on each other and in this episode it looks like they are finally breaking up. It looks like Coach Taylor is getting caught up in WINNING. He accepted the "new" quarterback at the end. I think we have a battle between Matt and Voodoo Tatom to look forward to. We'll see what happens next week.