WWE SmackDown

Season 9 Episode 44

A Unlikely Truce

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2007 on USA

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  • The day after Cyber Sunday!

    JBL didn't become the referee for the World championship match at Cyber Sunday. He got 10% of the vote. but that didn't stop him from entering the ring and punch out Batista and the Undertaker in their match with Khali and Mark Henry. They lost the match. But Batista and the Undertaker will face each other for the world heavyweight championship at the Survior Series. it will be a Hell in a Cell. It's not the first time that the Undertaker is in one of those matches.I'm glad to see Mark Foley again. I don't have cable so I can't see "Raw" every monday night.
  • What a great line-up of matches!

    We know what to expect at Survivor Series. The return of Edge and hopefully Jericho. And the feud between Batista and Undertaker. First was a recap on what happened on Cyber Sunday. Then Undertaker challanged for a rematch. Before Batista leaves, He says. Hell in A CELL!

    Further on, Kane and MVP feud goes to the extreme. They fought tonight when BIG DADDY V intervines. I hope another monster bash will be coming soon...MVP has settled with Matt Hardy, but he may have a bigger competition ahead... Main Event:
    Batista and UnderTaker vs Khali and Henry.
    B&U won by DQ after JBL clothelined Batista.

    Hornswoggle and Coachman war heats up as CM challanged Mick Foley to a fight, Horny as special refree. Quite a boring match. But the good guy always wins...

    That's my review. Hope you enjoyed it. Those who are watching tape delays, enjoy watching.

    P.S. Im getting SVR08!
  • All of the matches were good.

    All of the matches were good. Rey Mysterio was great and beat Noble. Then Finlay made fun of Mysterio.Before that that Festus and Domino sqared off. Festus won. Kane vs. M.V.P. was also a good match that surprised many. Big Daddy V came out after the match.Mick Foley beat the Coach.Chuck Palumbo keeps winning! It will be the best match if there is a rematch.What a great main event that will never be forgotten! If a rematch is scheduled, I will be happy! J.B.L came out to stop the match and DQ the other team.

    The best Smackdown! yet! Go Smackdown!