WWE SmackDown

Season 9 Episode 11

All Eyes on Detroit

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2007 on USA



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    • Hornswoggle: Happy Saint Patrick's Day! (to Queen Sharmell) Kiss me! I'm Irish.
      (Queen Sharmell runs away screaming)

    • JBL: I don't want to listen to you(Cole), if I want to learn something I will listen to myself.

    • Michael Cole: Oh my lord, I tell you John, you know, doing that to Daivari is one thing, but, how is Kane able to do that to the Great Khali at Wrestlemania?
      JBL: The fact is - is Ford field big enough to contain those two monsters at Wrestlemania?

    • JBL: Thank God for Kane!

    • King Booker: Even though we are opponents at Wrestlemania in Money in the Bank match.
      Finlay: You get that right.
      King Booker: Last week you had a match with The Undertaker.
      Finlay: Yeah?
      King Booker: You mind sharing some points?
      Finlay: You know what, I've got one for you!
      King Booker: What's that?
      Finlay: And you might want to write this down. (Screaming) RUN!!!

    • King Booker: Why? Why I'm in this match tonight with The Undertaker, I'm already in Money in the Bank ladder match. Who's there?
      Finlay: Booker! Sharmell! I'm looking for Hornswoggle, have you seen him?
      King Booker: Horn who?
      Finlay: Hornswoggle. I've been looking for him all day long. He's in a heap of trouble.
      Sharmell: No, we haven't seen that little pervert!
      King Booker: No, we haven't seen him!

    • JBL: I know Chris Benoit for many years, Michael. He's a lot of things, coward he's not!

    • Michael Cole: MizTV maybe about to be canceled! Batista bomb!

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