WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Season 9 Episode 12

Destination Detroit

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 2007 on Syfy
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Destination Detroit
Match 1 – Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. MNM (Tag Team Title match) Match 2 – Chavo Guerrero vs. Jimmy Wang Yang Match 3 – MVP vs. Cedrick Von Haussen Match 4 – Bobby Lashley vs. Mr. Kennedy & Randy Orton (Handicap Tables match) Match 5 – Chris Benoit vs. Gregory Helms Match 6 – King Booker & Finlay vs. The Undertaker & Batistamoreless

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  • Batista's revenge is sweet.

    Good afternoon folks, Roy Stantz here with a review of the 23rd March 2007 episode of WWE Smackdown, which takes place this time in Cleveland, Ohio, the place where the Hardyz and Edge & Christian wrestled in the first ever tag-team Ladder Match about 7 1/2 years ago.

    Vince McMahon comes out and shows us the footage of him shaving that retard Eugene's head bald, which I found quite funny! Then, he also shills his upcoming match with the ECW Champion Bobby Lashley on the 26th March 2007 episode of WWE Raw. But first, Lashley will have to face the Legend Killer Randy Orton and Mr. Kennedy in a handicap Table Match. Wait, hold the bus there, did he just say Table Match? If any of the Dudley Boyz are reading this, I don't care who, whether it be Bubba Ray, D-Von, Spike, Sign Guy, Snot, D.W., Dudley, Big Dick (even if he's dead), or whoever, they *have* to get back the rights to their good name!

    Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury, aka MNM, who are my favourite heel tag-team in the WWE, are facing the very same men who beat them for the WWE Tag-Team Championship almost a year ago: Paul London & Brian Kendrick. But before we get to this match, here's the following statement I found on WWE.com:

    "WWE and Noseguard part ways.

    World Wrestling Entertainment and the protective noseguard that shielded Joey Mercury's injured face since December 2006 have been unable to reach an understanding about company policy; the little mask did not follow Johnny Ace's dress code. We wish the protective mask the best of luck in its future endeavors as Joey Mercury's face is now all healed up, and he will no longer need to rely on the noseguard's protection."

    Now, let's get to the match. Nitro, Mercury, London, and Kendrick never cease to amaze me, and neither does the Women's Champion Melina Perez. But Ashley Mazzaro is the weakest link here, and her hair looks completely stupid. Hasn't she been hired a year? Why hasn't anyone fired Ashley yet? They fired Christy Hemme, and she was actually decent. Ashley brings nothing to the table. My guess is she'll only get fired if she stares Triple H in the dick in front of Stephanie. Also Ashley's a Playboy covergirl, because she needed to do SOMETHING to keep her job with WWE, and apparently she's no good at the whole "entertaining people" thing. If you're reading this, Ashley, you suck. Period!

    I guess it could be worse. The Miz could be out here. And while I rant about Ashley, London and Kendrick win the match.

    Up next, we have Chavo Guerrero in action against Jimmy Wang Yang. And I just found out that the storyline of Vickie Guerrero become the new Smackdown General Manager has been dropped, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief and rejoice!

    The real highlights of this match are John Bradshaw Layfield calling Yang a talented idiot. JBL MAKES this show, just like Jesse The Body Ventura and Bobby The Brain Heenan used to do.

    Yang wins the match, but not the Cruiserweight Championship, because I forgot it was a non-title match.

    Montel Vontavious Porter comes out. I remember back when MVP was T.J. Johnson, aka the Red Turbo Power Ranger and Blue Space Power Ranger on the fifth and sixth Power Rangers seasons entitled "Power Rangers Turbo" and "Power Rangers In Space". Oh wait, MVP and T.J. are two different guys – I almost didn't notice.

    Nevertheless, MVP brings out some guy dressed in lederhosen, and beats him easily in Mortal Kombat! After the match, MVP continues to run his mouth before leaving ringside.

    I have been told that Afa & Sika, aka the Wild Samoans, are being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Y'see, High Chief Peter Miavia, aka the grandfather of The Rock, was blood brothers with the Wild Samoans.

    You know what the worst part of the handicap Table Match pitting Bobby Lashley against Randy Orton and Mr. Kennedy is? Kennedy doesn't bully ring announcer Tony Chimmel anymore, which was very humourous.

    Long story short, Lashley puts both Kennedy and Orton through tables and wins the match.

    Now then, let's have a real match: the Rabid Wolverine Chris Benoit vs. Gregory Hurricane Helms. Benoit gets an entrance, but Helms doesn't, so you know who wins this one, folks.

    Before we get to this, I forgot to mention that Benoit tapped out to the WWE Champion John Cena's STFU on the March 19th 2007 episode of Raw.

    After all these years, Helms still has his Green Lantern tattoo, but that is not enough to help him beat Benoit, who wins the match with the Crippler Crossface. And, Benoit will defend the U.S. Title against MVP at Wrestlemania 23 in Detroit, Michigan.

    Before the World Heavyweight Champion Dave Batista can come to the ring, King Booker and Fit Finlay attack him, but they'll have to face The Undertaker. The WWE Goon Squad of officials comes out here and stops them. If WWE wanted to push the envelope, they should make Booker and Finlay take all these guys in suits out and then continue beating on Batista, but that would get them over and we don't want that.

    Undertaker defeats Booker and Finlay by disqualification when Finlay hits Taker with the shillelagh. Batista looks like he's making the save, but throws Booker into Undertaker, ending the show.

    Now this was a nice show, and I hope we get tag-team title matches for Wrestlemania 23 before it's too late.

    Anyway, smell ya later folks, I'm off to play classic 16-bit games on my X-Box.moreless
  • It must have been average if I only remeber two parts of it.

    That's right I am writing some three weeks later and can remeber two things. I'll get to those later though. First let's get a summary of the episode in my eyes...*looks at WWE.com for Smackdown Archives to see match results*...Oh what do you know London and Kendrick won again. Not much of a surprise as they havelike a 16 month winning streak or whatever and they won't lose it on a cable show two weeks before the main reason for the show...Wrestlemania 23. This takes us to the first thing I remember about the show. That isa MVP facing the 'Champion' from Lichenstein. I remeber he said he chose someone real good from another country and he probably couldn't beat Hornswoggle. Scratch that idea maybe I do remember this episode. The next match makes # 2 that I remember. That was Bobby Lashely defeating Mr. Kennedy...Kennedy and Randy Orton in a tables match. That wasn't too badd but TNA could and would have made it much more brutal and interesting. Jimmy Wang Yang beat Chavo and The Rabid Wolverine beat Gregory Helms in the other matches. The last thing I remeber in the episode is Batista throwing Booker or Finlay into Undertaker and then the show went off air. As I said before an average episode.

    tvfanatic91's Top Three Moments of Smackdown 3/23/07

    3. MVP vs. Cedrick Von Haussen

    2. Batista getting revenge on Undertaker

    1. Bobby Lashely vs. Mr.Kennedy and Randy Ortonmoreless
  • Was a good Smackdown again.

    First we start out with Mcmahon coming out and telling us it will be Lashley vs Kennedy vs Orton for later on tonight, but first we have a match for the tag team titles. London and Kendrick vs MNM, Was a pretty good match London and Kendrick are impressive and have impressed me over the last few weeks, I never really cared for them but I'm starting to like them. Next match we have Chavo vs Jimmy Wang Yang and this match also turns out impressive, Wang Yang is a great wrestler he just needs to lose that stupid redneck chinese gimmick. Third match MVP vs some Jobber, MVP wins easily. Then it's Lashley vs Kennedy and The Legend Killer Randy Orton. They made Lashley look like a killer machine in this match, Lashley wins by putting Orton threw the table. Next we have Beniot vs Helms I thought this was the match of the night, back and forth until Beniot picks up the victory, and finally the main event Taker and Batista vs King Bookah and Finlay. Well turns out Batista doesn't show up and Taker has to fight all himself, Well Taker is basically dominating, until Finlay grabs the weapon and nails Taker with it causing a DQ. Finlay and Bookah start beating the hell out of Taker until Batista comes out and cleans house, Him and Taker get ready to powerbomb both men, but Batista throws his guy into Taker. Note: Kane's promo was really cool I need to find that from somewhere. 4 star out of 5moreless

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