WWE SmackDown

Season 11 Episode 19

Enigma's Stigma

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 08, 2009 on USA



  • Trivia

    • WWE: Did You Know?: The day after WrestleMania, WWE.COM broke its all-time record for page views with an astonishing 105, 179, 641.

    • WWE: Did You Know?: Last Friday, Smackdown was watched by more people than any program on Fox of CW.

  • Quotes

    • Rey Mysterio: Yo, I gotta tell you. It feels so good to be back at home here on Smackdown. Last week on my first night back I came so close to earning a World Championship match against Edge at Judgement Day. But on the real, Jeff Hardy was a better man that night. It's all good, it's okay, 'cause you know what? I know I will get another opportunity to become World Champion once again. Hey in the meantime, I will continue to defend the Intercontinental title against any challenger that's willing to step in the ring to face the 619!

    • Chris Jericho: I want a championship match.
      Rey Mysterio: And I want you to shut up!

    • (to Chris Jericho)
      Jeff Hardy: So let me get this straight, you want respect? You want competition? You want a championship match? Well I got news, my friend. You've gotta beat me, your charismatic number one contender. You hear that? If it wasn't for each and every one of these people you wouldn't be where you are today and yet you still call them liars and hypocrites. I'm staring at the biggest liar and hypocrite I've ever seen in this life! But you know what, Chris? I'm feeling cool, I'm feeling confident, lets make things interesting. If you beat me tonight, you're added to the World Title match at Judgement Day, a triple threat. Teddy can make it happen. So I can truly expose you for what you really are, an extremely sore loser!

    • Jim Ross: Michelle McCool, she did more push-ups then than I've done in a decade.
      Todd Grisham: That's why her stomach looks like that and yours looks like...
      Jim Ross: Thank you very much.

    • Josh Matthews: So what are your thoughts heading into this match with the Superstar of the Year?
      Jeff Hardy: Well, Josh, the only thing that's running through my mind right now is the World Heavyweight Championship. Jericho's a distraction, everything he says, everything he does, all the whining, all the politicking. All of Jericho's nonsense ends tonight, and the only thing people will be talking about after Judgement Day is how Jeff Hardy defeated Edge to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

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