WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Season 8 Episode 3

Florence, SC

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 2006 on Syfy
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Florence, SC
Match #1: Bobby Lashley vs JBL, Mark Henry confronts Kurt Angle backstage, Booker T celebration, Match #2: Matt Hardy vs Finlay, Daivari complains to Teddy Long, Batista surgery video, Match #3 for #1 Contender: Rey Mysterio vs Mark Henry, Match #4: Brian Kendrick & Paul London vs the Gymini, Match #5: Orlando Jordan vs Randy Orton, Daivari interview, Match #6 Kurt Angle vs Daivarimoreless

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  • Smackdown! Rebound for 1/20/06 - The Royal Rumble Begins To Take Shape ...

    Smackdown! Rebound for 1/20/06 - The Royal Rumble Begins To Take Shape ...

    Wow ... tonight's Smackdown! was just another reason Smackdown! pwns RAW in every which way. For one thing, unlike RAW, SD! doesn't make a bunch of boring, annoying, drawn-out backstage scenes like RAW likes to do, and therefore it can get through 6 or 7 QUALITY matches (unlike RAW, whose standard is about 4 or 5 matches per show nowadays) and keep some great angles going strong. Tsk, tsk, RAW. Smackdown! is kicking yo ass, biatch.

    Anyway ....

    The show started out with a video recap of what happened on last week's Friday Night Smackdown!, including the emotional goodbye from the former champion ... as Batista relinquished his title in front of all of the shocked fans, to the equally shocking Battle Royale for the World Heavyweight Title, in which Kurt Angle made his way to Smackdown! from RAW to defeat the runner-up, Mark Henry, to become new World Heavyweight Champion.

    After the opening, the first match started as JBL and Jillian Hall (still scared out of her skirt and with a bandage over where her growth used to be) made their way to the ring from the limo, as we saw a video of what transpired last week, when the Boogeyman licked and bit the growth off of Jillian Hall's face, followed by the consumption of it.

    JBL's opponent was none other than "The Dominator," Bobby Lashley, who gave JBL a run for his money. Sometime into the match, Boogeyman's music hit, and the arena turned red, with poisonous gas flowing everywhere. Then, Boogeyman appeared behind JBL from under the ring and scared the sht out of him, as the distraction allowed Lashley to pick up the win and remain undefeated! I smell John "Bradshaw" Layfield vs. The Boogeyman at the Royal Rumble.

    Next, we saw an odd backstage scene, in which Kurt Angle walked through the arena backstage and shook hands with various Smackdown! superstars (including Rey Mysterio), and the shocking thing was ..... he didn't attack or even verbally insult anyone! holy crap ... guess we've determined who's made a face turn! Of course, when Mark Henry went to threaten Angle (as he and Rey would battle tonight for the #1 Contendership), he didn't just stand there and take it! Let's see if the fans are behind Angle now when he takes on his former manager, Daivari, as the match was made on Monday night on RAW!

    Next, we saw Jillian Hall crying to Teddy Long about how Boogeyman has now "scarred" her for life (physically, as he bit off her growth), and then in came screaming JBL, ranting once again about how he's the one who makes the money for WWE and UPN and Smackdown! and blah, blah, blah, and he wanted Boogeyman to pay for what he did once again .... well ... *shocker* ... Teddy Long revealed that Boogeyman vs. JBL is indeed a match for the Rumble, much to JBL's dismay!

    Next, the new Undisputed United States Champion Booker T (thanks to Randy Orton) came out there with Sharmelle to celebrate (under a golden shower of fireworks) "his" newly "won" championship! After a while of celebrating and berating Benoit, Orlando Jordan's music hit, and he made his way down to the ring, reminding everyone that he originally offered to act as the substitute for Booker, but Booker went with Orton instead (good choice). OJ challenged Booker to a title match right then and there, and after Booker told him he's still not cleared to wrestle, OJ pushed him down, crutches and all! Just then, Teddy Long came out here and made the GAYEST announcement! He said he's allow for "one more" substitution, meaning Orlando Jordan vs. Randy Orton tonight for the United States Championship! WTF man? WTH is Orton now defending Booker's title? This is complete BULLCRAP ... Orton should be preparing for the Royal Rumble match to win the Main Event spot at Wrestlemania.

    Next, it was the highly anticipated in-ring debut of the "Fighting Irish," Fit Finlay! His opponent was none other than Matt Hardy, but a jobber he was not. In fact, Hardy pretty much owned the match for the most part, until at one point Finlay pulled a genius move, when Hardy was doing a baseball slide trying to kick him outside the ring, Finlay pulled out the ring cover/apron and trapped him inside! From there, Finlay took control, and after he continued to use the ropes in an illegal hold past a 5-count, the referee disqualified him! Furious, Finlay took Matt Hardy's head, set it on the steel steps, and STOMPED on it! Finlay came in a new Smackdown! superstar .... but he left the ring a booed heel.

    Next, we saw backstage Daivari going crazy shouting at Teddy Long, protesting that it was all his managerial services that allowed Angle to participate in the battle royale, win the championship, sign with Smackdown!, all that jazz! Now, in light of what Angle has done, he wants revenge! Teddy Long has the solution - Angle will battle Daivari tonight in the Main Event!

    Next, we saw the awesome video footage of Batista's successful triceps surgery! Batista confirmed in a great interview that as soon as he gets home from recovery, he'll go back to the gym ... and he'll be back on the title hunt in no time!

    Next, it was none other than the #1 Contendership Match for the World Heavyweight Championship Match at the Royal Rumble! The two runner-ups from last week's Battle Royale, Mark Henry and Rey Mysterio, locked up in a major David vs. Goliath type match! For most of the match, Mark Henry dominated the tiny Rey, crushing him with powerslams and clotheslines and whatnot ... but towards the end of the match, Rey took control when he delivered THREE consecutive 619s to Mark Henry, followed by a tribute to the late Eddie, the Frog Splash (which actually turned out to be a botch on Henry's part), but Henry reversed the pin into a powerful slam and demolished Rey! Mark Henry destroyed Mysterio to win the #1 Contendership, as he celebrated with Melina in the ring, meaning Henry will face Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble for the World Heavyweight Championship!

    Next, we got a surprise visit from none other than the still-injured (yeah, just like Batista, Booker, and Kash) Mr. Kennedy!!! Kennedy took his place in the ring in a new Mr. Kennedy merchandise t-shirt and did his microphone stint!


    Then he proceeded to tease the fans with his new t-shirt .. but shot everyone down when he told them that if they want a t-shirt ... then GO out and BUY one!!! Then he made his way to the announce table to join Cole and Tazz, as the next tag team match started.

    Simon Dean (complete with segue) made his way to the ring with the Gymini, as they took on the same guys that jobbed to them two weeks ago, Brian Kendrick and Paul London (this time they ripped off their golden masks before even running down the ramp)! London and Kendrick took control for a while, but they were quickly dismantled and destroyed by the scary-ass Gemini!

    Next, (and I b*tch once again .... WTF is Orton defending Booker's title for him???) the Legend Killer made his way to the ring to defend "Booker's" title against Orlando Jordan! Orton displayed the same cockiness we all LOVE, as he thrashed OJ out and about. After Orton displayed a scary mean streak and exploded at the referee, we saw another side of the RKO! Well, it was a long but awesome match, which culiminated in Booker and Sharmelle interfering on Orton's behalf (actually on his own), allowing Orton to win with the RKO! But then, Chris Benoit came out and began attacking the other guys, focusing on Booker, sick with the desire for revenge after what happened last week! Well, what happens with this 4-man United States Championship angle remains to be seen.

    In the next segment, Michael Cole and Tazz went through the current matches scheduled for the Royal Rumble so far (3 of them, not including the 30-man Rumble itself), which ended with RAW's WWE Championship match, segueing into the RAW Rebound, which focused on the Edge/Cena angle, in which during the Masterlock Challenge, Edge appeared and clocked Cena with the WWE Title, busting him open and probably saving him from an embarrassing loss to Masters.

    Finally, Kristal interviewed Daivari, who claimed that after all this time, he knows Kurt Angle and how he behaves in the ring (according to him, "borderline criminal") more than anyone ... and for him to have to fight his old client ... is just "screwed up." What could Daivari have possibly had up his sleeve in this Main Event Match against the new World Heavyweight Champion?

    Daivari nervously made his way out to the ring, followed by the entrance of the now FACE Kurt Angle! ****[b]And get this! WWE Creative was genious to do this! Apparently, they had Angle point and divert the fans inevitable "you suck" chants towards his opponent, in this case Daivari! See, obviously they knew the fans would chant this no matter what, so now that Angle is face, they're trying to make the new "gimmick" ... chanting "you suck" to Angle's opponent instead![/B[**** Did it work? Eh.

    Anyway, this match didn't last long at all, mostly because at the beginning of the match, the new #1 Contender, Mark Henry, made his way out here along with Melina! Shortly after the match started, Melina attacked Angle, causing the match to end due to a DQ! Angle then locked in the Ankle Lock on Melina, but Mark Henry broke it up! Then, Daivari helped Melina out of the ring and away from it as he told her "he'll take care of it."

    Mark Henry threw Angle out of the ring, as Daivari came to his side, took the mic, and revealed to Angle that when he said this match would be "screwed up," he forgot to mention that ANGLE was the one who would be SCREWED! Apparently, Daivari is now Mark Henry's personal manager!!! I KNEW Daivari had something up his sleeve! The question is, are Mark Henry and Daivari now allied with M.N.M., or are they separated? If so, that stable just got even bigger!

    Just a generally decent Smackdown! Better than RAW was this week, that's for damn sure.

    9 days until the 19th Annual Royal Rumble .......moreless

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