WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Season 9 Episode 38

Forgiven, not Forgotten

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 21, 2007 on Syfy
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Forgiven, not Forgotten
Match #1: Jimmy Wang Yang vs Jamie Noble Match #2: Matt Hardy & MVP vs Deuce N Domino Match #3: Batista vs Mark Henry Plus the wedding of Teddy Long and Kristal.

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  • The wedding was painful to watch, but the three matches are fine examples of why this is wrestling and not a wedding into it!

    The three matches are good. The first match, Jamie Noble vs. Jimmy Yang was indeed good. The funny part in the match is where Jamie Noble saw Hornswoggle's hat in the audence, so he got out of the ring and gone seen if it's Hornswoggle, but instead of him, it was Shannon Moore. Shannon Moore had cost Jamie Noble to lose his foucus and the match.

    The second match was boring! MVP & Matt Hardy vs Deuce & Domnio was indeed boring! Why? Because MVP is doing the same crap over again. But then Matt Hardy tries to do this on his own and the two fight about it and cost their match against Deuce & Domino.

    The third match was good, but got bad in the end. The good is when Batista had the upper hand on Mark Henry, until Henry fights back. Then is got worse when the Great Khali came out and hurt Batista.

    This is so far why I gave the match an 8 out of ten. But here is why it also a .2 was in this. The wedding.

    The wedding was indeed the worst since Kane got married to Lita. The wedding began as Reverend Bruce Bruce (BET show host) led a parade of guests of the wedding, including Mr.McMahon, Jonathan Coachman, Candice Michelle, Maria, Jeff Hardy, Balls Mahoney, CM Punk, Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch, Melina, Beth Phoenix, Kenny Dkystra, Victoria, Extrem Expose and The Miz to name a few. Then after everyone sat down, Hornswoggle came out of the ring and brought out a chair and sat it down next to Jonathan Coachman. Then Teddy Long came out and got into the ring that was decorated for the wedding. Then after him Michelle McCool with Teddy Long's son, Andre, then Torrie Wilson came out with Butch Reed, and then Vickie Guerrero came out with Ron Simmons. Then Kristal came out with a nice wedding dress. She was about to go on the steps, until she triped. Teddy came down on the steps and help Kristal. Reverend Bruce Bruce introduce Jaged Edge for a nice song for Kristal from Teddy. During the song everyone in the ring starts to groove with the music. Then Teddy starts to sings and then he got everyone to start to wave their hands and the song is over. Reverned Bruce Bruce starts the ceromony until Jillian came out and tried to mess the wedding up for Teddy and Kristal by singing a song. Everyone wanted to her to stop, but she starts to sing, until Mickie and Candice got to her and removed her out of the show and out of the arena. Then Reverend Bruce Bruce starts off until Teddy points out at Hornswoggle and Mr.McMahon told him to stop what he was doing and the wedding continues. Teddy and Kristal starts to commit as Reverend Bruce Bruce starts to talk then the wedding to a turn, when WWE Legendary Godfather and his ho train came out and went up to the ring. Kristal got mad and all of the Superstars started to act bad. Godfather starts to talk to Teddy mostly about the good times, but Teddy said that he wants Kristal more. Then Godfather was trying to get Ron Simmons out but Kristal and Teddy didn't let him go. Godfather then got all the superstars to leave. All of the divas got very angry.(And I don't blame them.) The wedding still continues with Hornswoggle, Jonathan Coachman, Mr.McMahon, the divas and Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco still remaining. Until Hornswoggle starts a chase with Jonathan Coachman and Mr.McMahon. All was left of the guest was The divas and Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco. Then Teddy and Kristal starts to take their vows until Teddy colaps. Things have taking for the worse when Kristal got upset, Teddy went to a coma, and Vickie Guerrero is in charge next week.

    This is indeed the worst part on Smackdown. That why the whole entire show is an 8.2 out of ten.moreless
  • If this show is edited properly, it will be one of the best and most entertaining Smackdowns in a while!!!

    I am not going to spoil this show for anyone but I was fortunate enough to attend the taping of this Smackdown episode. It was a pretty good mix of wrestling. Of course, the wedding took up most of the episode but if the editing is done properly I think you will find it a very entertaining episode of Smackdown. There will be lots of surprises and funny moments in this episode. (There are also surprise appearances from a lot of familiar faces to look forward to).

    Anyway, the crowd was nice and vocal all night at the live show. Hopefully, the TV audience gets a special "Season Premier" episode of Smackdown tonight. Enjoy!!!!moreless

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