WWE SmackDown

Season 12 Episode 14

Fri, Apr. 2, 2010

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 02, 2010 on USA

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  • Long Odds

    Well, Drew McIntyre's entrance is cool, I will say that much, but they need to start booking him better. If Drew really is the heir apparent to the WWE main eventers, like so many of the dirt sheets claim, then they have to find a way to get him over. An awkward beatdown of Matt Hardy is not the way to do it.

    I hate NXT as much as the next guy, but what a way to bury your talent by just feeding them to Kane. Just a really stupid segment altogether.

    I am glad Chris Jericho and Edge are getting the chance to be in the main event, but their feud is starting to get stale, as is the program altogether. Maybe Jack Swagger can bring some fresh breath back into Smackdown.
  • Jack Swagger cashes in his Money in the Bank shot.

    The transitional show following Wrestlemania. Not bad, but not great either. There was hardly any wrestling, but we did see a lot of important developments as we move from Wrestlemania. The biggest development had to be Swagger cashing in Money in the Bank to be the champ.

    Match #1: World Heavyweight Championship Jack Swagger vs Chris Jericho

    Not really a match essentially as his personal Swagger takes advantage of an altercation with Jericho and Edge to win the title.

    The segment was done very well, and I love the fact the fact that it was Jericho putting Swagger once again proving he's one of the most unselfish guys in the business.

    Match #2: John Morrison & R-Truth vs Cryme Tyme

    A squash but sets up the breakup of Cryme Tyme

    Match #3: Matt Hardy vs Drew McIntyre

    A chance for Drew to get heel heat.

    Match #4: Great Khali vs Dolph Ziggler

    Ziggler puts aways Khali with the sleeper, and Khali makes it official that he won't be with the WWE for a while. Wow great news, and the program looks better with every minute.

    Match #5: Beth Phoenix & Tiffany vs Michelle McCool & Layla

    Not bad for a Divas match and Tiffany takes a couple of hard bumps.

    Match #6: Kans vs NXT

    I don't see them burying the NXT talent by having them face Kane only the opposite. Not everyone is watching NXT, and this is a smart way of giving the show more publicity, and it's also a way to show the guys off against Kane who is enhancement talent.

    Actually this turned out to be the longest match. Watchable for a Kane match. Near the end Swagger comes out to gloat about his new title. Jericho comes out to spoil the party then says he wants the title back. Teddy Long makes it official that Jericho will face Edge to see who gets the rematch.

    Regardless of who Swagger faces, Smackdown gets a big boost by his presence. Swagger wrestling either Jericho or Edge will be classic.
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