WWE SmackDown

Season 12 Episode 20

Fri, May 14, 2010

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 14, 2010 on USA

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  • smacketh down

    Kofi Kingston vs. Christian: This match should have been a solid, ROH style bout, but instead both men floundered and put on a far less than stellar outing. Kingston already won the IC belt, so this meant a lot less than it should have, which is the start of a push for the star from Ghana.

    Jack Swagger and The Big Show being the top feud is not going to sell PPVs. It is stuff like this that explains why the show is moving to Syfy.

    CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio: How many times are these two going to wrestle? Seriously? They're not even having good matches.
  • In the Main Event, Rey Mysterio takes on Cm Punk plus a new IC is crowned.

    Thought it was a decent show overall, could have been better, but it was ok.

    Match #1: Intercontinental Championship: Kofi Kingston vs Christian

    Really good match. A lot of high flying, a lot of high impact action. One of the highlight was Kofi doing a leapfrog only to be caught by Christian and dropped on his head. Wow. Later, Christian misses a big frog splash. Kofi wins or does he?

    Drew comes out and tells everybody he is still the IC champ. We learn that Vince has rehired Drew. They are really pushing this guy and although I really didn't really like that Kofi was screwed, we know Drew won't be champion long. Match #2: Shad Gaspard vs Job Boy
    Useless jobber match.

    Match #3: MVP & JTG vs Croft & Barretta

    Good tag match. They are creating a couple of new tag teams like Barretta and Croft, and MVP and JTG

    Match #4: Women's Championship Handicap: Beth Phoenix vs Michelle McCool & Layla

    For a Divas match it was ok.

    Match #5: Kane vs Chavo Guerrero

    Another useless job match. This makes this episode not great, I mean they could have booked a better match or how bout Kane vs. Shad?

    Match #6: Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk

    Another match with Punk and Rey. Difference this time is the interference of this masked new member for Straight Edge Society. This member almost guarantees that Rey will join SES

    Jack Swagger / Big Show confrontation

    Great way to build up Jack as a strong heel pretty much saying everything to get under fan's skin. He pretty much takes Cm's route of saying he's better than everybody. He throws a couple of funny lines like at age of five, he was already a kid that most people's children.

    Big Show comes out to crash the party. Jack tries to confront but no go. Pretty good confrontation. They build up both guys roles here. Swagger will hold on most likely, but the E does know how to build up the contenders as legitimate threads, so this confrontation was pretty well done. It was an ok show, I might have rated it higher had it not been for those job matches, but it was still a fairly good booked show.
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