WWE SmackDown

Season 11 Episode 20

Judgment's Coming

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 15, 2009 on USA



  • Quotes

    • Josh Matthews: Congratulations on your victory. It now appears that you have all the momentum heading into your championship opportunity this Sunday at Judgement Day.
      Jeff Hardy: Edge is a creature of habit. If you've watched him over the last few months, you'll notice he wins a title on a pay-per-view, a month later he loses the title. He wins a title, he loses a title. It's a pattern.
      Crowd member: You're the greatest!
      Jeff Hardy: You're the greatest! At Backlash, Edge won the title again, at Judgement Day he will lose again. Josh, it won't be just for me. It's gonna be for each and every one of these people who supported me through thick and thin, always believed in what I stand for, and that's being me, Jeff Hardy!