WWE SmackDown

Season 9 Episode 8

No Way Fall-Out

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2007 on USA



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  • Quotes

    • Michael Cole: What? Mister McMahon.
      JBL: Hopefully, he'll speak English.

    • JBL: I thought my back would get better doing commentary, carrying you is killing me!

    • JBL: What the hell Khali is doing? What the hell he's doing here in San Diego?
      Michael Cole: He said on RAW that he wanted some competition.
      JBL: Get your ass off our show, Khali!

    • Michael Cole: And the nose guard didn't protect Joey Mercury from having a tap out to the crossface of Chris Benoit Sunday at "No Way Out."
      JBL: I don't think that a full body suit would protected you from Chris Benoit. Chris Benoit was absolutely on fire at Staples center.

  • Notes

    • 1. Paul London, Brian Kendrick and Matt Hardy defeated Deuce and Domino and Joey Mercury.

      2.Chavo Guerrero defeated Scotty 2 Hotty

      3 King Booker defeated Kane

      4.Finlay, Little Bastard defeated Boogeyman, Little Boogeyman

      Rey Mysterio Returns, Vince McMahon interrupts with Umaga. Umaga whips the Stuffing out of Rey Mysterio.

    • Nielsen Rating: 3.2

    • Little bastard pinned The Boogeyman after Finlay hit Boogeyman with the Sheliegh and then Little Bastard planted a DDT on him and pinned him for the 1,2,3.

    • From San Diego, California.

    • Great Khali attacked Kane when he was having his Money in the Bank qualification match against King Booker.

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