WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Season 9 Episode 6

Omaha, Nebraska

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2007 on Syfy
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Omaha, Nebraska
1. Undertaker vs. The Miz 2. Tag Team Match Paul London and Bryan Kendrick vs. Deuce and Domino 3 Joey Mercury vs. Matt Hardy 4. The Boogeyman vs. Finlay 5. Daivari vs Gregory Helms 6.World Heavyweight Championship Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy

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  • Pretty good episode on the road to WrestleMania.

    As always, SmackDown provides the better wrestling matches than Raw and ECW put together. And this episode was a decent example of it.

    Undertaker Vs Miz. We all knew the outcome from the very beginning. Poor Miz. Well no one likes him anyways.

    Deuce and Domino, the rejects from the 1950s, beat London and Kendrick for the 2nd time. Around the time they were advertising another ladder match from Armageddon........and they dropped it. The ladder match might have saved the No Way Out Pay-Per-View because the show was crappy. Hell, ladder matches are show stealers and it stole the show at Armageddon.....but that's why. Vince McMahon didn't want them to steal the show and ruin the "match that no one ever dreamt of seeing" which was stupid in the first place, so they dumped it for Deuce and Domino Vs London and Kendrick for the tag team titles, and THAT match was garbage too. Oh well, you know the WWE. They care about their fans so much........yeah right.

    Joey Mercury and Matt Hardy. I loved this match. And Mercury winning clean made it even better. For once, the WWE did something right for a change.

    But HERE'S where they went wrong. They had Finlay beat The Boogeyman......but he had to cheat to do so. That had me wondering, "Why must they let Finlay cheat to beat a joke like The Boogeyman?" Finlay can beat him anyday of the week in a unscripted match. But they won't do that because heels can't win without cheating. Mercury won his match without cheating. So, whatever......

    Davari is now on SmackDown, so it seems like they've decided to revive the Cruiserweight Division. It took them THAT long to do that? The division is dead, the title is dead, so they try to revive it when it's already dead. Again, whatever.......because this match was boring to watch anyways.

    Kennedy and Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship. As of now, I've decided to give Kennedy a chance. He's pretty good in the ring though he needs some work, he's a new upcomer, and fans like this guy despite the fact that he's a heel. You could tell from the reaction in the front row how much the fans like him. And then there's Batista. You can ALSO tell fans don't like Batista. You could see some fans showing their appreciation for Kennedy and booing Batista. Kennedy dominated the whole match. A win would've done a world of good.....*sigh*....but Batista won again which is irritating. A whole roster full of talented wrestlers, yet this guy is the World Heavyweight champion. Oh, and the fans that were booing Batista? When Batista was celebrating in the ring, we never see those guys again, because the WWE edit them out. They don't want to upset the man that is carrying the business: Batista....and that right there is a sick joke. The fans cheer and boo for whoever they want, so he had better expect it.

    On an interesting note, Taker showed up near the entrance and stared the champ down. A pretty good to start and end SmackDown: with the Undertaker. So now, the main event for WrestleMania is set.....and I sure as hell hope Taker wins. That's all. See ya later.moreless

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