WWE SmackDown

Season 10 Episode 32

On the Edge of Madness

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Aug 08, 2008 on USA

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  • There were some good things and bad things.

    Yes, Smackdown's latest edition which just went off air a little more than an hour ago. This episode had its fair share of good and bad parts to it. Personally I respect women who are into wrestling, but the WWE's women division is nowhere near great, so the opening match was not a match I would write home about. The second match I saw was Ryder and Hawkins against Yang and Moore. See I use to watch SD for above average in ring performances, however this match was sloppy to me. Hawkins and Ryder, although it was a good idea to try to get these guys over in some form, still are too generic and really do not try to improve on the mic and are nothing amazing in the ring. I never really cared for Moore, Yang to me better known as Akio is an actually great wrestler but with a stupid gimmick. The show was circulated around of course Edge and his stable with Vickie Guerrero. The series is hyping for yet another Undertaker return, as if we already had enough. I am a huge fan of his, but he should not have to carry a show with another hand selected few. Benjamin and Hardy was above average for a televised match. It was not a great match, but in my opinion it was rather good. I liked Benjamin's technical work. Also I like how MVP ended the match to advance a rivalry. I do not really care much for Kendrick or Crazy, find the gimmick stupid, but the bodyguard looks like a good potential heavyweight wrestler. Khali and HHH had some entertaining moments, but Khali is far from perfect; I however found this segment well written and a part of a decent build for SummerSlam. All in all it was an average show with some good and bad parts to it.
  • Triple H vs. The Great Khali in an Indian Broken Glass Arm Wrestling Match.

    WWE continues to try to shove women's wrestling down our throats, which only leads to me reaching for the remote. We are then treated to a sloppy high-flying tag of Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder vs. Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang. Moore is so deteriorated that I'm glad WWE released him. Ryder and Hawkins have zero personality are making no attempt to get themselves over. The Shelton Benjamin vs. Jeff Hardy match was nothing to write home about either. Just being lengthy does not guarantee quality and that was the case here tonight.

    The Triple H/Ranjin Singh promo was really bad, as was the segment as a whole. I can't imagine the arm wrestling came off well live as it certainly didn't translate well to TV. We were then given more Vickie Guerrero/Edge crap this week. Hopefully, this was the end of it as it is ruining the show. The Vladimir Koslov/Jesse match was pathetic and ended out of nowhere. Kendrick/Crazy did nothing for either guy. The final segment was just absolutely terrible.

    This was just a really bad edition of Smackdown.