WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Season 8 Episode 2

Philadelphia, PA

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 13, 2006 on Syfy
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Philadelphia, PA
Batista announces that he will vacate the title. Raw superstar, Kurt Angle, makes a surprise appearance in the battle royal for the Heavyweight Championship, and wins. Randy Orton vs Chris Benoit(Match #7 for the U.S. Championship)

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  • Smackdown! Rebound for 1/13/05 - The Champion Surrenders His Title ... And Another New Champion Emerges ...

    Smackdown! Rebound for 1/13/05 - The Champion Surrenders His Title ... And Another New Champion Emerges ...

    If you thought RAW had a huge week with the explosive Elimination Chamber and the unprecedented survival of John Cena followed by the shocking defeat of the champ by the new WWE Champion Edge, having cashed in his money in the bank, followed by hot, torrid, live sex in the ring this past Monday on RAW, you ain't seen nothing yet.

    This week on Friday Night Smackdown!, the World Heavyweight Champion Batista made his way to the ring in Philadelphia alongside General Manager Teddy Long to give a very important and very extreme announcement. With an emotional, powerful, and noble message, Batista announced that because he is injured and requires surgery, he will do the right thing and surrender the World Heavyweight Championship, hereby resigning as the 9-month World Heavyweight Champion.

    Many emotional fans in the audience were literally crying and shouting, begging for Batista not to do this. Before handing the belt over Batista made it clear that being the champion of all these people around the world, all the fans of WWE, has been the ride of his life. *sniff* Batista almost broke down himself thanking everyone who brought him to the title, from his fellow WWE superstars to his most loyal of fans. He told them they would never know how much they mean to him.

    Finally, Batista made it very clear to everyone, following loud and emotional cheers and pops from all the fans in the arena, that when he returns, he WILL reclaim the World Heavyweight Championship!!! Then, an emotional Batista surrendered the title to Teddy Long, and then went to hug all of the commentators and announcers, as well as all the fans around the arena ... before giving one last hail of thanks to the fans.

    Backstage Batista met and embraced with many of his closest friends in WWE as he left the arena, the last one being his most recent tag team partner, Rey Mysterio, who he has faith in for becoming the next and new World Heavyweight Champion. Farewell, Batista ... he will go into surgery and remain inactive indefinitely, meaning his return date is unknown ... but will undoubtedly be a night to look forward to.

    Back in the ring, Teddy Long announced that Batista is right, that the legacy of this belt must continue, just as Edge has continued the WWE Championship by defeating Cena, albeit using immoral and shocking tactics. He announced the main event for tonight's Smackdown!: An Over-the-TopRope Battle Royale to determine the NEW World Heavyweight Champion!!!

    Next, the Best of 7 Series came to a complete end as we were shown an extended video detailing the entire angle, from Booker stealing the US Title from Benoit, to the rematch and the controversy that followed, to the start of the newly announced Best of 7 Series at Survivor Series, which has continued since then with no winner yet.

    But tonight, with Randy Orton as his substitute, Booker T hoped to win in the 7th and final match of the series, with both men tied at 3 and 3. Of course, Benoit had been down 3-0 not too long ago, but he was able to win 3 matches in a row (the last two as a result of Disqualification due to interference from Orlando Jordan). But now, it all came down to this final match-up for the Undisputed United States Championship.

    As everyone's favorite WWE superstar Randall Keith Orton made his way to the ring, both Booker T and Sharmelle were confident that the RKO would pick up the win over the Rabid Wolverine, thereby making Booker the new, undisputed United States Champion. The match started out slow-paced and technical, just how Benoit likes it, but when Benoit was thrown out of the ring, Booker tried to engage him with one of his clutches behind the ref's back. However, Benoit took a page straight out of the late Eddie Guerrero's playbook when he pretended to have already been hit by the crutch, holding his leg in pain! The ref then ejected Booker and his wife, meaning Benoit outsmarted him!

    With Booker gone, Benoit went berserk on Orton trying to reclaim the title, at one point headbutting Orton OFF of the turnbuckle and headfirst into the barricade outside!

    Towards the end of this grueling match the referee was knocked out, and almost immediately Orlando Jordan came running in trying to interfere again! Benoit stopped him and somehow countered an RKO attempt, reversing it into the Crippler Crossface! He was able to get Orton to tap out, but Nick Patrick was still out! Booker T then came running back out and pummeled Benoit in the face with the United States Title belt! The referee was revived and awarded the win to Randy Orton, who pinned Benoit to win the title for Booker T! Now ... Booker T for damn sure owes Orton a BIG favor.

    Booker T becomes Undisputed United States Champion.

    Backstage, Rowdy Roddy Piper bumped into Jillian Hall and JBL, who insisted that Piper put him on Piper's Pit tonight instead of the Boogeyman. After JBL made him remember that he's never been WWE Champion ... while JBL is STILL the longest reigning WWE Champion in over a decade, Piper agreed to put him in the Pit ...

    Next we saw an emotional video showing El Paso, Texas award Eddie and the Guerrero family with the Star of the Mountain Award, which alludes to a symbolic star that is lighted across a mountain in El Paso. Emotional commentary from friends and family included.

    Next Roddy Piper came down for Piper's Pit, the first edition started 22 years ago right there in Philadelphia, by calling out JBL. After lots of boring and meaningless crap spewed from JBL's mouth (some crap about him becoming champion again and PPV buyrates, WWE stock, and TV ratings rising or whatever), the Boogeyman made his anticipated apppearance and confronted Jillian!

    Then ... he did the most disgusting thing that has EVER happened on Smackdown! He sniffed her growth, licked it a couple of times, and then BIT the damn thing OFF!!! Holy crap! She screamed as the growth/mole disgusting thing on her face was literally bitten off from her face and ran away with JBL, as Boogeyman took out the bloody, virus-infected, disgusting growth and then put it back in his mouth and swallowed it!!! Piper started praying in the rule, trying to avoid the demonic, monstrous Boogeyman!

    Next, the Over-the-Top-Rope Battle Royale for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship commenced! Several members of the Smackdown! locker room, including Main Eventers (like JBL and Mysterio), mid-carders (like Lashley and Hardy), tag teamers (like M.N.M. and L.O.D.), and even Velocity wrestlers and cruiserweights (like the Mexicools and London and Kendrick) made their way to the ring for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be crowned the NEW champion!

    After 20 Smackdown! superstars were in the ring ready to start the rumble, a huge shocker occurred as RAW's Kurt Angle made his way to the Smackdown! ring accompanied by Daivari! A RAW superstar, Angle made himself the 21st entrant, immediately eliminating JBL! From there, all hell broke loose as the superstars battled it out, and many superstars were eliminated.

    Halfway through Angle and Mark Henry found each other, and it exploded from there. M.N.M.'s new enforcer made sure Angle wouldn't become champion as he threw him from the ring through the ropes, not over them, and then smashed him onto the announce table, breaking it! Then, the World's Strongest Man continued to eliminate Smackdown! superstars, along with Nitro and Mercury helping him!!!

    In the end, it was just Mark Henry and Rey Mysterio in the ring, a classic David vs. Goliath! Mysterio, unfortunately, could not take out the World's Strongest Man, and he was eliminated after being thrown out! Mark Henry thought he had won, but he didn't realize that Kurt Angle was never thrown OVER the TOP Rope, meaning the Olympic Gold Medalist still had a chance! Angle returned to the ring to battle the last man remaining, Mark Henry!

    A fierce battle ensued between the two competitors, ending in Kurt Angle throwing both himself and Mark Henry over the top rope, with Henry's feet hitting first .... meaning Kurt Angle wins the Battle Royale and becomes the NEW World Heavyweight Champion!!!

    An emotional Angle stood in victory with Batista's belt in the ring as the fireworks EXPLODED and confetti began POURING down the skies!!! Holy crap! Kurt Angle has indeed captured Smackdown!'s World Heavyweight Title, but as he still has a match with HBK Shawn Michaels next Monday on RAW, only time will tell what this means for Smackdown!


    Remember how the used bikinis and crap from the Divas carwash back at Summerslam were all put on WWE Auction? Well, you're all in luck, because WWE is doing it again! (rolls eyes)

    All the used lingerie from New Year's Revolution is being auctioned off! Panties, bras, stockings, etc.! All used!

    Also, the pillows Edge and Lita used to have sex on this past Monday night on RAW!

    http://auction.wwe.com/cgi-bin/ncomm... noMoreSubs=Y

    .................... -_-

    *sighs and rolls eyes*moreless
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