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Friday 8:00 PM on Syfy Premiered Apr 01, 1999 In Season



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  • Its worth the time to watch,If you like people hitting one another with chairs and things.I know i sure do aha.

    I find this show to be preety interesting.Even if the matches are all planed out ahead of time,Its still pretty awesome of a show.I would like to see RAW but i don\'t have the right channel for it soo.Anyways i gave it a good score because it is entertaning to watch all the watches,and people hitting one another with chairs.Its good mostly to me cause The Undertaker .The Undertaker is mostly the only reason i watch it(Besides the champion ship matches and such)It you never saw it before its worth the time to watch.thats all i can say,i\'m pretty sure.
  • What was once one of the greatest shows on television was ruined by the dirty hands of Vince McMahon. But now it seems to be making a comeback.

    Remember back then when wrestling fans would go in a frenzy and watch Smackdown every Thursday to see influential stars like The Rock and Stone Cold, those were the days. However just because a couple of classic superstars are gone from a show doesn't tarnish the product. Smackdown is still a good show with new up and coming young talent like Kennedy, Bobby Lashley, and MVP. Of course just like everything on television, it is flawed. Granted that a couple of storylines are way too dramatized, and some wrestlers are just completely boring, but that still does not take away from the art that is wrestling. Watch Smackdown Friday nights, just one episode, and see if you like it, it may not be as good as it used to be but it still sure is better than a lot of the overrated dramas on other networks.
  • wat has happened to this show, it used to be so original, now its always about how good wrestlers get cheated off for their championchips by another wrestler and his "girl"

    back in the day, smackdown was the dominant brand in sports entertainment, and do u know why?
    because it had better wrestlers
    because wrestlers didnt used to get cheated out of a match by the other wrestler' "girl"
    because wrestlers werent put in such stupid matches(all day singles matches)
    wat hapend to the days when triple h would fight the rock and u could never expect what was goin to happen?
  • the kind of show that ruins the art and reputation of pro wrestling... wondering why wrestling as a whole is viewed as a joke now a days??? watch smackdown and you will find out

    abhsolutely terrible.,.. this show ruins the reputation and the art of pro wrestling... i odnt even consider this as a wrestling show.. its simply, a wwe show... want real wrestling??? less talk, more action?? some brutal realism?? watch spike tv, 11pm on thursdays for impact.. now thats a good show, with wrestlers such as kurt angle, and sting

    seriously, i cant believe anyone watches smackdown... id rather be shot in the head.. and im a pro wrestling fan... doubt a casual viewer wont share my views either
  • Explosive wrestling action!

    I love wrestling and I love Smackdown! This is the show for you if you want nothing but smack talking and out of this world action inside the ring. Smackdown has heaps of WWE superstars such as Mr. Kennedy, Batista, Finley, King Booker, The Great Khali, my favorite; The Undertaker and heaps more. Smackdown is also home to the World Heavyweight Title. The excitement never ends on this show. The WWE Diva search contests are held yearly too to find the best looking women on TV. So every friday if you have the time turn over to Smackdown for some of the best wrestling action.
  • smackdown an ok show

    WWE Smackdown is ok show. To have smackdown be good they will need to have john cena kane and also will need rvd and smackdown will be the best show are they can put smackdown and monday night raw back to getter so the can put wwe v ecw that is how they can get run tna out of bennes because i do not like tna after wwe get rud of tna the can put ecw and wwe togetter show they will have a lot of people witch their shows and that will be the best show of all time.
  • I love smackdown. Smackdown is changing Friday Nights. I watch this show every Friday night at 8:00p.m. on upn.

    It doesn`t matter if this show isn`t live. Atleast we get to see it. My favorite wrestlers are Batista, Bobby Lashley, Rey Mysterio, Boogeyman, and Booker T. And they`re all on the same show. I can`t wait until the Boogeyman come back. And Chris Benoit. I`m also glad that Batista is back and he almost destroyed Mark Henry. Mark Henry is injured anyway because of an accident that happened at Saturday Nights Main Event. I`m glad that he`s injured because I hate him. For two weeks Smackdown been coming on on Saturdays because of two stupid drama shows. I can`t wait until next Friday because this show is going to be on the new CW network. And then i can continue watching Smackdown every Friday.
  • Best wrestling show on tv.

    Smackdown is awsome 100 times better then Raw. Smackdown has all my favorite superstars, Tatanka, Matt Hardy, Batista, Lashly, Chris Benoit, Michael Cole, Theadore Long, and my personal favorite The Undertaker. Smackdown has more action, more fans and more storie lines, And I can't get enough of that awsome Smackdown logo. The only thing that I miss is the good old Additude Era of the WWE they had memerable superstars like, The Rock, and Stone Cold. And another thing they need to bring back Brock Lesner, he was cool. Smackdown will always be my favorite wrestling show no matter what.
  • Smackdown Isn't bad but It neds better wrestlers.

    Besides Batista and Booker T there isn't any other top notch superstars on Smackdown. Some of them are good but not good enough. People brag about how Smackdown is better than Raw, Raw picks its teeth with Smackdown. Cena, Edge, Orton, Micheals, Triple H, Ric Flair, Carlito, Shelton Benjamin and Kane are only some of the decent superstars on Raw. And why is Rey so popular? Hes like 2'4" and 99 pounds soaken wet. Then they go and make him the champion, Its called the World Heavyweight title, Not the World Pipsqueak Championship. Smackdown is Really, Really falling way behind Raw.
  • It is kinda sad that this show kinda goes down because of the fact that it changes superstars like a lot and there is not much legends in this show than in RAW!

    It is kinda sad that this show kinda goes down because of the fact that it changes superstars like a lot and there is not much legends in this show than in RAW! I like watching this show because I like some of its matches but the rest it is playing safe and plain it's like the show does not have a big pop
  • A super action packed show in which wrestles compete for national titles. Matches include Hell in a Cell, Tables Ladders Chairs, Ironman and Hardcore. There is also the yearly Wrestlemania in which many title shots are given to see whos the best.

    I like the show. I like Rey Mysterio (and no I'm not saying that in a gay way) the great khali and undertaker. I hate Edge Mr. Machmon and the Spirit Squad booker t. I think Ugene is funny. I like the cutting edge violence of the wrestling. I dislike the fact that its so unreal. That they lie about all the crap and you can tell its so fake when they go backstage. But I like when Raw comes to smackdown and starts beating everyone up. I don't like anyone of the announcers. They are all like " Oh my god whats that" and crap.
  • Did this Real Happen

    Man what a good show. Man Batista and Booby Lashy against Finly Regal and the King of the world KIng Booker for the main event. but before we go on what happend to rey. He was hit with a chair By vicky Eddies wife. was it a set up if it was it was messed up. will MVP ever get on smackdown no serlosy just hurry up and sign the contrack. the Main event a clasic man what match. you could not tell who would win. Man vito wanted to fight with MVP was MVP scared or what i think he was scared. well thats what basicly happend not the greates smack down
  • This show has gone downhill fast!

    This show used to be good, 5 years ago! But now it has gone flat and boring! The stories are lame and the matches even worse, they have no real main event stars and they put NO effort into this show anymore. I liked this show in 1999, but then they had more stars and better storylines. Now the show is like AAA baseball and needs to be cancelled before it gets any worse. The undertaker isn't even used anymore but to prop up 2nd rate rookies that will end up canned in a year....Brock Lesnar anyone? This show has gone down so fast its sad.
  • Most people think that Smackdown is worse than Raw, but it's really worth the watch, even if it doesn't go live on tv.

    As for Smackdown in 2006 goes, I've been starting to watch the WWE again after I found out that Eddie Guerrero passed away (rest in peace, Latino Heat). So far, I know that mnay think that since it doesn't go live and direct and doesn't have much attractive wrestlers to watch unlike Raw, they end up thinking taht it sucks and it shouldn't be worth watching. But I would adivse you to take your time and give the show a watch. Because Smackdown can really put some decent matches (with Finlay, Super Crazy, Paul London, Brain Kendrick, Bobby Lashley, Undertaker, King Booker, Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy, etc.) and in my opinion, what makes Smackdown look better is John Bradshaw Layfield. Since he took Tazz's place on commentary, I have been enjoying Smackdown much more. JBL was born for commentary and makes some good and comical comments which even surpasses Raw's Jim Ross and ECW's Joey Styles commentary at times.

    Despite everything, watching Smackdown isn´t a waste of time.
  • WWE Smackdown! started way back in the year 1999. It was it's countershow to the popular WWE Raw on Monday nights. Since 1999 the show is a premire to National television to all wrestling fans.

    WWE Smackdown's ratings change every years or basically every month. Due to it's poor ratings. Most WWE fan like me, think it's a very good show but it needs more. With it's counterpart WWE Monday Night Raw doing good in the ratings. Smackdown isn't there. Since it's change from Thursday nights to Friday nights the shows just goes downfall.
  • that is like the coolest show i like batista undertaker hulk hogan john cena the rock jerry the king lawler.Cj from san andreas.the world heavywieght champion pualheyman and finley.

    That show is cool on wwe smackdown i like john cena, mene jene oakerland, hulk hogan, D generation X, lance storm, aj styles, cj from san andreas, team 3d, eddie guerrero, the rock, stone cold, eugene, doink the colwn, the rock, rikishi, scotty 2 hotty, lita, edge, the world heavywieght champion paul heyman, batman, the highlanders, rory mcallester, robbie mcallester, vince mcmahon, shane mcmahon, naruto, the tag team champions the mexicols, the spirit squad, johnny, kenny, mitch, mikey, and denny, the next ppv is summeran see many people defend their titles and some people are in action if you want information check wwe.com
  • Matt and Jeff Hardy as singles stars may be what Smackdown needs to rejuvenate the brand

    Well it's pretty obvious that smackdown needs some help. With hardly any major superstars to speak of,only Batista and (King) Booker T, Smackdown is in trouble. Undertaker only makes an appearance once every month, so you really can't count him, and rey mysterio fighting in the heavywieght divison is just ridiculous.

    Besides the fact that Smackdown is lacking in the star department, the storylines taking place right now are just terrible. The whole chavo-rey feud is just tasteless and stupid. Leave Eddie be. And the Taker-Khali feud just sucks. How long is this going to drag on for, now we have to sit through a match at summerslam. Khali can't put on a good match for his life. This whole feud just freaking blows. Now that leaves me to the obvious Booker-Batista feud, which does show some promise. But, by the looks of it, Batista is going to get the belt back at Summerslam leaving him with no one to wrestle afterward.

    That's where Matt and Jeff come in. If these guys are given the opportunity they can shine in the main event. A BAtista-Matt feud or BAtista-Jeff feud would sure be interesting. And then the eventual Jeff-MAtt feud. Itd be the Bret-Owen feud of this generation.

    ANother good idea to help Smackdown woudl be to bring in aguy like Shawn Michaels. And I also think Vince Should really push Sylvester Terkay because I believe he has the potential to be the next Brock Lesnar. Hopefully Smackdown can get on the rite track beacuse rite now it's pretty damn boring.
  • Smackdown is a wrestling show. The main event Undertaker vs King Booker.

    A Sweet Show

    Smackdown started of as William Regal vs finlay and Regal won by dq which sucked. Then Mr.Kennedy vs Batista and Batista won with a Batista Bomb. After that Elijah Burke makes his debut and faced scott right. Elijah won his first match on Smackdown. MVP talks to Teddy Long about getting a contract about something. Kc James & Idol Stevens Vs Funaki & Scotty 2 Hotty. Kc and Idol won there first match on Smackdown. Before the main event it was vito vs the Brooklyn Brawler. Vito won the match. Then it was the main event King Booker vs Undertaker. Undertaker won by dq because the Great Khail interfered then the Undertaker challenged Khail to a Last Man Standing Match at Summerslam.
  • tjis stuff is pretty cool!!

    This is cool. i think it is hilarious when people get hit with weapons. it can be pretty obvious it is fake like when sometimes people dive out of the ring to hit someone and they miss and barely touch like there foot on the other persons arm and they both go down and the person that got hit holds his face and the anouncers a re like o my god they got all of his face on that dive. and its like wow he only hit his arm and just his arm. but you have to give these people credit they give all there time up just to entertain the people. and they are very athletic people not to mention the divas are hot!!!!!
  • this show is cool

    Rey mysterio is cool and it could be funny at times REy Mysterio is the best batista is back mark henry is dumb he's gonna die booker t is gonna lose to Rey smackdown is areally good show it should be on more than once a week its one of the best shows on
  • WWE Smackdown! is great.

    WWE Smackdown its a great drama show they have they own tiltes they have to defeat to be the one of the best one at Smackdown the best one right now is Rey he was a good friend of Eddie that past way in 2005. they were one big family together. Smackdown has not much divas on Raw they have more divas that you can se. They have the women champion.
  • WWE Smackdown is a pretty good show.

    Smackdown is WWE's 2nd band. Smackdown is pretty good but it doesn't compare to WWE Raw. The wrestlers are great, But some of the best wrestlers of WWE smackdown are out on injury. Batista is by far one of the best wrestlers on Smackdown, but he is currently out on injury. He will be making his return on July 7, 2006. The current general manager of smackdown is Theodore Long. Theodore Long is the best General manager that smackdown. He normally doesn't take crap from wrestlers like other past general managers of WWE shows. Smackdown is overall a great show, but it doesn't compare to WWE Raw.
  • Great show.

    This show is great. I watch it every week. People say they don't like it because its fake, but arn't most TV shows fake? But this is a great show. Randy Orton makes it was it is though. If it weren't for him, RAW would be better. If you don't watch wrestling now, start. Its really cool. Going to see them live is fun too. his is just a great show. It one I'll be watching for a long time to come.
  • It\'s great, but has it start to lose it\'s edge?

    Smackdown!\'s a great and superb show which I watched for about four years now, but has it started to be boring? Let\'s investigate.

    2002 - The Rock and Lesnar on the show, and many interesting matches.

    2003 - Taker, more Lesnar, and Beniot on the show, but the matched were dull.

    2004 - Probably it\'s best year, despite the fact that JBL became champion and Lesnar leaving, the matches were way better than 2003.

    2005 - Batista, Guerrero and other wrestlers made it good, but November turn around the show.

    2006 - Rey\'s Champion? And Orton and Angle left to other brands, Injuries rose and Henry and Khali get on my nerves, this was a absolute joke.

    Overall, the show\'s good, but the show\'s slowly getting worse, time to improve it.
    I give this 8.2/10, it would\'ve been higher if it was the same as 2004.
  • Watch This Show

    I have been watching Smackdown since its debut in 1999. Now smackdown they say is 2nd brand to Raw i dont necessarily believe that Smackdown has its up's and downs and so does Raw.People complain about the Live Settings that because Smackdown isnt live that it sucks no! its a great show it has all of the wrestlers The Undertaker,Batista,Ken Kennedy,
    Jbl,Rey Mysterio,Cruserweights it has all the hype it needs it may be declineing lately but it will be a rising show in the coming years and in my opinion has better talent then Raw But I love the WWE so I love both shows equally.
  • WWE Smackdown! is literally off the wall because of the cruiserweights and their high flying moves!

    WWE Smackdown! is great! I love all the cruiserweights because of their brilliant high flying moves! My favorite cruiserweight is Rey Mysterio! He's the masked crusader! The heavyweights are superb as well and my favorite wrestler ovrall is The Undertaker! He will make you Rest in Peace!

    The announce team is made up of Tazz and Micheal Cole. Tazz has been in the ring but Cole hasn't and Tazz is always making up funny jokes about it! Anyway the variety is great because of the cruiserweights and divas and of course not forgetting the heavyweights all packed into one!!!

    Smacksown! is rivalled by other WWE show RAW and I think RAW is better at the moment because of the announce team mainly!

    Smackdown! is the greatest! If you're a fan of wrestling or any type of sport at all, watch it because it's really funny, exciting and great to watch all the way through!
  • Smackdown is the best wrestling show ever!

    Smackdown is my favourite wrestling show and one of my favourite TV shows. Smackdown has my favourite wreslter called The Undertaker. The World Heavyweight Championship title is one of my favourite belts. So that is why i like Smackdown. My favourite wrestlers on Smackdown are Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy, Bobby Lashley, Supercrazy, Chris Benoit, Boogeyman, Gunner Scott, Paul London, Brain Kendrick, Batista, Nunzio, Road Warrior Animal and Vito. They are all of my Favourite wreslters only on Smackdown. RAW has no chance against Smackdown because Smackdown has the best wrestlers. So if your a SD fan then you rule because Smackdown is the best wrestling show ever. I give it 10 out of 10.

    I love Wrestling and Smackdown is the Best Show WWE has to offer it has Batisa,Rey Mysterio,JBL,Chris Benoit,Kurt Angle and others favorites. It's Much better than Raw on the USA network but yeah Smackdown almost lost it's Edge due to Stupid Mark Henry Squashing and injuring my favorite Wrestlers with that 400 pound Splash through the Table!
  • Not the best WWE has to offer, but's not that bad. Still a decent watch.

    I love the WWE. I watch both Smackdown and RAW. Although i prefer RAW more, Smackdown doesn't dissapoint.
    The story lines are weak in Smackdown. It mainly revolves around championships and bitterness. It's censored which is a reason it's called the lower brand. The superstars aren't bad. Many believe they are actually comparable to RAW. However, every thing else such as Divas and level of brutality fall to the knnes of RAW. It's has advantages also though. It is on reagular cable, so it boots up ratings because more people can watch. Too bad it's always overshadowed by RAW. Watch this if you can't watch RAW. Beware that it's the lower brand.
  • Smackdown has to be one of my all-time favorites!

    I have to admit I am obsessed with wrestling.
    I cant live without it and my reason for this is most likely because of Smackdown!
    I look forward to every friday just to watch it! I have to say its made quiet the impact for the wrestling biz. Consisting of a lot of the top noch guys. Such as Undertaker,Chris Benoit,Kurt Angle,Batista,Matt Hardy,Rey Mysterio and JBL. There are more but I find them to be a few of the top. Smackdown is losing its edge a bit. I mean due to Mark Henery some of the best guys are getting hurt.
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