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  • Only for true WWE fans!

    It's not as good as RAW nowadays but if you love RAW, consider this a little added bonus since they're affiliated. The reason it's not as good is because it has most of the lesser known pro wrestlers, especially the cruiser weights, but if you've been watching WWE the past couple of years you'll know the main ones and if not once you watch it a couple of times you'll get used to them. It can get a little silly sometimes and it has lesser Divas than RAW but if you love RAW you'll like it.
  • I dont watch this garbage

    This show is not worth the time it takes to fill ot this review. I wish I was noteven bothering, buit I feel strangely compelled.

    I repeat: This show is not worth the time it takes to fill ot this review. I wish I was noteven bothering, buit I feel strangely compelled.
  • That show is one of the best !!!

    This show in my opinion is one of the best and the best in the World Wrestling Entertainmen.With superstars like Dave Batista, Randy Orton, Ray Mysterio, Bobby Lashley, Undertaker, Matt Hardy it can't be other way. Wich other show can bring to you more action than this. That's why it is better then Raw in my opinion. Because there is a lot of action and impact. That's why it is the best in WWE. And now when Kurt Angle is on SmackDown too it is just amazing. If you want your adrenaline to go up, just wach Smackdown! That's what I do and it is working 100%
  • Smackdon! although not as good as RAW it is still a good wwe show and its also got the boogle man yesssss

    Smackdon! although not as good as RAW it is still a good wwe show and its also got hte sboogle man yesssss. it also has the cruiserweights which are always gud 2 watch.d d d d dd d d dd d d dd d d d dd d d dd
  • Not nearly as good as WWE RAW, but maybe the third or fourth best wrestling show ever.

    Smackdown is the number 2 brand to WWE RAW, just not as good. In early 2005, Smackdown had reached it's peak , when John Cena was still entertaining. Now Smackdown is garbage every match is really boring, and mediocre. Smackdown keeps boring storylines and rivalries alive for weeks past their prime. Smackdown has decent wrestlers but, they use them completely wrong. By putting them in repetitive matches. They should combine the shows together again like they were 7 years ago. Smackdown has never been as good as raw and it never will, it's a decent show, but not as good.
  • Very Cool

    WWE SmackDown is Very Entertaining
    with Kurt Angle, The Boogyeman, Undertaker, Batista, Chris Benoit, and of course the DIVAS.
    My Favorite move is Angle Slam , Tombstone
    and Crossface. Raw is the same as SmackDown
    but Raw has a little more violent maches.
    Some people dont like it because it is Fake.
    But i think its not.


  • I need just Four words: Benoit, Batista, Orton, Angle. All four of my favorite wrestlers on the same show? Nuff said. This should be no. 1

    My favorite wrestlers are on this show, but that's not the only reason it's no. 1. Smackdown is heads and shoulders above Raw in levels of excitement, unpredictability, and innovation. Teddy Long, if he is indeed the 'brain' behind Smackdown, has done a heck of a job promoting and improving his brand. The intake of Chris Benoit, Batista, Orton and later Angle (to replace him) in the same year has done wonders to the reputation of the show, and I honestly don't understand why everyone still raves about Raw. I think it's the conservative naysayers who like to stick to the WWF attitude days when "raw is war" was trying to build itself over Nitro.

    Hands down though, Smackdown! is better in terms of talent, booking, and theatrics. I'm tired of seeing slow, self-centered dolts like HHH and Cena being considered the 'dominant' superstars.
  • Professional wrestling, possibly the greatest thing ever created. I love everything that has to do with wrestling, so I obviously love Smackdown.

    Professional wrestling, possibly the greatest thing ever created. This is a great program. The second best weekly wrestling show ever, only coming in second to RAW. I do not understand how anyone could not love wrestling, Pro wrestlers are the best atheletes in the world, and I love watching them perform. And even if you are not interested in all the action you still get great, entertaining storylines. There's humor, action, romance, and anything else you could want.
  • Since the split of wwe programing I think.


    The Undertaker with out a doubt makes the show.
    I'm not sure what It is about him but I only watch
    smackdown when I know for sure he is going to wrestle. Smackdown with out a doubt needs more action,more drama. Maybe more people in the creative team so wwe can become on 1 network again. I just dont know what happened to smackdown
    the ratings are very low and I fear the worst for the show my favorite superstar is on.
  • Why watch Raw when you can watch Smackdown?

    Smackdown, that is without a doubt my favourite of the two shows.

    Like Raw, it's not as great as it used to be but it is still (in my opinion) doing a lot better then Raw. They have great superstars, great matches, great rivalries and yeah, I know Raw has all those things but I don't know what it is but Raw is just changing for the worst, it used to be my favourite but now I've switched.

    I started watching Smackdown a lot more after I thought it had better superstars I mean Batista, Mysterio, Orton, Undertaker, Booker T, Benoit Raw has some great wrestlers no doubt about it but in my opinion they just can't compare to the Smackdown locker room.

    The one thing Raw seems unable to do is, just debue a normal superstar without a gimmick. I can't remember they debued a normal wrestler. I mean there's been Simon Dean (a fitness guru/original a Raw sponsor), Cade & Murdock (the cowboy style tag team), Carlito (some caribean guy who goes round advertising the fact that he's 'cool') and Eugene, don't get me started. I know Eugene is a crowd favourite but I'm insulted by the way they make a disabled guy act, I mean I have a disabled brother and he and his friends don't act anything like that.

    The good thing about Smackdown is they can't just debue someone normal like Bobby Lashley, Ken Kennedy, Kid Kash, they've debued superstars with gimmicks too like MNM (movie star type gimmick), Boogeyman (You'd have to have seen this guy, I don't really want to go into detail with what's wrong with him)and I guess the Mexicools (Luchador style, Mexican wrestlers who come out on lawn-mowers.)

    I also love Smackdown for the cruiserweight division, cruiserweights are my favourite kind of wrestler my favourite is Rey Mysterio (Gotta love his 619!). But I think they should let them get experienced with the WWE ring before the writers award them with a championship (i.e. Kid Kash, won the Cruiserweight title his first match and Juventud won the title only like the first month of his career.)

    I think the ratings went down a little bit when Batista got hurt, but I still think this is the dominant brand of WWE and to anyone who likes action, hot, muscly girls/guys, great storyline and wrestling (both technical and just fast, mexican luchadore style) I would strongly recommend this show, watch it. You won't regret it.
  • I finally got something to watch on Friday nights.

    I have been watching wrestling for almost 2 decades and I am love how they were on Thursday. It was alright, but some good shows were going on Thursday and I thought I was going to miss SmackDown, but when they moved it to Fridays I was very pleased. I will always be watching wrestling on tv because it has a real good mix of everything. And besides, these guys are busting their asses to entertain us. That is something I truly respect.
  • Smackdown! is the 2nd best show that WWE has. RAW is the #1 brand.

    R.I.P. Eddie Latino Heat

    I love Smackdown, espically the storylines. Now that Batista is injured and Kurt Angle is on Smackdown, more excitment should be happing, espically when Batista make his come back. I LOVE ORLANDO JORDAN...ahhhhhhh!!!!!! lol. But Smackdown is cool but RAW is the ultimate brand though. So thats whats good!

  • Since Batista was hurt, it just isn't the same. However, the little demon in me still enjoys half naked men sweating everywhere. Who wouldn't.

    Batista was the thread that was holding Smackdown together. Now that he is on the injured list, we can only hope, well for those of us who enjoy Smackdown, that he will make a full recovery. It will need some libation after the drabb, and obvious conclusion, ANGLE!!!! Yuck. What a jerk. Yes is a great wrestler, but what a smug, arrogant pig he has become. Why couldn't they let someone half way cool attempt to get the belt, like Benoit. The skinny of all of this ranting is that it will be very nice for me and my daughters to see "BIG DADDY BATISTA" back in action. They are four and three and absolutley love to watch that man get sweaty!
  • Could be a lot better if given the chance.

    SmackDown! is believed by many to be like a reincarnation of WCW now that many of the most popular superstars are over on RAW. Considered "second best" in comparison (a view shared by some superstars) because of regularly lower ratings, the show seems to suffer from many problems: 1) The talent on RAW is generally more accomplished. 2) RAW, as a show, is older, more established in its timeslot, and better recognized. 3) More emphasis is placed on RAW by the company. 4) SmackDown! is conceived, by some, to be second-rate by default. 5) SmackDown! doesn't have a ramp any more. (Don't laugh... the ramp can make or break a show!)

    SmackDown! has a lot of potential, but like RAW, suffers from dull, drawn-out, or repetitive storylines, conflicts, and action. Add to this the aforementioned problems, and there's little wonder why the WWE as a whole is doing poorly.

    Those who enjoyed the WWF/WCW/ECW era will probably have a hard time watching either show, but SmackDown! does have some things RAW doesn't - a Cruiserweight Division, Randy Orton, and the company's saving grace, the Undertaker. Should the WWE learn to use what they've got in the SmackDown! brand more creatively, they may have a great show on this hands. Until then, die-hard pro-wrestling fans will probably find themselves watching SmackDown! only during the commericial breaks or dull points of other, more interesting shows.
  • Very Cool I love it

    Even though I`m a girl you would think i would hate watching men wrestle but ...... it intrests me a lot it is soooooo coool . Even though it is mostly staged I don`t want to think of that and just enjoy it and have a cool Friday night especially since i don`t have anything to do on fridays even though people may think it is pittfull I like it and i think that it is getting better ... sometimes , but a lot of the times the matches are just plan boreing but i still give it a 9.4 !
  • Smackdown going under.

    I do believe that Smackdown has really lost some of it's spunk. It use to be really good, but lately it has just went downhill like a bullet. I like Rey Mysterio. He is a very great wrestler to watch. I use to like Batista, but his storylines and the guys he wrestles now is dragging him down. Randy Orton's character has really went down hill by moving him from Raw to Smackdown. I would love to see Triple H make his way to Smackdown to bring a little spice back to the show.
    What is up with the writers, do they not watch how the fans react?

  • Gay sweaty men in tights....I like it! jus kiddin

    really awfull. gotta be the worst thing on TV next to American Dad. I would never watch it in my life. All they do is sit and talk with terrible acting skills and then pound on each other with fake punches and kicks. Preety preety gay. Not even a sport.

  • WWE Smackdown! is getting worse every week!!!

    WWE Smackdown! was created in 1999 to compete with WCW Thunder. When it started it was great, it had good matches, good storylines, and was equal to Raw. In 2002, WWE split the roster Smackdown became very boring. Now, it just gets more ridiculus every week! The storylines are stupid, the matches are bad, and the wrestlers gimmicks are idiotic. Bobby Lashley is just a Montey Brown wannabe, Boogeyman is one of the worst gimmicks ever, and the new LOD is an insult to the original. Yes, Smackdown does have some good wrestlers, Randy Orton, Batista, Undertaker etc., but thats just not enough. The ratings have gone way down since it moved to Fridays. I hope smackdown gets better, but I doubt it will. If things keep getting worse, it could be cancelled.
  • ever since they seperated raw and smackdown it has gone downhill

    4 or 5 years ago this show would have gotten a 10. Ever since they seperated raw and smackdow it has just gone downhill. The storyline isn't very good and everything is completely predictable. however it still gives great entertainment and sometimes can be very funny. Like I said before ever since they seperated the shows they went downhill. About 2 or 3 months ago this show would have gotten a 7 but ever since they moved it to friday it got a lot better. The thing I miss the most is the superstars. Stone-cold left, The Rock left and it seems that whenever they bring in a new superstar there bearly ever there. A couple months ago they brought in a guy whos name I can't remember but he was this religious freak. After 2 weeks they fired him because nobody cared about him. The WWE is losing all thier great superstars and not getting enough new exiting stars. The Boogeyman is pretty cool but thats all the good new talent.
  • cool show. the drama, the excitement, the wars.. everything is great. it's just sad that I can only watch reruns coz i have to go to work. even so i never miss a show. the whole smackdown vs raw is so awesome. i salute whoever got this idea.

    cool show. the drama, the excitement, the wars..
    everything is great. it's just sad that I can only watch reruns coz i have to go to work. even so i never miss a show. the whole smackdown vs raw is so awesome. i salute whoever got this idea.
    \m/ \m/ \m/
  • This Brand could be in trouble.

    With the recent loss of Eddie Guerrero and the loss of Christian to TNA, SmackDown is not only lacking star power, but great storylines.

    The greatest storyline SmackDown has had since it's split has been the SD vs. RAW storyline, which is a personal favourite of mine and while I root for SmackDown everytime, the creative team refuses to push the wrestlers that deserve to be up there. You will never see guys like Matt Hardy up there despite the talent and the crowd reaction he gets, the same went for Christian, who despite being loved by the crowd was treated like crap by the WWE. This show could be in trouble if Batista has to go and nurse his injuries.

    With the likes of The Undertaker who makes an appearance a few times a year, JBL who will be nothing more than a mid-card in my heart, and Randy Orton a guy who is truly shining through as a main event heel, this show is in serious need of RAW superstars.

    In my opinion, the show needs Kurt Angle back on it's roster and Paul Heyman back on creative.
  • Ususally reffered to as the \"Blue\" brand,home of the cruiserweights and \"B\" rated compared to Raw.This one of WWE`s shows that seem to host the best sketch dialogues(conversations between wrestlers),heel characters and storylines, to entertain the mi

    Ususally reffered to as the \"Blue\" brand,home of the cruiserweights and \"B\" rated compared to Raw.This one of WWE`s shows that seem to host the best sketch dialogues(conversations between wrestlers),heel characters and storylines, to entertain the millions of fans worldwide,not on Smackdown only but on Raw and other shows!!!!
  • wat the ???? this is rubbish

    i think this show was originally gr8 but now they changed channels to sky sports and only left me to watch it once a week which i couldnt do most weeks made me angry so i decided to leave wwe and be a fan of tna instead. wwe sucks tna rules
  • What will they do now?

    Smackdown is a pretty decent show, they just need a little more work. They have quite a bit of superstars there, but it's just not the same as Raw. With the lost of one of their biggest superstars (RIP Eddie Guerrero) what's to come. I'm really glad that Batista is there (he's so fine and Randy Orton and Cowboy Bob are so untentionally funny. Although I wonder is that enough?
  • WWE awesome

    I used to be a huge fan of WWE but lately i have found it to be very boring, like its the same thing each week. I still like it though, my favourite wrestlers are people like john cena and rey mysterio. I watched Eddie Guerreros tribute on RAW wednesday and i have to say he was a great wrestler. But all the good wrestlers are leaving.
  • cool

    I haven't been able to watch this at all lately but it is a great show.I started watching it around January 30,2003. It has cool fans which i dollow by every command. My personal fave character is John Cena cuz he's got rhythme and he's a great entertainer and he's a great white rapper.
  • RIP Eddie

    With the death of Eddie Guerrero last Sunday.WWE programming has been a big tribute to a great wrestler.So Smackdown Friday Night will be another tribute show to Eddie Guerrero.
    So everyone should watch Friday Night Smackdown.

    And before Eddie died I was pulling for him to win the Championship triple threat match,that was supposed to happen.But since Eddie died Sunday when the Smackdown and Raw tappings happened.THey had to rewrite somethings.

    i say this again rest in peace eddie

    viva la rasa holmes
  • Eddid is dead

    he lied he cheated and he stoll but now is gone and well i'M going to miss him so much it's like there's no more Smackdown. Eddid is not going to be one Smackdown he's not going to poke ken kenady in the eye like he did lost week but at least he well be in the new Smackdown VS Raw 2006 i wiss i could hear one of his themes and he comes back but thats not going to happen he's not going to turn up the heat any more or viva la rasa any more he's gone and i'm going to miss him so much that i wish he would come back and become the WWE champ again or the World champ or even the WWE Tag team titles with the animal but thats never going to happen. well at least he died in his sleep cause he didn't feel any thing so good bye Eddid go lie, chat, and steal in hevan. i all most about to cry but i'm holding them back so in the words of Eddid Viva La Rasa!
  • Eddie is gone just like that.

    Eddie will be missed by all fans and everyone who knew him. Smackdown will be very diffrent without his humour his jokes his tricks that just can't be forgotten. You know Eddie was never my favorite wrestler but now that i look back at all the tricks and stunts he did and i see now that he was and always will be one of the best wrestler to ever enter the ring. He can't be replaced. I never thought about it but he was a major superstar on Smackdown I mean look at all the rivalaries that he had. Eddie and Angle. Eddie and Chavo. Eddie and Lesnar even though that one didnt last long.Eddie and JBL. Eddie and Rey mysterio. Eddie made smackdown so exciting and now that he is gone i don't think Smackdown will ever be the same. Never again will you hear a man say "I am sorry" and then say "I lied holmes." Never again will we hear " I lie I cheat I steal" there will never be anyone who can lie cheat and steal and still be loved by the fans R.I.P. Eddie Gurrero
  • A Tribute to Latino Heat

    When celebrities die I rarely find myself crying simply because I did not know them in real life. But all throughout Monday Night Raw, I cried my eyes out. The tribute show was done beautifully. I am sure that Friday Night Smackdown will be just as touching. My thoughts are with you Eddie. Viva La Raza!
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