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  • A Tribute to Latino Heat

    When celebrities die I rarely find myself crying simply because I did not know them in real life. But all throughout Monday Night Raw, I cried my eyes out. The tribute show was done beautifully. I am sure that Friday Night Smackdown will be just as touching. My thoughts are with you Eddie. Viva La Raza!
  • RIP Eddie Gurrero....

    R.I.P Eddie 1967-2005

    You will be missed!

    WWE is deeply saddened by the news that Eddie Guerrero has passed away. He was found dead Sunday morning in his hotel room in Minneapolis. Eddie is survived by his wife Vickie and daughters Shaul, 14, Sherilyn, 9, and Kaylie Marie, 3.

    The cause of death is unknown at this time. An autopsy will be performed in Minneapolis on Monday, and Eddie's body will then be flown to Phoenix. Funeral arrangements are set for Wednesday in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • SmackDown Rocks

    The wrestlers are AWESOME. But I still say John Cena is my favorite wrestler. I like Rey Mysterio, I used to like Eddie Guerrero until he backstab Rey Mysterio. Now I'm not sure since he did tag team with Batista, I like him too. He seems like he changed but other than that SMACKDOWN ROCKS. I can't believe they moved it to Fridays.
  • I am a wrestling fan, thus i am a TNA fan.

    I’m a wrestling fan, and thus I am a TNA fan. The WWE is sports entertainment, and kudos to them for running that market, but I prefer a little wristlock with my colon surgery skits. I believe in a land that doesn’t ban the piledriver, the shooting star press or any move that’s not a variation of Reno’s “Roll of the Dice”. I mean let’s be honest, the “Roll of the Dice” was a cool finisher for Reno, WCW midcarder in the New Blood, but was it really worthy of being EVERY new WWE wrestler’s finisher? I’m digressing from my point, so let me get back to that.

    Since it’s inception TNA has been called a bush league. TNA has been declared dead more times then Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, and TNA at best has been considered #2. It’s an interesting argument, I mean depending on what you gage pro-wrestling on TNA certainly could be behind WWE. WWE has higher ratings and buyrates. WWE is an established mainstream name. Hell the WWE is a publicly traded company on the stock exchange. However I have a new viewpoint, which I foreshadowed a bit in the opening column. What if I told you TNA was the #1 wrestling promotion in the USA? They recently hit a .9 rating; they have 4 DVDs in the top selling sports DVDs. To me, TNA is the #1 wrestling promotion and they have NO direct rival. Sure the WWE used to be wrestling, but they have went out of their way in the last 10 years to say they are not “wrasslin” they are Sports Entertainment. Ask Vince McMahon “we make movies” he says, and now they really do. You see what the WWE offers is similar to wrestling, and at times there is wrestling on their shows. Yet they also present much more. Diva Searches, SNL-type Proctology skits, Boogeymen, I mean WWE covers it all. That doesn’t necessarily mean we as wrestling fans have to enjoy it. When adding in all this new entertainment, they have to cut something right? Well WWE has cut the “wrestling” down to nearly non-existent levels. Finally there is a clear alternative to “sports entertainment” and it’s what wrestling fans love...WRESTLING!

    Even if you consider WWE a wrestling promotion, they are at best a part-time wrestling promotion. When WWE’s flagship show RAW, has one match in over an hour, it doesn’t compare to what TNA can do with a single hour and wrestling. If you compare TNA’s wrestling to WWE’s wrestling, there is a clear winner and it isn’t the McMahon’s. So either way you look at it, TNA is #1. Some might think this is a jaded TNA-mark’s viewpoint, but it’s not. It’s the reality. TNA is growing, WWE is growing too, but it’s growing into something else, while TNA is growing into a more powerful wrestling promotion. TNA takes top stars from Mexico and Japan, and uses them on their show. When has the WWE ever even mentioned that New Japan Pro Wrestling even exists? TNA on the other hand has the owner of the company in attendance at THEIR pay-per-view, with a major interpromotional match. WWE takes Super Porky one of CMLL’s top babyface stars, and puts him in their MIDGET division, despite him being a heavyweight. The difference between the two companies is clear.

    In fact things in wrestling have never been so clear. When the WWF and WCW competed for supremacy both companies were very similar. WCW was always known as second-rate and even when they were the #1 promotion in the world, they had to live in the shadow of their former status. Yet with TNA, they are new and exciting. They have no long history of mistakes. They have no old timers clogging up the main event. All those WCW old timers are now even older and headlining WWE’s shows. It’s an interesting concept, but TNA is turning into WWF of 98, and WWE is turning into WCW of 99. WWE is the giant monopoly of a company that refuses to realize what brought them to the dance. While TNA is a small company fighting and scratching their way to the top. WWE is stale, repetitive and at best a rehash. TNA is innovative, fresh and trying new things. TNA is using a collaborative mix of established veterans and new stars. WWE makes the same bitter mistakes and refuses to create or push new talent. Well unless you consider pushing Chris Masters a plus.

    TNA finds old stars who never quite got to shine as bright as they could, and gives them a second chance. Sometimes they grasp the brass ring and show they have so much to give. Sometimes they show they have nothing left. Regardless, TNA gives them that chance. WWE sees only a certain breed of wrestler, 6’6” 300 pounds. WWE refuses to elevate former-WCW stars just based on the fact they were in WCW, even though many have been with the WWE as long if not longer then they were in WCW! TNA books simple old-school wrestling, with a fresh mix of creative skits and storylines. WWE implements merry-go-round booking, where a jobber heel Viscera can sexually molest a face Lillian Garcia, then get her to fall in love with him, only to dump her and turn face, leading to a winning streak, to becoming a major RAW angle taking up at times 18 minutes of the show, only to fade away becoming fodder for 47 second job matches to Triple H. Four months spent building Viscera up, to go nowhere, and do nothing but end right back where he started. It’s a merry-go-round. TNA books angles that have a clear start, a clear stop, and a purpose.

    They didn’t use Matt Hardy right, and they got him back only to use him worse. They couldn’t do anything with the Dudleys, despite not having one tag division between two brands. WWE fired Rhino because he didn’t fit into the WWE image. They aren’t using Foley to his full potential. Austin is old and boring. He has nothing left to give. You see much like WCW did, WWE is making mistake after mistake. They are letting go of potential Stone Colds and in return TNA is snatching up the useful ones and putting them to good use. WCW couldn’t figure out how to use Steve Austin, and WWF snatched him up and made a mega star. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking TNA can do the same with some of the WWE’s wrestlers. Lest we forget TNA is consistently creating new stars, guys like AJ Styles, Chris Daniels, Petey Williams, Abyss, Lance Hoyt and Ron Killings. We can all opine about what TNA does right, what they do wrong and what they need to do. Of course TNA is not perfect and there is room for change and upgrades.... But in reality TNA only need do what it is already doing. They have no competition and the closest things they have to competition they are steadily distancing themselves from. TNA is the new face of professional wrestling, and they are the figureheads for the sport. So to me, and any true wrestling fan, TNA is already the #1 promotion in the United States. That’s my position, and I’m sticking to it.

  • can ya smmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllll, what the rock is cookin?

    i have been watching both smackdown and raw since wrestlemania 20, and after i saw wrestlmania, i started watching wrestling every week, not missing an episode, my favorite smackdown superstars presently are batista, rey mysterio, chris benoit,matt hardy and last but not least, LOD!!!!!!!!!!!, the first time i saw a wrestling show in the building was in may 23rd 2001, when chris benoit took on stone cold just days before there worl tag team title match, benoit won with the crossface, he celebrated with the crowd, and he raised my hand in front of a 1000 people, that was a wrestling moment that i would never forget.
  • Raw is still superior, but they both still need fine-tuning.

    Smackdown is my least favorite of the two brands. Don't get me wrong though, I think they both need some fine-tuning.

    Smackdown tends to pay more attention to the storylines than the actual wrestling. Sometimes I think I'm watching a bad soap opera. Some of the storylines they come up with are plain retarded, like the Rey/Eddie storyline they had finished. What was the entire point of that?

    One thing I like better about Raw than Smackdown is how they handle the superstars and the titles. You'll see more title defenses on Smackdown than you will on Raw. Most of the superstars also get a chance into the spot light.

    I really do dislike who they tend to push to the front though. JBL is one of the worst characters ever brought to the WWE. Batista isn't much fun either. He beats everyone up and has bad mike skills.

    Hopefully, this Raw vs. Smackdown storyline will pay off bause this new era is really stinking up the business.
  • Smack Your TV! SmackDown!'s on! Not as good as RAW, but still aright

    WWE SmackDown! is on every Friday night at (8:00) and features very talented superstars. Such as Rey Misterio, Eddie Gurrero, and the world Heavyweight champion, Batista. It also features newcomers like Bobby Lashley, and Ken KENNEDY! When you tune into SmackDown! you will find alternative stiles of wrestling. Nothing says alternative more then the Juniors division. The Juniors are, well, compiled of small people, (or height challenged) that are used for comedic pourposes. Yep! Nothing says funny more than midgets running around annoying the big people. SmackDown! also has cruiserweights (a step down from heavyweights, but a huge step up from the juniors) which are being mishandled by the company. They are now forbidden of doing high risk moves, which hurts their stile greatly. Friday Night SmackDown! is the only thing good on Friday Nights, and i'm glad it's there so I can actually watch something while i'm sitting at home. SmackDown! is certainly channging Friday nights!
  • Smackdown is the best show ever. Now on Friday nights they add more matches that would make your fridays nights even better. Matches like Rey mysterio vs. JBL.

    Fridays 8:00 easteren time!
    As you know, Smackdown is changing our fridayy nights and everyone knows that it the best brand of it type since TNA, ECW, and Raw. Now that Smackdown is on Friday, the network is trying to get matches that would higher the ratings. So now all the matches, for two hours, are main events. From steel cages to no dq matches. Its the best brand of entertainment. You know that at 8:00 is the only time you can see bodies flying and people fighting. There is not many cruiserweights on raw so smackdown makes up for that. THat is why its so good. Seeing rey mysterio confuse JBL then 619 him is the best. Chris benoit showing off is title, lost yesterday, 10/20/05, made Orlando Jordan tap out like 5 times, all under 1:00, thats one minute, of time. You can't see that anywhrere else. THe drama between rey and eddie was one of the best story lines ever. Eight matches, 7 won by rey, went to the last mach, a steel cage. Eddi beat him in that to say he beat rey for the first time ever. That is the best you can get from wrestling, but not from WWE or Smackdown, you need to watch it. Fridays 8:00 easteren time.
  • Cooooooooooool show

    I watch this show every satarday on sky if you dont have sky you cant watch it,it comes on sky sports.my favourite character is da J-o-h-n c-e-na. wat im really saying is john cena you cant see me.Batistas cool and so is r-e-y rey myesterio.wwe rules da hole damn earth.
  • GImicks need to be updated.

    Big fan of smackdown since i had time to watch it on thrusday nights. seen all the characters change pace more times than not, becoming fan favroites to fan hates. But one thing thats really gone down, The wrestling. Its obvious that these guys arn't actors, just glorified stunt men. I admit i have my favorites, and my hates. but its based on the attitude of the characters. one character that use to be cool, but is now a coward racist is JBL. since his new gimick of being the wanna be 'wrestling god' has really put a damper on the show. whilst the drama is ok, over-dramatizing an show about action is really hurting the show. smack down need to: get rid of the 'network guy', jbl's latest gimick, dumb brash pretty boys 'sylvan' and the drunk sayings of 'mr. kennedy......kennedy' [seriously he sounds drunk when he talks]. change these things for a start, the show will take off even more.

    as of recently. Raw VS Smackdown need to happen on Smackdown. 3 hours of this to combat raws USA homecomming
  • Smackdown! is being screwed over.

    Dammit, what was I thinking? I actually thought a new night might help bring in new viewers ... I didn't realize that moving it to Friday nights would cut down viewership by like 1/4!

    Geez ... goddammit. I want to blame UPN entirely for putting shitty sitcoms in place of where SD! should be,, but I can't. You see, WWE, and pretty much fate itself can share the blame as well. So can all the fans who claim to be WWE fanatics but become disloyal to the show once they think it's gone "stale" or once it cuts into their "social life."

    Bottomline is, let's look at this from a more analytical stand-point:

    - Smackdown! had its big Friday Night SD!, hyped-up season premiere a few weeks ago when it was supposed to give one hell of a night of awesome match-ups and heated battles. Granted, SD! didn't have 50 returning WWE alumni or a network airing promos for it every damn commercial break of every hour during the day, but it made it work. It used the superstars it had, the angles and feuds it had going for it, and made a great card for the big night.

    Hurricane Katrina hit, networks decided to screw Friday night programming, and Smackdown!'s big night was cut down, with ratings suffering dramatically and a night of seriously hyped up matches ... ruined. Now on Friday nights Smackdown! is getting less viewership than last season ... all because of the move to Fridays. Well done, UPN. Well done fucking the show up. And well done, WWE. Way to look after your own.

    Now on to the "other" brand ...

    - RAW's big season opener will be a three-hour special that's been hyped up for months by USA Network and weeks by WWE. USA Network has been incessantly playing its various WWE homecoming, profile, etc. promos for months now, and in the last few weeks pretty much 100% of its commercial breaks have one of the WWE promos all promoting RAW's big move back to USA.

    USAnetwork.com has been bombarded and completely taken over by WWE. It's as if USA Network cares only for wrestling now. WWE.com has been covering this FAR more than FNS, many WWE promos have been made for Monday night's big event as well, and just overall there's been way more hype for RAW's big premiere than Smackdown!'s

    On top of all that RAW is having like 50 legends, champions, and hall of famers returning, 6 Smackdown! superstars who will be guest-matching, some huge match-ups planned, and a big WWE Exposed special following the three hours of RAW.

    So what I'm getting at here is, Smackdown! is quite obviously now (as opposed to not clearly in the recent past) the weaker brand of the two. Once this season ends WWE will probably be moving the show to a different network ... I really think that any network would be better than UPN, the retarded excuse for a major network who puts its HIGHEST ratings winner on the worst night of the week (how retarded can UPN get?).

    Seriously though? This is just bull. WWE needs to focus its attention on fixing all the crap that's been plaguing Smackdown!. Not hyping up RAW even more than it already is.

  • WWE Smackdown is going down hill since the 2004 draft lottery, but i hope they shake things up.

    WWE Smackdown needs more Crusierweights, Tag Teams, a new wwe womans title for smackdown and more female wrestlers, not managers.
    i kinda like the new guy who is with Long, im pretty sure he will turn and wrestle in the future. im very surprised of the release of the dudleys and akio and kidman, but i guess they had no storylines for them anymore.
  • SmackDown has been hurt real bad ever since the Brand Extension.

    From 1999-2002, RAW and SmackDown were two weekly shows that crossed into one another. Events would start on RAW, spill over onto SmackDown...then would continue until the PPV encounter. So there was a lot of action and excitement during wrestling's hot years. After the Brand Extension, all attention went to RAW and SmackDown was stuck with green wrestlers, neglected talent and a couple main eventers. People got traded, released or held back during the three years under this Extension. All that SmackDown needs is talent and someone to guide them. It needs a lot more improvement badly.
  • This is another brilliant sport entertainment wrestling show.

    SmackDown! is a great t.v. show full of awesome storyline and great characters. Most of the characters are new but there are some old school names and this is what i believe is keeping the show alive. Overall I say if you loved the old school characters and shows like WCW and WWF then this is the show for you.

    The past while Smackdown has improved more than Raw.Smackdown is the best brand out of both of them.They have brought in lots of good wrestlers like MNM.My favourite wrestler used to be Rob Van Dam,but now it has to be Batista.He is a great wrestler and I hope he will become the best wrestler in Wrestling today.I think Triple H or Shawn Michaels might be the best wrestlers today, but the best on Smackdown has to be The Undertaker.I would rate Smackdown 9/10.
  • Smackdown, Recent Additions, Possible Improvements, good things since June

    WWE Smackdown, with the recent addition of bastista from the draft lottery in june, the smackdown roster seems a whole lot better, but it does tend to be a bit obvious with what goes on with batista, he gets beaten arround for a while then hits the huge spinebuster and then the batista bomb, which tends to be almost the same style hogan has had recently but hogan is a old man and cant do the stuff mostly required of the new guys,

    Chris Benoit Returning to smackdown was also a good thing, the main event scene was starting to get a tad bit boring after John Bradshaw Layfield had beaten the current stars of smackdown, however despite all his achievements Benoit has become a jobber on both sides after losing the world title to randy orton of summerslam 2004 Chris Benoit rarely had anything to do, and being on smackdown the same thing has happened benoit has fallen from the main event scene back down to a mid card role

    Randy Orton returning from injury, and targets the undertaker immediatly which is a good target to start with getting his smackdown career on high after defeating the undertaker with the aid of his father at summerslam, this fued will carry on for a few more weeks and i reckon possibly either a burried alive match or evan a casket match between Orton and Taker at somepoint to end this fued

    wwe still have a lot of work in terms of improving smackdown well in my point of view anyway, but for improvements it may also go for raw aswell, the tag divisions need to be greatly improved as the talent currently involved are not the most entertaining, another thing would be if smackdown was aired live rather than taped on tuesdays, and aired on thursday or if your reading in september on fridays, as it will allow the wwe to throw in some extra suprises if needed because spoilers are leaked all over the net the night of the taping so you know pretty much what your getting if you read them come thurs/fri

    a great thing about smackdown however has been the great matches that have been on show since June the time of the Draft Lottery, evan though the draft lottery was kind of predictable when raw got cena, the raw GM was bragging how he had 2 champions it was pretty obvious at somepoint smackdown was going to draft a champion, smackdown has done something right thats having the cruiserweights on board for some highflying action however its too bad we dont see them enough on the show,
  • great show with great wrestlers. the divas are really wonderful and very hot. great show with great wrestlers. great show wuth great wrestlers. sexy and hot divas. would lovt to wrestle on smack down and raw. like to a raw and a snack down shoe. lik to se

    great show with great wrestlers. great show love the wretlers. the divas are very hot, aexy, and also great wrestlers. number one show on my t.v.. like to a real liove raw and smackdown show. like to see a real live pay per view event. like to meeet a diva.
  • WWE SmackDown! is past it's prime, I admit that but its still a fatastic show for wrestling fans like myself.

    WWE SmackDown! has been slightly going down hill over the years but thats only because they need bigger and better stars, people like... The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H. But right now they don't have them. But it is still a very good show thats worth watching, and thats the truth!
  • The old Smackdown is way better than this, man.

    When WWF Smackdown came out, it was probably the thing that made Wrestling. The Rock, Stone Cold, Mankind, and other legendary wrestlers stepped in the Smackdown ring. It was so good, you could forget popular shows like Family Guy, and will be waiting for the next episode. Then, WWF changed to WWE because and then Smackdown went downhill. The storyline became worse, the wrestlers are stereotypical symbols. And the women wrestlers didn't really prove the wrestler inside them. But it is worth cheking out.
  • Lack of cable, lack of good reception= I have to watch this

    In the beggining this was an okay show but as time went on some went to Raw, others were fired and the really good ones were pushed into the background. Basically if you have bad reception and no cable watch this it isn\'t all bad every once in a while something interesting happens and usually thats when a wrestler messes up. For example when Brock Lesnar (gone) suplexed the big show from the top rope and the ring collapsed or else more currently when somebody of the mexicools I believe did an SSXpress and almost blinded the cruiserweight champion Paul London.
  • Not as good as RAW.

    Smackdown was good when it started, but since then, it has gone down hill. It has very few great wrestlers. Raw is in control of essentially all of them. They could make it better by making better storylines and moving better people over from RAW. It isn't what it was.
  • Smackdown is great but I personally think that it should put more steel cage matches, no dq, etc matches. What I mean is put more special stipulations to the matches. Its just boring to watch two men wrestle plain.

    I like Smackdown better than Raw because Smackdown is more organized and you know the story lines very well but I don't like Teddy Long. He is just to innocent and nice for wrestling. Eric Bischoff on the other hand is more Raw and intense. He doesn't do it the wrestlers way but the fans and his own way. He puts more brutal matches in there like a stretcher match, Steel Cage, No DQ. Hell I haven't seen a no dq match on smackdown for a long time. Wrestling is fake already and is fixed and they have to make all of the matches so boring, no wonder Smackdown isn't rated the no.1 show of the week.
  • I like it enough. Although, the whole recent family drama between Eddie and Rey has been driving me nuts. Save that for Ricky Lake, you know!

    I think Smackdown is a great show. I miss a couple of the superstars they've let go and some who just disappeared. And on Raw, I'm actually starting to miss Triple H. As if I can go on booing Jericho forever. But hey, Smackdown is definitely underrated. I doesn't get nearly as much hype as Raw. Is that fair, I ask you? They are produced by the same company.
  • Getting better, but still inferior product.

    Raw is war and better than Smackdown. I like wrestling, but this show is mired in many watered down plots and buckling under pressure to fire Hassan, who was an ideal heal.

    A move to Friday nights will do this show good, hopefully a move to cable will be sooner than later.
  • this show is not what it used to be raw is way better

    Smackdown is just like raw a lot of competing and a lot of fighting and trash talk smackdown has high quality wrestlers but they dont use them right smackdown needs to step up if the want to compete against raw in the ratings so smackdown needs more action on this show
  • Smackdown!

    Why it not better than Raw because it mostly consist of the younger stars its still a ggod show. What they need to do is stop the BS and bring back Muhammad Hassan. And less JBL. But its still a good show. They need to put more of the Raw stars on there though.
  • I use to love wrestling in the past, but now it's old and just plain sucks.

    I was a big fan of WCW. My parents would always yell at me because they'll think I'd go corrupt and wrestle my brothers to death. I guess it was the fact that as a little kid, I would solely watch something if there was any form of fighting in it. As I've grown, I've realized how boring wrestling is. I only stopped watching wrestling because WCW was bought out by WWE. I tried watching it a couple times, but I realized how boring the fights are. I don't care if it's all acting, it better be good acting, and in WWE's case, it's plain ridiculous. In WWE, the acting is extremely obvious and makes it look wussy. The punches are extremely unrealistic, and it's just boring to watch.

    How the fights are arranged are also quite lame. The wrestlers often times form pacts and challenge other groups. Somehow and someway, they find themselves in a hole where the most of the show's groups are agains them. This isn't always the case, but it does occur most of the time. Their catch lines are extremely lame as well, and the dialogue is so exaggerated. I mean, they sound like dictators waging war against each other. This is just wrestling! I think so far the lamest thing I've ever heard was when someone offered a match against Undertaker, and complimented him saying "People don't escape that ring with only their lives, but their souls!!!" I honestly don't really see any redeeming value in this program.
  • Great show

    I love world wrestling entertainment . And Wwe Smackdown! is awesome i really like it it has a lot of goood matches it is a bit more entertaining than wwe raw . Its that this show knows just what you want and it has great wrestlers lik my favorite of all wrestlers Eddie Guerrero !! The Undertaker and Randy Orton !! The only bad thing is i always miss like 15 minutes beacause i have to go drop off my mom to work .
  • WWE SmackDown! is not as good as RAW but is still a brilliant show none the less. With superstars like JBL, Batista and Christian this show is definetly not short on wrestling talent.

    WWE SmackDown! is a relatively new show compared to it's sister show RAW but it is still brilliant even though there isn't as much superstars on it as there is on RAW. SmackDown! always has a good storyline and has produced very many good feuds like the Rey Mysterio/Eddie Guerrero feud. Although maybe not as exciting or as entertaining as RAW is, it is definetly a must watch for every wrestling fan.
  • WWE SMACKDOWN! Is action-packed event, that continues to delivered all-new, spectacular shows. Superstars, including General Manager Theodore R. Long, Batista, JBL, Chris Benoit, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero and Christian among many others.

    WWE SMACKDOWN! Showcases the talents of its most famous and beloved superstars, including General Manager Theodore R. Long, Batista, JBL, Chris Benoit, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero and Christian among many others. Together they put on an astonishing display of athleticism combined with riveting dramatic and comedic storylines.

    I love the wrestling. I have been an avid wrestling fan since the early 80’s and I have seen many changes to SD! over the years both positive and negative. In my opinion SD! like RAW is a great show, with some great athletes. It’s very entertaining show, even though it is very predictable, fake, and scripted it is full of surprises it is great fun to watch. However; I think it needs to move away from all the backstage drama and get back to more old school wrestling of the 80’s. I think SD! needs to utilise the Cruiser Weight Division a little more, its seems to be a wasted division at the moment.
    Overall I still love the wrestling and watch it religiously, hoping that it will eventually return to the old school style of wrestling.
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