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  • Even though it's fallen from grace over the past few years, WWE Smackdown! is still a great and underrated show that's recommended to anyone who's interested.

    WWE SmackDown! is what many call the "second" or "worse" of the WWE's two main television shows (as opposed to SpikeTV's WWE RAW). Sadly, I'd have to agree with this... and even worse, the WWE itself agrees. Those who watched the WWE Expansion Draft this past June and early July watched RAW receive much of SmackDown!'s popular talent, including now Intercontinental Champion Carly Colon (better known to viewers as Carlito Caribbean Cool) and John Cena, the WWE Champion and easily the federation's most popular superstar. And who did SmackDown! get? Randy Orton (a below-average wrestler who hasn't even shown his face since he was picked) and Muhammad Hassan (a decent enough wrestler who's apparently not even going to be on the show anymore). Let's not forget that UPN's moving SmackDown! to Fridays this fall. But even through this dark time on SmackDown!, there's always a glimmer of hope. With the last two picks in the already-mentioned draft, SD! got Christian, an amazing but underrated heel wrestler, and Batista, a very over superstar who just happens to be the World Heavyweight Champion. While it's unlikely Christian will ever win one of the two major titles, we can be happy about what else Smackdown! has to offer us. There's Mark Calaway (The Undertaker) who's lost a bit of his wrestling ability over time but is still entertaining in the ring; John Bradshaw Layfield, a comical "businessman" heel who's always gunning for the brand's top-tier title; and many other qualified entertainers including the Mexicools (a heel team consisting of the WCW's Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis, along with Super Crazy of the ECW), Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Paul London... need I go on? While I stand in the same place as most of the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) that Vince still isn't pushing his superstars right (at the Great American Bash, JBL wins a championship match while Benoit jobs to Orlando What's-His-Face in a US title match?!?), SmackDown!'s still one of the most entertaining shows on television, and I have no regrets recommending it. If you end up not liking it, you most certainly have your reasons.
  • WWE Rocks

    I love Raw as much as Smackdown! I watch Raw more often though. I just loves my wrestling, and Vince hardly does wrong by me. Theres alot that can be done to fix it, and it is very offensive at times but when it comes down to it wrestling has always been (and probably always will) be a part of my life.
  • Take this TRASH off the air!

    You always hear the media complaining about violence in cartoon shows, when there have actually been cases of children getting hurt, even killed, by imitated wrestling moves. It's trash and it's got to go. Take this garbage off the air right now. It is absolute crap. It's just a bunch of arrogant morons who stage fights and get into arguments about nothing.
  • WWE Smackdown is the sister of Raw. It is 2nd best show but in wrestling, there is only Raw to deal with. But really I think Smackdown is the number one show ever.

    WWE Smackdown has a cool General Manager Theodore Long unlike Raw’s Erick Bishoff. Smackdown is actually a show for the fans unlike Raw because Erick just cares about Raw having better ratings than Smackdown which it does. Smackdown has some of the best superstars: The Undertaker, Batista, Chris Benoit, Randy Orton, and Paul London.
    Smackdown is brand new every Thursday on UPN at 7:00 and there are unlimited seasons and episodes. Smackdown started in April 26, 1999 and it got a fair rating but it got a lot better in 2004. WWE Velocity shows recaps of the show every Saturday at 10:00. Smackdown has a cruiser weight champion and a U.S.A. champion.

  • Smackdown could be better

    I watch Smackdown nearly every week i have loved watching WWE action for a long time even back when it was WWF. Though i have to say i enjoyed it better when the rosters were combined i mean the show is good but it used to be great. Sometimes the storylines are just bad. Also releasing people just makes the show worse i mean why release people like the dudley boys and Dawn Marie who know what they are doing and are entertaining for some new superstars who definetly need some more time in OVW. My point has been proven when people like Melina and Nitro were brought to OVW and come back a few months later with great storylines and improved skills. Thats all i have to say. Hope you enjoy reading my revie. see-ya.
  • Good show but not as good as Raw

    Smackdown has good wrestling and is entertaining to watch but is nowhere near as exciting as Monday Night Raw. It is slowly fading and desperately needs a major change. Some of the best things include its great technical wrestlers, such as Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit, and its amazing cruiserweights (Rey Mysterio, Paul London, Psicosis, Super Crazy, Juventud). One of the major problems is its lack of main-event heels. John Bradshaw Layfield has been in the main event of every Smackdown pay-per-view since he turned heel 18 months ago. Other than him, there are only two heels that have been World Champion before, Randy Orton and Eddie Guerrero, and Orton is injured. Faces are not as big a problem, as they do have four credible ones: Batista, Chris Benoit, Booker T, and Undertaker. Another serious problem is the lack of tag teams and factions. Hopefully the arrival of the Mexicools and the bWo will turn this around. However bad Smackdown may be, I still enjoy watching it as it is very entertaining.
  • Its wrestling

    I think WW Smackdown is very stupid because its a whole bunch of guys jumping on each other and \" getting hurt \" when we all know its FAKE !! they never really hit each, the whole thing its like a live movie, plus I dont think we want to see men without tops !. Its DUMB!
  • resent smackdown title match

    Batista vs jbl who will win Batista ofcourse Jbl is a quiter and a loser thiers no way enless Jbl cheats if he does it wont work becase Batista is to strong to lose it will be a good match and a long one but Batista will win like always it will be their first match Jbl has beat many people in many matches but Batista as done the same but Batisa is stronger and a lot smater
  • Bring back the old days when wrestling was all about the wrestling

    Smackdown becomes more a soap opera then a wrestling entertainment show every episode... Don\'t get me wrong, RAW is in the same boat. The good old days where it was one show have faded and left a whole in the industry that has yet been filled. The collapse of WCW and other wrestling groups such as ECW have cramped too many wrestling stars into one company, therefore no allowing true champions to be recognised.. The likes of Chris Jerico, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, Kane, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, etc, are not reaping the rewards, due to the fact there are too many superstars!!! Bring back the days of the wars between the \"Coporation\" and \"D-X\", The battles between The Rock, Triple H, Mankind, Stone Cold.. Those are the days i remember. They were the good days.
  • Smackdown! became my favorite show the very first time I saw it on television. It was great with all the big time stars like the Rock and Triple H. Now the show has degraded some because the wrestling quality has gone down significantly and the storylines

    From 1999 to about 2003, I would have rated this show a 10 on just about every episode I saw. What drew me into the show were the compelling storylines and the opportunity to see some quality wrestling action from the some of the best Superstars in the best. I dare say that the stars that were there during that period were the best out of any other group of WWE stars in the companies history.

    Really, I believe that the Attitude era of wrestling in the WWE was the best because it was fun to watch on a daily basis. Smackdown! used to be the best at delivering this kind of action every Thursday night. The overall quality of the show has diminished. Smackdown! has its bright points every now and then but it is quickly becoming a show that is no longer on an equal level with Monday Night RAW, especially, since most of the major stars are on RAW. If the WWE can do something to straighten up some storyline issues then that would be just enough to make Smackdown! enjoyable again. Smackdown! also needs to push the Cruiserweight division but the WWE doesn't know how to do that since their focus is always on the big men. I'm certain that if the WWE can improve on its efforts with the Crusierweight division then Smackdown! would probably improve exponentially. If Brock Lesnar comes back (which could be a reason for all of the big stars going to RAW) then that would be a huge plus. Until then, the WWE has some serious fine-tuning to do, especially, with Smackdown! But I'll continue to watch.
  • Smackdown the new raw

    Smackdown is ccatching up to raw as the new flagship show of the wwe.It being better then raw in a couple of weeks,also it having better storylines and wrestlers and it is catching up.Very exciting Smackdown is known as the less wrestling brand but it has more matchs then raw its just great.GO TEAM SD!
  • Seriously one of the best shows on tv to day it maby is not better than RAW because of all the drafts that have taken on in June but in my mind the show Smackdown! is about the upcoming stars in the sports entertainment industry that revolutinieses WWE

    The last show that i have seen was the one where you saw the debut of Batista on smackdown! (his real debut was as body gaurd for d-von in 2002) but i watcht this show but the thing i wanted to see werent there JBL win was a big miss as i chearded for captain charisma christian.
    The match with Malina was one bad match as it was to short.
    The rematch chavo vs Paul was no need for the only thing good about that match was the Mexicools.
    In my mind the main event was the best and the secret of Eddie en Rey.
  • It gets better storylines and superstars every season. It gets even better because Raw superstars are traded with Smackdown and It Has Batista! w00t!

    Smackdown was the lower brand of the WWE industry but it has gotten better with Batista, Formerly Raw's World Heavyweight Champion, is now on the Smackdown brand. It used to have great superstars like John Cena and Carlito Carribean Cool but former Raw superstars like Chris Benoit and Muhammad Hassan can take their places. The show has a lot of cruiserweights which means wrestlers under 260 pounds I think. The show has a lot of high flying moves like from the top rope or amazing dive attacks. It is a fun show to watch
  • This is the show that needs constant repair, every week we are given some good and some bad, now with the second draft finally over maybe Smackdown can get a foot-hold and have a chance at being an equal to WWE RAW.

    If it's Thursday night, it's time for WWE SMACKDOWN! Right from the start, WWE SMACKDOWN!, World Wrestling Entertainment's action-packed event has delivered all-new, all-spectacular shows and specials every Thursday evening, 52 weeks a year. And it is only getting better!

    This unique, bigger-than-life, two-hour saga has increased the drama and intensified the rivalries by securing for WWE SMACKDOWN! the talents of its most famous and beloved superstars, including General Manager Theodore R. Long, Batista, JBL, Chris Benoit, Randy Orton, Eddie Guerrero, Christian and Torrie Wilson, among many others. Together with a recurring cast of inimitable WWE brand stars, they put on an astonishing display of athleticism combined with riveting dramatic and comedic storylines.
  • A great WWE show. Entertaining, exciting, and even sometimes funny.

    WWE Smackdown! shows how great the WWE is. It's entertaining, exciting, and sometimes funny. Although some superstars there are terrible actors, it is still a great show. They have some great matches recently such as JBL vs The Undertaker, Kurt Angle vs JBL vs Booker T vs Big Show, and many more. Overall, it is a great show.
  • This show is in the WWE brand, which inclues RAW. This is the less "graphic" show, rated PG instead of TV-14. This is definitely my gulty pleasure.

    Smackdown is a pretty good show, which includes cruiserweights (which are the smaller wrestlers) and the Cruiserweight chamionship, the US championship, the WWE championship (or it did, until champ John Cena got drafted over to Raw, sending the title with him), and also has the Tag Team championship, which is for a team of 2 wrestlers who tag each other into the match while holding onto a tag rope. The commentators for Smackdown are Micheal Cole and Tazz. This show is good for people because you don't need cable to be able to watch wrestling, UPN is a network channel. Even though wresling is more coreographed than a ballet, it still seems to keep me entertained. Keep Watching!
  • Smackdown! as good as RAW, WWE's just getting a lot of fans.

    I like a lot Smackdown! maybe even more than RAW, this show's not repetitive, I mean with this that it has new stuff every episode. I think they really think what to do to make the battles more interesting. What I don't like is that they put more and more wrestlers every time in their rosters and they forget about many others that arrived first, just I hope we don't see a union between RAW and Smackdown! 'cause each one has it's own essence.
  • Its not Raw but its ok

    Smackdown the little sister of RAW is ok. They have good wrestlers , or they did until the draft started. But its greatest downfall is the commentary. Cole and Tazz, they suck. They need to find new jobs. They do have the cruiserweights which is awesome but they dont even have a champion right now. So we will see how that works out next week.
  • I love WWE, but smackdown never really seems to beat raw for me these days.

    In the past couple of weeks the draft lottery has been very nasty in smackdowns case as 3 big superstars were lost to raw, first the doctor of Thuganomics John Cena was lost to Raw, it was a huge blow to smackdown because Cena was their champion at the time, but now Raw has 2 major heavyweight belts, the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship that Dave Batista holds. Not only did they lose the title but he is now defending it on Raw and is not giving the title back. Second was non other than the only olympic gold medalist in WWE history Kurt Angle, Angle is one of the most Talented wrestler I have ever seen, I know he cant fly around the ring like Rey Mysterio, but He can pull off some mat wrestling that is off the charts, he has held every major title that WWE has had to offer and been a king of the ring winner before, there is no doubt that he could be one of the best wrestlers of all time. Carlito was drafted this past monday and like on his debut match on smackdown, he won their Intercontinental championship off of another talented wrestler named Shelton Benjamin, Carlito only came last October but made a hell of a impact beating John Cena for the United States Championship.
    Smackdown has had 2 picks in the draft lottery so some guys from raw go to smackdown, so far as they get another pick on UPN tonight, they first got the Rabid wolverine Chris Benoit, he is a former world champion and he main evented at wrestlemania 20, he is another technical wrestler that is gifted. Second they got the Legend Killer Randy Orton, he is another former World Champion, he beat Benoit at one of the biggest PPVS Summerslam in 2004 but he only held it for a month. He was Intercontinental Champion for 7 months. Smackdown is a great show and it should continue to get better, I have been most to Smackdown tours and they never dissapoint me, I LOVE WWE.

  • Athleticism at it's best

    Great show if not a little predictable on occasion, but it still can't take away from the thrill you get watching athletes putting all they have into something they love to do. I'm not so much a fan of the seperate rosters, but the Draft Lottery helps. Great show and I'm glad it's not on cable, otherwise I wouldn't get to see it. Great show, Great time, Great athletes.
  • A great show, getting a little bit boring and repetitive.

    What a show! WWE SmackDown! is a great wrestling show, no doubt about it but, isn't getting a little bit too boring? I mean come on, back in the 90s it was the show to watch but now with all the repeated storylines, it tends to hide in the shadow of its competiton, WWE RAW. SmackDown! is a great show, but I think it needs just a little "kick" to bring back some exciting televison.
  • It's my guilty pleasure i would have to say.

    I have to say that Smackdown is one of my favorite shows. I started watching it in 2000 amd I haven't stoped. My favorite person isn't there anymore it was Stephaine McMahon. Now my favorite person now on Smackdown is John Cena, but anyway I think Smackdown is worth watching because it's entertaining and funny.
  • this is the best wwe show ever!!!

    wwe smackdown is a great show.I've only been watching it for three months.now that john cena is on MONDAY NIGHT RAW, smackdown just isn\'t cool any more. but hey smackdown now has chris benoit. I personily think that cena is better off back on smackdown but thats only my opinion.to me MNM sould leave and so sould carlito.smackdown has some good superstars but less title belts.to me tazz and cole are better then king and j.r.as for g.m\'s teddy longs beats eric bishoff by a long shot.To rap this reveiw up smackdown is what you want to see of your a die hard wwe fan.
  • I'm a very, very, very, very big fan af the WWE. ESPECAILY Smackdown! Smackdown is the best Wrestling brand from the WWE. I'll tell you why.

    Being running for six years, Smackdown has been my favourite brand ever since I had a interest in wrestling. Smackdown had great general managers since The Owner of the WWE, Vince McMahon and Ric Flair both owned 50% of the WWE. With todays manager, Theodor Long can make you laugh as well as make you suprised as for what he has in store for the WWE superstars.
    Speaking of superstars, lets talk about them. All the Smackdown wrestling superstars are amazing. They have people that can make you tap out, slam you on the mat really hard, wrestlers that may never give up, wrestlers that are big or small ect. What happens on Smackdown depends on whats will come (e.g ECW making a comeback on the Smackdown superstars, beating the hell out of them. And I'm glad that my favourite wrestler was involved in that incident)
    Overall, Smackdown is my favourite show of all time. If your a wrestling fan and your into many skilled and strong wrestlers or into less violance and hardcore wrestling, this is the show for you
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