WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Friday 8:00 PM on Syfy Premiered Apr 01, 1999 In Season



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  • Something Better

    I love RAW & SMACKDOWN, but it is so script like soaps
  • 5.0
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  • Not as good as it used to be

    I remember when Smackdown was on par with Raw. For the past 7 years or so it has taken a back seat to Raw. It seems as though they don't care too much about this show. It's exciting and fun every now and then, but not as good as Raw. They need to make it more interesting and stop focusing so much on Raw IMO.
  • Not bad ..

    What exactly was that?
  • Review for Friday Night SmackDown

    Friday Night Smack Down is a really good show. People think that wrestlers should hit each other, but some people don't realize that you can kill each other. Anyway, i think everybody knows that already. This show is doing very well, even when it was the adittude era. I cant wait this Sunday, April 7. Because its WrestleMania 29 and im having a party for that day. The overall for this is 10 out of 10
  • bullshit

    can you show something better its a fluke
  • WWE TV-14

    WWE the shows are god But they would be Great with y'all go back to TV-14
  • undertaker

    i miss the undertaker its not the same anymore since he i gone and married mccool come back undertker your missed 9.9
  • This is why I put no faith in TV.com user ratings

    WWE averages 8.3 stars? Seriously? The American public is really stupid (or at the little slice of it that reviewed this crap on this site is).
  • zackryder

    I love zack ryder plus I'm only 10 soooo fist pump !woo woo woo you know it
  • john cena won match out limits john jerk

    john cena should won match johnjerk should lost job big show no bisness in match knock out john cena big show should lose job right john jerk tyvm wwe
  • WWE Wrestling Of Monday Night Raw & Smackdown

    This goes to the Board Of Directors Please fire John L. for interfering for not following the rules and regulations of the match which you the Board Of Directors had made for the match. In the letter it said that if any superstar interfer with the match the superstar would be terminated, please make these rules that the Boards of Directors make count so that the wrestling can get good rating also I know that all this is an act but the kids don't think it that way. Please fire the Big Show & John L. for being a bad general manager on Raw & Smackdown and the Big Show for not following also the rules Of the Boards Of Directors. It was John L. that fire the Big Show And now the Big Show is kissing John L. ass and so is the Board Of Director also kissing the ass of John L. Bring back Teddy Long as general manager of Smackdown and triple HHH general maneger of Raw and vicky should be put to wrestle the divas as also Eve she looks to stupid to be as an executive of John L and Micheal Cole suspend him for always kissing ass to John L and talk bad of the superstar of wrestlers. Hope you guys the Board Of Directors make the right desition and make the wrestling better and make the good wrestlers win some and not lose all the time they wrestle in the ring. It would be good to see the good guys win in Raw & Smackdown. so that my kids learn from viewing WWEthat good guys can win also and that will show our kids that not only in school kids bully other kids it can also happen in the street anywhere. Bring back J.R. and get rid of micheal cole he needs some vacations from Raw & Smackdown thanks very much and hope to see that WWE gets better for adults to watch and my kids take care bye.
  • This show is Really good!!!!

    WWE Smackdown is a 11 year old WWE show which started in 1999 and there is asweel Raw which was made in 1993 but for now back to SmackDown,SmackDown has had about..855 episodes or some thing close to that,WWE SmackDown is the Thered longest episotic tv show in history,On SmackDown you can find Superstars like The Undertaker,Drew McIntyre,Kane,Big Show, The Corre and many other different superstars you can find on smackdown.Some of the different Champion's Are The World Champion held by edge,The Interconternental Champion is Wade Barrett an there are many Other Champion's on Smackdown And in the WWE For now BY BY(buff_wing_boy)
  • WWE Friday Night SmackDown is good, but not as good as it used to be.

    After about 10 year's abscence from wrestling, I started watching this show again in March and I enjoy it, but wrestling just isn't the same anymore. I last watched wrestling back in 2001 or so until wrestling became too stupid and the energy that made wrestling so enjoyable just vanished into thin air. WWE Friday Night SmackDown has some of WWE's superstars like: Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio, Christian, Edge and many more. I'm sad that Edge retired, he's the most fun wrestler that WWE Friday Night Smackdown has ever had. So what do I think of WWE Friday Night SmackDown? Well, John Cena's not in it, which is good, Michael Cole needs to SHUT UP!, the matches are all right, the wrestlers are good and I find SmackDown to be just slightly better than RAW. I'll continue to watch this show along with RAW to see if wrestling can be real again instead of entertainment purposes. There's really not much to say, but I sure miss the WWF Attitude Era.
  • men in tights i don't think so

    How can any grown man watch this BS its terrible, i don't see the point of watching men in tights talk on microphones for two hours and wrestle for 20 minutes. I can understand watching this if you were a kid or something but when you see grown men cheering in the crowd it makes me feel so sad for them, their friends (if they have any), their families, and god forbid if they have kids. Why watch something fake when you can watch something like the UFC where they actually beat the s*** out of each other now thats something to watch
  • It's not as cool as Raw but better then ECW. I don't even watch ECW. Its not as interesting as Smackdown or Raw.

    I think Teddy Long the general manager is sort of cool except 4 that mistake he made with the Undertaker. Viki Gurerro needs to go. I can't stand her.Excuse Me!!
    is all she knows how to say. But at least she's not on Raw anymore. Thank God for that.

    I think Micki James should come to Raw so Michel McCool and Layla will stop bugging her. Even Beth Phoenix has even started torturing her. Micki James wears the best clothes out of everyone because she's the only one that really wears clothes. The divas should wear better clothes.

    I like superstars like...
    Undertaker Rest in peace
    Rey Mysterio 619
    R Truth Whats up!
    Kane People I hate...
    Chris Jericho or as I like to call him Chris (JERKicho)
    Batista... (Ever since Survival Series when he betrayed Rey Mysterio) He used to be cool
    CM Punk... (Ever since he cashed in his money in the bank match and caused a rivalry with Jeff Hardy then having him kicked off of the WWE. Now he's obsessed with Straight Edge and shaving people's heads. He used to be cool too but not anymore.
  • I agree with Big Money

    I agree with him because almost all the star power from SmackDown! is gone. I mean, ever since Eddie died Batista has been injured and many wrestlers as well. I mean, Benoit has a bad shoulder and he just did an angle with Mark Henry to get time off. Also, ey is not even Main Eventing....but Lashley is. So I guess the US champ will be main eventing the next few weeks until the Great American Bash when Batista comes baxck, but will even Batista make SmackDown!'s ratings go up? I love SmackDown!'s matches. I mean this show truly is the better WRESTLING show of WWE, but sadly, SmackDown's promos,intervies and segments which makes up the storylines just are not good enough to get me hyped up for the upcoming match or PPV match.I give SmackDown a 7.0. Personal Favorite.
  • I love Smackdown. Smackdown is changing Friday nights. I watch this show every Friday Night at 8:00 on the CW network.

    It doesn`t matter if this show isn`t live. Atleast we get to see it. My favorite current wrestlers are Batista, Bobby Lashley, Kane, Rey Mysterio, Mr. Kennedy, Boogeyman, and Deuce and Domino. I can`t wait until Rey Mysterio comes back. And I`m glad Batista`s back. He almost destroyed Mark Henry. Mark Henry is injured anyway because of an accident that happened on Saturday Nights Main Event. I`m glad he injured because I hate him. Batista won the World Heavyweight Championship from King Booker at Survivor Series. Batista then lost it at Wrestlemania because the Undertaker defeated him for it. I hope Batista wins the World Heavyweight Championship again.
  • The WWE's "Blue" brand, and second best. Although it isn't as good as Raw, it is still twenty times better then TNA and ECW.

    Smackdown has never been one of my favorite wrestling shows, in fact I normally only watch Raw, and haven't seen a Smackdown episode in forever. However, with the recent Jeff Hardy getting attacked storyline, and Christian Cage's return, I may get back into this show.

    The superstars on this show go through the same matches every week, or so it seems... While the Diva's just take turns facing one another. One of the main reasons I even track Smackdown now a days is for Maryse, and when she became Diva's champ I said to myself, "I'll start watching Smackdown again", and then she got injuried, so I have yet to watch an episode...

    Another reason I watch this show is for Edge. Edge has always been one of my favorite superstars, and when he went to Smackdown, I felt as though he took over the brand, and I liked that, however, as soon as Triple H joined Smackdown, I stopped watching, because I couldn't stand the thought of a power hungry superstar hogging the Smackdown light.

    Overall, I give Smackdown a 7.5 out of 10, because I feel it needs major improvement.
  • Smackdown is a 100x better than RAW, ECW, and TNA. Because RAW has all the lame superstars: John Cena, Triple H, Legacy... While Smackdown has Jeff Hardy, Edge, Chris Jericho, John Morrison!

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  • Smackdown is a decent wrestling show but unfortunately doesn't have enough blood, violence or maturatey level to be excellent.

    Smackdown is an extremely popular show with many characters and storylines. The show is made of babyfaces and heels. Babyfaces always play to the crowd and usually aren't very good wrestlers (JTG, MVP). Heels are the bad guys and are usually great wrestlers (CM Punk, Chris Jerhico). There are usually multiple storylines happening at once. There is also many rivalries. Some are effective and many are completely dreadful. The television show is about 10 years old and has dozens of memorable characters. One problem is that many of characters have horrible gimmicks like R-Truth and MVP. Overall Smackdown is a pretty good show but has some pretty serious flaws.
  • While the WWE isn't as good as the WWF days...

    ...SmackDown has kept wrestling worth watching with Attitude Era/Monday Night Wars wrestlers such as Undertaker, Kane, Edge, Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho, as well as the future Hall of Fame talent of John Morrison, the Hart Dynasty, and CM Punk. SmackDown has managed to keep WWE on its feet in the PG era (which also needs better writers, by the way.) If you are an old school 90's fan and haven't watched it in a while, don't expect blood, amazingly loud crowds, or language. But there are better matches than Raw and TNA and that is what makes SmackDown the #1 wrestling show to watch in the world today.
  • WWE Smackdown is a great wrestling show but to me it's not as good as WWE Raw. I love wrestling and I always watch Smackdown but I like Raw better.

    The problem that I have with Smackdown is that it always seems to play second to Raw. Even the superstars on Smackdown aren't as good as the ones on Raw. I am a huge fan of wrestling and Raw is my favorite show and Smackdown is my second favorite. I like it alot more than TNA or ECW or any other wrestling show that I ever saw. But still it's not as good as Raw. I do watch Smackdown every week and I love it but I just wish that they would put as much effort into this show as they do with Raw.
  • clean

    it is cool because it has the undertaker who beat chavo in casket match previous and he has done faced randy the legend killer orton in a hell in a cell and he has been in the most hell in a cells vickie is a horrible person and she and chavo big show curt hawkins and zack ryder need to be brought all the way to the devil forever like edge and jeff brings the high fling to the best brand whitch is better than tna and extreme championship wrestling whitch is owned by vincent kennedy mcmahon and not paul e dangerous.
  • Not the best, But its good and sometimes really good

    This is not the best wrestling show, but like twice a month they can deliver a really good show. Like I said about WWE RAW, most of the show is minor matches and then there are like 1-2-3 really good matches.Now, im not saying the show is bad. It's actually pretty good, They kind of have more better superstars than Raw.But, they don't use them good. My favorite superstars are Triple H, Edge, jeff Hardy, MVP, Big show, The undertaker. I'm pretty sure that Mr. Kennedy was drafted to SD . They should start using more higher talent. Overall: 8.5/10
  • Cool.

    Smackdown in my opinion is a great show, and is a little better than Raw. It is better than Raw because it has my three favorite wrestlers. Undertaker, Chris Beniot, and Kane. Mostly The Undertaker though. Probably seventy percent of the wrestling fans like Raw better than Smackdown. The Undertaker is the most popular wrestler and most people think he should be on Raw. Smackdown has really good superstars. Like The Undertaker, Kane, Chris Benoit, Batista, The Late Great Eddie Guerrero, and Rey Mysterio. I always watch Smackdown when I can. Overall Smackdown in my opinion is better than Raw and I give it a solid 9.
  • Not as good compare to RAW but 100% better than TNA!

    A really good show but can get boring. Atleast it's more entertaining than TNA!

    I've been watching WWE (Raw and Smackdown) all my life and it's a good show! Smackdown is good, but compared to RAW, err, not really! Smackdown lack in good storylines and roster.
    The only storyline that interest me 8/8/08 is the Vicky and Edge storyline. And the only good superstar at the top of my head now is Triple H (who's drafted) and Edge.
    The divas suck! They can't even wrestler. If they do, it's too easy to predict the winner. The commentators bore me to hell! The SmackDown's theme song isn't so good, lol =P

    SmackDown isn't so good, but I still love it and it's 100% better than crappy TNA. If you're deciding between WWE (RAW or SmackDown), GO WITH WWE.
  • Currently the second best wrestling show right now.

    Smackdown is a great show. It was the first Wrestling show I saw as a kid cause I didn't have cable. I remember when they were waging war against WCW and it was just a memorable time for wrestling. I think that it second class compared to RAW because it missing some star power. Of course with the draft benhind us, it should make for a better show. It a much better show than TNA I promised you that. When it finally changed channel it will get even better. Things are looking up for smackdown. Overall a good show of wreatling.
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