WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Friday 8:00 PM on Syfy Premiered Apr 01, 1999 In Season



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    This goes to the Board Of Directors Please fire John L. for interfering for not following the rules and regulations of the match which you the Board Of Directors had made for the match. In the letter it said that if any superstar interfer with the match the superstar would be terminated, please make these rules that the Boards of Directors make count so that the wrestling can get good rating also I know that all this is an act but the kids don't think it that way. Please fire the Big Show & John L. for being a bad general manager on Raw & Smackdown and the Big Show for not following also the rules Of the Boards Of Directors. It was John L. that fire the Big Show And now the Big Show is kissing John L. ass and so is the Board Of Director also kissing the ass of John L. Bring back Teddy Long as general manager of Smackdown and triple HHH general maneger of Raw and vicky should be put to wrestle the divas as also Eve she looks to stupid to be as an executive of John L and Micheal Cole suspend him for always kissing ass to John L and talk bad of the superstar of wrestlers. Hope you guys the Board Of Directors make the right desition and make the wrestling better and make the good wrestlers win some and not lose all the time they wrestle in the ring. It would be good to see the good guys win in Raw & Smackdown. so that my kids learn from viewing WWEthat good guys can win also and that will show our kids that not only in school kids bully other kids it can also happen in the street anywhere. Bring back J.R. and get rid of micheal cole he needs some vacations from Raw & Smackdown thanks very much and hope to see that WWE gets better for adults to watch and my kids take care bye.
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