WWE SmackDown

Season 9 Episode 5

Road to Wrestlemania Begins

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2007 on USA

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  • A fair start on the "Road to WrestleMania."

    This is the first SmackDown I have seen for the year 2007. As always, this edition blew Raw out of the water.

    Benoit and Finlay....great match until the midget and Boogeyman ruined it. What people see in those 2 is beyond me. I can't stand neither of them, so it's gonna be that way.

    Deuce, Domino and Cherry. What can I say about those 3? Besides the fact that they have yet another crappy gimmick. Two dudes from the 1950s? Is that the best the WWE could think of? Sure, their teamwork is fairly good (which will improve). But please, why can't they be themselves? Dump the gimmick ASAP.

    Why must they continue with this pointless rivalry with Joey Mercury and Matt Hardy? Mercury got injured, which was awful. Then they turned the injury into a crappy storyline, which was horrendous. Besides, having Matt lose to the Miz made it even worse.

    Kennedy beating up Vito with his own dress was funny. I can't stand neither of them, so this match didn't matter to me.

    Diva bikini contest? Hence the reason there's a fast forward button on VCRs. Moving on.

    King Booker....was funny as always. The sad thing is, they edit the crowd to make them boo him. Even worse, they were in HOUSTON, TEXAS (Booker's hometown). "All hail King Booker" from Sharmell is enough to get boos, but why edit cheers? Because he was a heel? So fans would think the locals of Houston detest him? WWE, stop with the backwards thinking crap already.

    Finally, Batista wasted time in the ring. Cena made things better cause he got a bigger ovation than Batista. Undertaker as always is amazing to watch. Michaels was a special treat. Then Vince McMahon showed up.....and hearing him talk is like swallowing the world's biggest sour pill.

    Despite all of that, this SmackDown deserves a 7.4. It would've been higher if they didn't have Vince on it.
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