WWE SmackDown

Season 9 Episode 13

Road to Wrestlemania Ends

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2007 on USA

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  • Last stop before Wrestlemania 23

    Well it first starts out with Edge coming out and he later comes on the mic and talks trash, and says that he won't be fighting tonight and instead the Great Khali will be, Khali squashes Hardy until Kane cuts a mini promo.

    Next is Finlay vs Mr Kennedy the best match of the night. Finlay and Kennedy exchange move after move until the little bastard interferes and costs Mr Kennedy the match.

    Mvp faced some weird guy and crushed him.

    Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy was an ok match it didn't really excite me, it seems they don't work that great with each other it could be just me though. Orton throws Hardy outside the ring and Edge comes out and cheap shots Hardy, and Orton tells Edge off, and as Orton is about to go for the RKO Orton sees Edge by ringside and tells him to leave, well Orton is distracted and Hardy pins him up for the win, I'm hoping Orton picks up the win at MITB.

    Then we have the 5 on 5 diva match all the babyfaces vs the heels, we had the faces win, Ashley beat one of them I can't seem to remember.

    And then it was Cm Punk vs King Booker, Im getting sick of Cm Punk the guy doesn't even amaze me at all, and to make matters worse he beats King Booker, a great wrestler, Cm Punk is not a great wrestler.

    And then JBL gets in the ring ready for the interview, but Austin makes a surprise appearance and stuns JBL. Well Long comes out and says the interview is still on, Now both Batista and Taker come to the ring, and Long asks Batista if he still respects the Undertaker, and Batista says no!!! his no was almost as bad as Lashley's. Well then Long goes to ask Taker but Taker doesn't say anything, so Long then asks Batista how he will beat Taker at WM, He said he would whoop his ass, and that he would retain. This makes Taker angry and both men start brawling. So this was the last stop before WM. Good overall Smackdown 9 out of 10.
  • Well 48 hours away from Wrestlemania, and the WWE already has everything set up for the big show. This episode only served as more development to the storylines, but aside from that this was a pretty good episode.

    Ugh, they did not announce any new matches for Wrestlemania are they going to leave the supercard at only 8 matches. As for the episode, it was preety much good wrestling with the match of the night recommendation going to Finlay vs. Mr. Kennedy. Both of these men we're able to pull off a decent **1/2 star match. The next match I would like to point my attention to was Randy Orton/Jeff Hardy. Although Randy is my favorite wrestler I can't help but notice that he and Jeff have no in ring chemistry and that hurt the match a little. *3/4 stars. The 5 on 5 Diva match, waste of time and money. I don't know what the WWE sees in Ashley, but I surely hope she doesn't leave Wrestlemania with the Womens Championship. DUD. The final match took place 45 minutes before the end of the show so you knew that the interview was going to take up the last half hour. Aside from the awesomeness that is King Booker, this match is really nothing that I haven't seen before and I truly hope that these two and all other participants in the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania 23 will be able to put on much better performances than they have lately. ** stars. Finally we got to the interview which started out with a bang having Stone Cold Steve Austin come out and Stone Cold Stunner JBL twice, but after that it was just pure boredom. The talking bit between Batista and Undertaker was just there and I felt no emotion from Batista as all he said was "NO!". The little brawl at the end was okay but I've only seen this about a million times already. I give this Smackdown a 9.5 out of 10.