WWE SmackDown

Season 9 Episode 45

Rough Road Ahead

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2007 on USA

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  • My name is finley and I love to fight!

    Everybody's in a fighting mood as WWE Smackdown gets closer to The survivor Series. I won't see it on pay-per-view because it cost too much. But this week's opening bout is A Over the top tag team battle royal, in which the winner will take on the current Tag Team campion Matt hardy and MVP, which they are having a hrd timne getting along. I predict they will lost their championship belts by the end of the year, and they will disband. finley beat the helll out of Ray Mysterio. Michelle McCool battle victoria. Victoria is my favorite Lady Wrestler right now. the first lady of wresting the Grat Moonah is being remembered. The Undertaker has finally defeated the Great Khali.
  • Lots to like, but a few trip-ups along the way...

    The tag team Battle Royal was a fun way to start the show, and it gave the Major Brothers a much needed push in the right direction, even if they weren't successful in their quest for gold.

    It's also nice to see Jamie Noble getting more and more airtime, even if he's portrayed as a somewhat baffoonish character, and he's not displaying his full array of moves.

    Finlay vs Rey was nice and long, and it was great to see Finlay win cleanly with a great counter before it. Finlay's a great talent, and seeing a heel win with his intellect is refreshing.

    The "No Holds Barred" match was pretty silly, considering they didn't leave the ring and no weapons were used, so it seemed totally pointless and stupid. Khali tapping out was a surprise, but a Taker win was expected, no doubt building him up for his Survivor Series match.

    An above average show for sure - there was lots to like, and most of the dross was short.
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