WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Season 8 Episode 19

San Diego, California

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 12, 2006 on Syfy
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San Diego, California
JBL comes out and runs down Rey Mysterio, Rey then attacks, Match #1 for Number 1 contender for Cruiserweight Championship: Super Crazy vs Kid Kash vs Nunzio, Kurt Angle demands Teddy Long give him a match with Mark Henry, Match #2: Joey Ryan & Mike Wellington vs Gymini, scenes from the premiere of “See No Evil,” Booker T comes out to brag, Match #3 King of the Ring semifinal match: Lashley vs Finlay, MNM come out to brag about beating down London & Kendrick, Jillian Hall & Melina get into it, then London & Kendrick attack MNM from the crowd, Match #4: Paul Burchill vs Mark Henry, promo of Tanaka’s initiation, Orlando Jordan & Nunzio talk backstage, Match #5: Rey Mysterio vs the Great Khalimoreless

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      • Lashley: (After defeating Finlay, he noticed Booker T sitting in the KOTR seat) Booker T, you're sitting in my seat. So you can either get out or I'll throw you out.

      • JBL: Como esta amigos! You got it all wrong folks, I came out here to applaud Rey Mysterio, our world champion. He's a typical tough Mexican fighter who has, what do you call it, machismo. Last week he promised he would take on all comers, and indeed he did, he took on the World's Strongest.... (crowd starts taunting) I'm surprised you know the numbers in English. Last week, Rey Mysterio kept his word and took on the World's Strongest Man Mark Henry. And lost. I guess Mark hadn't heard of machismo. Well this week… (crowd taunts again) You ought to thank me! If it hadn't been for me, Rey Mysterio would have been squashed like a cockroach beneath Mark Henry! This week we'll see if he keeps his word again and takes on all comers or if Rey Mysterio is el pollo, a chicken. We'll see if Rey Mysterio takes his little inner tube and goes back to Mexico. But we all know our little underdog champion has more heart than brains, so tonight…(crowd taunts again) I wear the American flag, something you people on strike should start observing! Now shut your mouth and show me some respect! Tonight your little home town hero, San Diego's own Rey Mysterio…cheer for him now because tonight he has the Great Khali.

        But it doesn't end there Rey, because Judgment Day, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock it coming. Remember Rey, I am the one who took the WWE Championship! I am the one who defeated Eddie Guerrero! Oh, Eddie was great, I was just better. I am the one who also took this championship from Chris Benoit! On May 21st, at Judgment Day, when I defeat the third amigo, when I complete the trifecta, I will be the only man in Smackdown! history to hold the United States Championship and the World Championship. I will be undeniably a champions champion. A true American hero! One more legacy in my Hall of Fame career and you Rey, you Rey, will be here hanging out on a street corner with your homies. Your people, your people who are sitting here, your people who look like you, your people who are the size of you Rey! Your people who speak like you, your people who thank God they're here because it's your people who do the dirty work for real Americans like me!

        But don't worry Rey, I'm not gonna leave you high and dry. In fact Im gonna offer you a job. You and your family. Your kids sweet little Dominic can shine my boots. Your wife Rey, can work in my kitchen, maybe in some little short Latino dress. With high heels, stiletto, I like those. But in case you want to be gainfully employed Rey, how about you do what the rest of your people do. How about you sell drugs on street corners? How about you do drive bys? How about you do prostitution? How about you work at a donkey show in Tijuana? You people make me sick! Rey, you and your people is what's ruining my country! Rey, at Judgment Day I will…(Rey attacks him)

    • NOTES (4)

      • First time Lashley pinned Finlay

      • Ratings: 2.6/5

      • Card for Judgment Day

        King of the Ring Finals: Lashley vs Booker T
        Kurt Angle vs Mark Henry
        Jillian Hall vs Melina
        WWE Tag Team Championship Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs MNM
        Cruiserweight Championship Super Crazy vs Gregory Helms
        Undertaker vs Great Khali (with Daivari)
        World Heavyweight Championship: Rey Mysterio vs JBL

      • Super Crazy pinned Nunzio
        Gymini defeated Ryan & Wellington
        Lashley defeated Finlay
        Mark Henry defeated Paul Burchill
        Great Khali obliterated Rey Mysterio

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