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WWE Friday Night SmackDown - Season 3

Friday 8:00 PM on Syfy Premiered Apr 01, 1999 In Season



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Episode Guide

  • Orlando, Florida (taped 12/22/01)

    1. Tazz & Spike Dudley d. WWF Tag Team Champions Dudley Boyz (w/Stacy Keibler) in a non-title match

    2. WWF European Champion Christian d. Rikishi via countout

    3. The Rock & Rob Van Dam d. Kurt Angle & Lance Storm when Rock pinned Storm after the Peoples Elbow

    4. WWF Women's Champion Trish Stratus pinned Mighty Molly with a sunset flip

    5. WWF Hardcore Champion Undertaker d. Tajiri via submission with the Dragon sleeper

    6. WWF Hardcore Champion Undertaker –no contest- Big Show

    7. WWF Intercontinental champion Edge pinned Kane after a spear

    8. Booker T & The Bossman d. Steve Austin in a handicap match when Booker pinned Austin after an ax kick

  • New Orleans, Louisiana (taped 12/18/01)

    1. Intercontinental champion Edge d. Kurt Angle at 3:46 via DQ when Angle kicked Edge below the belt.

    2. Lance Storm pinned Rikishi at 2:58 using the ropes for leverage.

    3. Hardcore champion Undertaker pinned Matt Hardy at 5:06 after a power bomb.

    4. The Rock pinned Test at 6:53 after a rock bottom.

    5. Undisputed WWF champion Chris Jericho pinned Big Show at 5:28 after a belt shot

    6. Booker T d. Steve Austin in a first blood match after the Big Bossman interfered

  • Bakersfield, California (taped 12/11/01)

    1. Intercontinental champion Edge & Rikishi d. Kurt Angle & William Regal

    2. Cruiserweigt champion Tajiri (w/ Torrie Wilson) d. Crash Holly

    3. Jeff Hardy (w/ Lita) d. Test via DQ.

    4. Kane d. Lance Storm

    5. Albert & Scotty 2 Hotty & Tazz d. Christian & The Dudley Boyz (w/ Stacy Keibler)

    6. Bradshaw d. Matt Hardy

    7. Rob Van Dam & The Rock beat Chris Jericho & The Undertaker

  • Chicago, IL (taped 12/4/01)

    Edge, The Big Show, and Kane defeated William Regal and The Dudley Boyz...Hardcore Champion, Rob Van Dam, defeated Matt Hardy...Test and Christian defeated Scotty Too Hotty and Albert...Crash Holly defeated Jacqueline...The Undertaker defeated Bradshaw...The Rock and Steve Austin defeated Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle.

  • Wichita, Kansas (taped 11/27/01)

    European Champion, Christian, defeated Scotty Too Hotty...Hardcore Champion, Rob Van Dam, defeated Buh-Buh Ray Dudley...Kurt Angle defeated Edge...Women's Champion, Trish Stratus, and Jacquline fought to a No Contest...Kane and The Big Show defeated The Hardy Boyz...The Undertaker defeated Tazz...WWF World Champion, Steve Austin, defeated William Regal in a strap match.

  • Fayetteville, NC (taped 11/20/01)

    Test defeated Scotty 2 Hotty...The Big Show defeated Tazz...The Undertaker defeated Kurt Angle...Women's Champion, Trish Stratus, defeated Stacy Kiebler in a gravy bowl match...WWF Intercontinental and WCW United States Champion, Edge, defeated Christian...The Dudley Boyz and Chris Jericho defeated The Rock and Rob Van Dam.

  • Albany, NY (taped 11/13/01)

    Hardcore Champion, Rob Van Dam, defeated Kane...Edge and The Hardy Boyz defeated Test and The Dudley Boyz...The Big Show defeated Diamond Dallas Page...Booker T. defeated The Undertaker by Disqualification...William Regal and Ivory defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri and Torrie Wilson...Chris Jericho and The Rock fought to a No Contest against Kurt Angle and Steve Austin

  • East Rutherford, NJ (taped 11/6/01)

    WCW World Tag Team Champions, The Dudley Boyz, defeated The Acolytes...Intercontinental Champion, Test, defeated Matt Hardy...WCW World Champion, The Rock, defeated Booker T. by Disqualification...The Big Show defeated William Regal...Jeff Hardy and Lita defeated Lance Storm & Ivory...The Undertaker defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kurt Angle in a handicap match.

  • Cincinnati, Ohio (taped 10/30/01)

    1. Test & Booker T d. WWF Tag Team Champions The Rock & Chris Jericho to win the title when Test pinned Rock after the big boot

    2. Dudley Boyz & Stacy Keibler d. Hardy Boyz & Lita when D-Von pinned Matt Hardy after the 3D

    3. WCW United States champion Kurt Angle d. Kane via submission with the ankle lock
    4. WWF Hardcore champion Rob Van Dam pinned Edge after the Five Star Frog Splash

    5. William Regal d. Tajiri

    6. Undertaker d. WWF World Champion Steve Austin via DQ when Kurt Angle interfered

  • Omaha, NB (taped 10/23/01)

    1. Booker T won an Alliance Battle Royal, last eliminating Test. The match also included
    Kidman, Hurricane, Steven Richards, Tazz, D-Von Dudley, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Raven, Justin Credible, Bubba Ray Dudley, Hugh Morrus, Lance Storm, Rob Van Dam, Kanyon, Mike Awesome,

    2. Trish Stratus pinned Mighty Molly after a bulldog

    3. WCW United States champion Kurt Angle d. Christian via submission with the Ankle lock

    4. WCW World Champion Chris Jericho pinned Booker T

    5. Al Snow pinned Tazz

    6. Dudley Boyz (w/ Stacy Keibler) d. WCW Tag Team Champions Hardy Boyz (w/Lita) to win the titles when D-Von pinned Jeff Hardy

    7. WWF Hardcore Champion Rob Van Dam pinned The Rock with an inside cradle

  • Montreal, Quebec, Canada (taped 10/16/01)

    1. The Hurricane & Lance Storm & Mighty Molly (w/Ivory) d. Hardy Boyz & Lita when Hurricane pinned Jeff Hardy after the Eye Of The Hurricane.

    2. Maven (w/Nidia) pinned Tazz with a small package

    3. Test & Booker T d. Kane & Undertaker when Booker pinned Undertaker after Test's big boot

    4. Tajiri (w/Big Show) pinned D-Von Dudley (w/Buh Buh Ray Dudley)

    5. Chris Jericho & The Rock –no contest– Justin Credible & Raven

    6. Rob Van Dam –no contest– Kurt Angle

  • Moline, IL (taped 10/9/01)

    1. WWF Tag Team Champions Dudley Boyz (w/Stacy Keibler) d. Spike Dudley & Big Show when D-Von pinned Spike after the 3D

    2. X-Pac pinned WCW Cruiserweight champion Billy Kidman to win the title

    3. Chris Jericho pinned Rob Van Dam to win a WCW Title match at WWF No mercy

    4. WWF European Champion The Hurricane (w/ Mighty Molly) d. Kane via DQ

    5. Tazz d. Maven via submission with the Tazzmission

    6. William Regal – no contest- Kurt Angle

  • Mobile, AL (taped 10/2/01)

    1. Edge & Acolytes d. Christian & X-Pac & Albert

    2. Big Show & Spike Dudley d. Hurricane Helms & Mike Awesome

    3. WWF Hardcore champion Rob Van Dam d. WWF World champion Kurt Angle in a non title match

    4. Tazz d. Tough Enough winner Maven Huffman

    5. Booker T d. Kane

    6. Rock & Chris Jericho & Mike Chioda d. Nick Patrick & Dudley Boyz

  • Dayton, OH (taped 9/25/01)

    1. Booker T & Test d. WCW Tag team champions Undertaker & Kane to win the belts

    2. Hardy Boyz d. Rhyno & Kanyon

    3. X-Pac d. Big Show

    4. WWF Hardcore champion Rob Van Dam d. Chris Jericho

    5. Ivory d. Molly Holly

    6. Bradshaw -NC- WWF Intercontinental champion Christian

    7. Rock & Kurt Angle d. WWF tag team champions Dudley Boyz via disqualification

  • Memphis, TN (taped 9/18/01)

    1. Hurricane Helms & Lance Storm d. Spike Dudley & Big Show

    2. Kronic d. Kaientai

    3. WWF Hardcore champion Rob Van Dam d. Raven

    4. WWF Intercontinental champion Edge d. Kanyon

    5. Hardy Boyz d. WWF tag team champions Dudley Boyz in a non-title match

    6. WWF world champion Steve Austin d. Tajiri

    7. Rock & Acolytes d. Test & Rhyno & Booker T

  • Houston, TX (Live)
    Houston, TX (Live)
    Episode 37

    1. Hardy Boyz d. The Hurricane & Lance Storm

    2. WWF Hardcore champion Rob Van Dam d. Spike Dudley in a non-title hardcore rules match after a frog splash

    3. Chris Jericho pinned Christian with a rollup

    4. WCW World champion The Rock pinned Shawn Stasiak in three seconds after the Rock Bottom

    5. APA d. Albert & X-Pac

    6. Booker T pinned Big Show after a standing Harlem Hangover

    7. Lita pinned Ivory after a moonsault

    8. Test & Dudley Boyz d. Yoshihiro Tajiri & William Regal & Scotty 2 Hotty

    9. Kurt Angle pinned Rhyno after the Angle slam

  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Live)

    1. Hardy Boyz (w/Lita) d. Justin Credible & Raven (w/Terri)

    2. Undertaker –NC- Steven Richards

    3. Test d. Billy Gunn

    4. Big Show d. WWF European champion The Hurricane via DQ

    5. Booker T & Rhyno & Dudley Boyz d. APA & Chris Jericho & The Rock

    6. WWF Hardcore champion Rob Van Dam d. WWF World Heavyweight champion Steve Austin in a non-titles match

  • Detroit, MI (taped taped 8/28/01)

    1. APA & Big Show d. Dudley Boyz & Test

    2. Albert d. Undertaker via DQ

    3. Rhyno & Rob Van Dam d. Chris Jericho & The Rock

    4. Hurricane Helms & Ivory d. Molly Holly & Spike Dudley

    5. Lance Storm d. Tajiri

    6. Kurt Angle d. Booker T

  • Denver, CO (Live)
    Denver, CO (Live)
    Episode 34

    1. WWF Hardcore champion Rob Van Dam pinned Raven

    2. Big Show & Billy Gunn d. Dudley Boyz

    3. Kurt Angle d. WCW U.S. champion Chris Kanyon in a non-title match

    4. Booker T & Rhyno & Test d. APA & Rock

    5. WCW & WWF Tag team champions Undertaker & Kane d. Edge & Christian to retain the WWF tag team titles

    6. Ivory d. Lita

    7. WWF Heavyweight champion Steve Austin d. Chris Jericho

  • Salt Lake City, UT (Live)

    1. The Rock d. Shawn Stasiak
    2. X-Pac & Albert d. William Regal & Tajiri
    3. Rob Van Dam & Rhyno d. Jeff Hardy & Chris Jericho
    4. WWF Tag Team champions Dallas Page & Kanyon d. Edge & Christian
    5. Kurt Angle d. Tazz
    6. WCW heavyweight champion Booker T d. The Rock in a non-title lights out match

  • Los Angeles, CA (taped 8/7/01)

    1. Chris Kanyon & Dallas Page d. WWF Tag team champions Acolytes to win the titles
    2. Perry Saturn d. Raven
    3. WWF Hardcore champion Rob Van Dam d. Edge
    4. X-Pac & Albert d. Spike Dudley & Yoshihiro Tajiri
    5. Undertaker & Kane d. WCW Tag team champions Shawn O'Haire & Chuck Palumbo to win the titles
    6. Chris Jericho d. Hugh Morrus
    7. Kurt Angle & Hardy Boyz -nc- Steve Austin & Dudley Boyz in a elimination match

  • Washington, DC (taped 7/31/01)

    1.WCW Tag team champions Shawn O'Haire & Chuck Palumbo d. Hardy Boyz in a non-title match

    2. Kane d. WCW United States champion Chris Kanyon via DQ

    3. Rhyno & Dudley Boyz d. Chris Jericho & Edge & Christian

    4. Kurt Angle d. WWF Intercontinental champion Lance Storm in a non-title match

    5. WCW World Heavyweight champion Booker T -NC- Undertaker

  • Pittsburgh, PA (taped 7/24/01)

    1. Hardy Boyz d. Billy Kidman & Hurricane Helms

    2. Dudley Boyz d. Show-Gunns

    3. Dallas Page d. Kane via DQ

    4. Chris Kanyon & Rob Van Dam d. Chris Jericho & Tajiri

    5. WWF Intercontinental champion Lance Storm d. Perry Saturn via DQ

    6. Christian & Edge d. Taz & Rhyno

    7. Kurt Angle d. WCW Heavyweight Champion Booker T to win the title

  • Boston, MA (taped 7/17/01)

    1. Dallas Page d. Chris Jericho via DQ

    2. Christian d. Lance Storm

    3. Undertaker & Tajiri & Kane d. Dudley Boyz & Tazz

    4. Bradshaw d. Chuck Palumbo

    5. Billy Kidman & Rob Van Dam d. Jeff Hardy & X-Pac

    6. Steve Austin & Kurt Angle -NC- Booker T & Rhyno

  • Birmingham, AL (taped 7/10/01)

    1. Tazz d. Hardcore Holly

    2. Chris Jericho d. Lance Storm

    3. Rhyno d. Kane

    4. Lita d. Trish Stratus

    5. Jeff Hardy d. WWF Hardcore champion Mike Awesome to win the title

    6. Undertaker & Kurt Angle d. Shane McMahon & Dallas Page via DQ

  • Tacoma, WA (taped 7/2/01)

    1. WWF Tag Team champions Dudley Boyz d. Chris Jericho & Spike Dudley
    2. Jacqueline d. Crash Holly
    3. Billy Kidman d. WCW Cruiserweight champion Gregory Helms to win the title
    4. Big Show & Billy Gunn d. Hardy Boyz
    5. WWF Intercontinental champion Albert d. Edge
    6. Scotty 2 Hotty d. Dean Malenko
    7. WCW World champion Booker T d. Dallas Page

  • New York, NY (taped 6/26/01)

    1. Edge & Christian d. X-Pac & Billy Gunn
    2. Albert d. Intercontinental champion Kane to win the title
    3. Hardy Boyz -NC- Dudley Boyz
    4. Spike Dudley & Molly Holly d. Crash Holly & Jacqueline
    5. Big Show d. Perry Saturn
    6. Chris Jericho & Scotty 2 Hotty d. William Regal & Tajiri

  • Orlando, FL (taped 6/19/01)

    1. Big Show d. Spike Dudley

    2. Kane & Hardy Boyz d. X-Pac & Justin Credible & Albert

    3. Kurt Angle & Rhyno d. Edge & Christian

    4. Hardcore champion Test d. Perry Saturn

    5. Tajiri d. Taka Michinoku

    6. Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley d. Tag Team champions Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit to win the title

  • Baltimore, MD (taped 6/12/01)

    1. Tag team champions Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit d. Edge & Christian

    2. Big Show d. Raven in a King of the Ring qualifier

    3. European champion Matt Hardy d. K-Kwik

    4. Kurt Angle d. Undertaker via DQ

    5. Test d. Hardcore champion Rhyno to win the title

    6. Tajiri d. Crash Holly

    7. Intercontinental champion Kane d. Albert

    8. WWF champion Steve Austin d. Spike Dudley

  • Grand Forks, ND (taped 6/5/01)

    1. Kurt Angle d. Hardcore Holly in a King Of The Ring qualifying match

    2. Jeff Hardy d. Light-Heavyweight champion Jerry Lynn to win the title

    3. Intercontinental champion Kane d. X-Pac

    4. Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley d. Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn

    5. Edge d. Test in a King Of The Ring qualifying match

    6. Tag Team champions Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho d. Acolytes in a non-title match

    7. Tag Team champions Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho d. Big Show & Rhyno via DQ in a non-title match

    8. Tag Team champions Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho d. Steve Austin & Vince McMahon

  • Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (taped 5/29/01)

    1. Intercontinental champion Kane d. Edge

    2. Hardcore Holly d. Bubba Ray Dudley

    3. Chris Jericho d. Kurt Angle

    4. Hardcore champion Rhyno d. Raven

    5. X-Factor d. Hardy Boyz & Eddie Guerrero

    6. WWF Heavyweight champion Steve Austin d. Chris Benoit

  • Tables, Ladders, and Chairs 3!

    1. X-Pac d. Eddie Guerrero

    2. Kurt Angle d. Spike Dudley

    3. Dean Malenko d. Raven

    4. Grand Master Sexay & Steve Blackman & Trish Stratus d. Ivory & Bull Buchanan & Goodfather

    5. Intercontinental champion Kane d. Rhyno

    6. Tag Team champions Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit d. Bubba Ray Dudley & D-Von Dudley and Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian in a Tables Ladders And Chairs match

  • Louisville, KY (taped 5/15/01)

    1. Hardy Boyz & Eddie Guerrero d. Perry Saturn & Dean Malenko & Jerry Lynn

    2. Bradshaw d. Big Show

    3. Chris Benoit & Rikishi d. Kurt Angle & William Regal

    4. Women's champion Chyna d. Ivory & Molly Holly in a handicap match

    5. Edge d Chris Jericho

    6. Hardcore Holly d. Spike Dudley

    7. Undertaker - NC- HHH

  • Hartford, CT (taped 5/8/01)

    1. Christian d. Chris Jericho

    2. Albert d. Raven

    3. Hardy Boyz & Lita d. Bull Buchanan & Ivory & Goodfather

    4. Rikishi d. Intercontinental champion HHH via DQ

    5. Spike Dudley d. Crash Holly

    6. Edge d. Chris Benoit

    7. Hardcore champion Rhyno d. Bradshaw

  • Indianapolis, IN (taped 5/1/01)

    1. Intercontinental champion HHH d. Jeff Hardy

    2. Raven d. X-Pac

    3. Hardcore Holly d. Kurt Angle

    4. Matt Hardy & Chris Jericho d. Edge & Rhyno & Christian

    5. Light-Heavyweight champion Jerry Lynn d. Grand Master Sexay

    6. Undertaker -NC- Rikishi

  • Denver, CO (taped 4/24/01)

    1. Kurt Angle & William Regal d. Chris Jericho& Chris Benoit

    2. Matt Hardy d. European champion Eddie Guerrero to win the title

    3. Kane d. Edge & Christian via DQ

    4. Hardcore champion Rhyno d. Test

    5. Undertaker d. Steven Richards

    6. HHH & Steve Austin - NC - Kaientai

  • Nashville, TN (taped 4/17/01)

    1. Rhyno d. Hardcore champion Kane to win the title

    2. Acolytes & Kaientai d. Val Venis & Bull Buchanan & Steven Richards & Goodfather

    3. European champion Eddie Guerrero d. Grand Master Sexay

    4. Dudley Boyz d. Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit in a table match

    5. Women's champion Chyna d. Molly Holly

    6. Undertaker & Kane d. Tag Team champions Edge & Christian to win the titles

  • Philadelphia, PA (taped 4/10/01)

    1. Albert d. Spike Dudley

    2. Women's champion Chyna d. Ivory

    3. Edge & Kurt Angle & Christian & William Regal d. Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho in a handicap match

    4. Hardcore Holly -NC- Rhyno

    5. Kane & Undertaker d. Big Show & Kaientai in a handicap match

    6. Test d. Val Venis

    7. Jeff Hardy d. Intercontinental champion HHH to win the title

  • Oklahoma City, OK (taped 4/3/01)

    1. Undertaker & Kane d. Bull Buchanan & Goodfather

    2. Rhyno d. K-Kwik

    3. William Regal & Kurt Angle d. Chris Benoit in a handicap match

    4. Jeff Hardy d. Big Show

    5. Albert & The X-Factor d. Grand Master Sexay & Billy Gunn & Steve Blackman

    6. HHH d. Intercontinental champion Chris Jericho to win the title

  • Detroit, MI (taped 3/27/01)

    1. X-Pac & Justin Credible d. Acolytes

    2. Chris Benoit & Test d. Kurt Angle & Eddie Guerrero

    3. Rhyno d. Matt Hardy

    4. Women's champion Ivory - NC - Trish Stratus in an evening gown match

    5. William Regal & Big Show d. Kane & Chris Jericho

  • Providence, RI (taped 3/20/01)

    1. Hardcore champion Raven d. Chris Jericho when he pinned William Regal
    2. X-Pac & Justin Credible & Albert d. K-Kwik & Grand Master Sexay & Steve Blackman
    3. Big Show & Triple H - NC - Kane
    4. Dudley Boyz & Spike Dudley d. Edge & Christian & Rhyno
    5. Heavyweight champion The Rock d. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit in a handicap match

  • Anaheim, CA (taped 3/13/01)

    1. European champion Test d. Eddie Guerrero
    2. Hardy Boyz & Billy Gunn -NC- X-Pac & Albert & Justin Credible
    3. Dudley Boyz d. Intercontinental champion Chris Jericho in a non- title handicap table match
    4. Steve Blackman & Grand Master Sexay d. Goodfather & Bull Buchanan
    5. Triple H d. Kane
    6. Steve Austin d. Kurt Angle in a no DQ match

  • Washington, DC (taped 3/6/01)

    1. Tag Team champions Hardy Boyz d. the Dudley Boyz
    2. Intercontinental champion Chris Jericho d. Val Venis
    3. Chris Benoit d. Perry Saturn
    4. Chris Benoit d. Dean Malenko
    5. Eddie Guerrero d. Chris Benoit
    6. Kurt Angle d. European champion Test in a non-title match
    7. William Regal d. WWF Commissioner Al Snow to become the new commissioner of the World Wrestling Federation
    8. The Rock d. Rikishi & Haku in a handicap match

  • Tucson, AZ (taped 2/27/01)

    1. Matt Hardy & Lita d. Crash Holly & Molly Holly

    2. Chris Benoit d. X-Pac

    3. WWF World heavyweight champion The Rock d. William Regal via DQ

    4. Undertaker & D-Von Dudley & Kane d. Haku & Christian & Rikishi

    5. Steve Austin d. Kurt Angle via DQ

  • Kansas City, MO (taped 2/20/01)

    1. Rikishi d. Matt Hardy
    2. Big Show d. Crash Holly and Perry Saturn and Steve Blackman and K-Kwik and Hardcore Holly in a Hardcore Challenge match
    3. Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero d. X-Pac & Chris Jericho
    4. Women's champion Ivory - NC - The Kat
    5. European champion Test d. William Regal
    6. Kurt Angle & Edge & Christian d. Rock & Undertaker & Kane when Angle pinned Rock

  • Uniondale, NY (taped 2/13/01)

    1. Kane d. Edge
    2. Matt Hardy d. Perry Saturn
    3. Steve Austin d. Chris Benoit
    4. X-Pac d. Intercontinental champion Chris Jericho via DQ
    5. Hardcore champion Raven - NC - Big Show
    6. The Rock d. Triple H

  • North Charleston, NC (taped 2/6/01)

    1. Chris Benoit & Perry Saturn d. Hardy Boyz
    2. Rikishi pinned Al Snow
    3. Edge & Christian d. Tag Team champions Dudley Boys via DQ
    4. Hardcore champion Raven d. Hardcore Holly
    5. Right To Censor d. Right To Nudity
    6. Triple H d. Chris Jericho
    7. The Rock d. The Big Show

  • SmackDown Xtreme (taped 1/30/01 in Columbus, OH)

    1. Tag Team Champions Dudley Boyz d. Hardy Boyz in a tables match
    2. Women's Champion Ivory d. Lita and Jacqueline in a three-way dance
    3. Acolytes d. Edge & Christian
    4. Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho pinned Tazz
    5. Big Show d. Billy Gunn
    6. Undertaker & Kane d. Rikishi & Haku in a first-blood match
    7. Heavyweight champion Kurt Angle d. Triple H and The Rock in a three-way dance

  • Mobile, AL (taped 1/23/01)

    1. Undertaker d. Rikishi
    2. Bradshaw & Jeff Hardy - NC - Faarooq & Matt Hardy
    3. Big Show d. Intercontinental champion Chris Jericho via DQ
    4. Tazz d. K-Kwik
    5. European champion Test d. Christian
    6. Hardcore & Crash Holly d. Goodfather & Bull Buchanan
    7. Heavyweight champion Kurt Angle d. Kane

  • Chicago, IL (taped 1/16/01)

    1 Chris Jericho - NC - Perry Saturn
    2. Bubba Ray Dudley pinned Edge
    3. Acolytes & Jacqueline d. Hardy Boyz & Lita
    4. Val Venis pinned Test
    5. Steve Blackman pinned Hardcore Holly
    6. The Rock & Undertaker & Steve Austin d. Kurt Angle & Rikishi & Kane

  • Oakland, CA (taped 1/9/01)

    Match Results:Val Venis, Goodfather & Bull Buchanan defeated Hardy Boyz & Billy Gunn
    Test pinned K-Kwik
    Edge, Chris Benoit & Christian vs. Chris Jericho & The Dudley Boyz went to a No Contest
    Four Way Dance to determine the #30 participant in the Royal Rumble Match - Rikishi defeated Undertaker, Kane and The Rock

  • San Antonio, TX (taped 12/30/00)

    1. Chris Jericho d. WWF Intercontinental champion Chris Benoit via DQ
    2. Dudley Boyz d. Bull Buchanan & Goodfather
    3. WWF World champion Kurt Angle d. Rock via DQ
    4. Perry Saturn & Terri d. Lita & Matt Hardy
    5. Val Venis d. Billy Gunn
    6. Rikishi d. Test
    7. Steve Austin d. Undertaker & Kane in a handicap match

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