WWE Friday Night SmackDown - Season 4

Friday 8:00 PM on Syfy Premiered Apr 01, 1999 In Season



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Episode Guide

  • Tulsa, Oklahoma (taped 12/22/02)

    Bill DeMott defeated Crash Holly...World Tag Team Champions, Eddie and Chavo Guerrero, defeated Edge and Billy Kidman...Rikishi defeated B2 (Bull Buchanan)...Chris Benoit defeated The Big Show.

  • Tampa, Florida (taped 12/17/02)

    Eddie Guerrero defeated Cruiserweight Champion, Billy Kidman, in a non-title match...John Cena defeated Chuck Palumbo...Brock Lesnar defeated Shannon Moore...Bill DeMott and Crash Holly defeated Jamie Knoble and Nunzio (Little Guido)...Edge defeated A-Train (Albert)...Chris Benoit defeated World Champion, Kurt Angle, by Disqualification.

  • Atlanta, Georgia (taped 12/10/02)

    "B2" Bull Buchanan defeated Rikishi...Bill Demott defeated Shannon Moore...World Tag Team Champions, Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero, defeated Billy Kidman and Chris Benoit...Crash defeated Jamie Knoble by Disqualification...The Big Show and Albert defeated Edge and Kurt Angle.

  • Dallas, Texas (taped 12/3/02)

    Albert defeated Rey Mysterio...Crash Holly defeated Jamie Noble...Bill DeMott defeated Sho Funaki...Cruiserweight Champion, Billy Kidman, defeated Chavo Guerrero...Rikishi defeated John Cena in a "Hip Hop Challenge"...Kurt Angle defeated Edge, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero in a fatal four-way match.

  • Columbia, South Carolina (taped 11/26/02)

    John Cena and Matt Hardy defeated Edge and Rey Misterio...Yoshihiro Tajiri defeated Chuck Palumbo...World Tag Team Champions, Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero, defeated Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit...Torrie Wilson defeated Dawn Marie in a Pilgrim's Fashion Show match...Cruiserweight Champion, Billy Kidman, defeated Crash Holly...World Champion, The Big Show, and The Fabulous Moolah fought to a No Contest.

  • Hartford, Connecticut (taped 11/19/02)

    Rey Misterio defeated Jamie Knoble...Cruiserweight Champion, Billy Kidman, defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri...Chris Benoit defeated Chavo Guerrero...Kurt Angle defeated Eddie Guerrero...Rikishi defeated John Cena...World Champion, The Big Show, defeated Edge via Disqualification.

  • Columbus, Ohio (taped 11/12/02)

    Edge defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr....Matt Hardy and John Cena defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri and Rikishi...Eddie Guerrero defeated Rey Misterio...Billy Kidman defeated Cruiserweight Champion, Jamie Knoble, in a non-title match...Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit fought to a No Contest.

  • Manchester, New Hampshire (taped 11/5/02)

    Billy Kidman and Torrie Wilson defeated Jamie Knoble and Nidia...Rikishi defeated John Cena...The Big Show defeated Matt Hardy...Edge and Rey Misterio defeated Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle to win the World Tag Team Titles. Edge and Rey Misterio won the first fall by pinfall. Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle won the second fall by submission. Edge and Rey Misterio won the third fall by submission...World Champion, Brock Lesnar, defeated Eddie Guerrero.

  • Grand Rapids, Michigan (taped 10/29/02)

    Edge defeated Chris Benoit...The Big Show defeated Rikishi...Torrie Wilson defeated Dawn Marie in a Mud-Pool Match...Matt Hardy defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri...Eddie Guerrero defeated Kurt Angle...World Champion, Brock Lesnar, defeated Rey Misterio.

  • Memphis, Tennessee (taped 10/22/02)

    Rikishi defeated Matt Hardy...Cruiserweight Champion, Jamie Noble, defeated Tajiri...Edge and Rey Mysterio defeated Chavo Guerrero and Eddie Guerrero...Billy Kidman defeated John Cena...Chris Benoit defeated Kurt Angle.

  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada (taped 10/15/02)

    Edge and Rey Misterio defeated Rev. D-Von Dudley and Ron Simmons...Cruiserweight Champion, Jamie Knoble, defeated Nidia...John Cena defeated Billy Kidman...World Champion, Brock Lesnar, defeated Chuck Palumbo...Dawn Marie and Matt Hardy defeated Torrie Wilson and Rikishi...Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle defeated Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero.

  • Phoenix, Arizona (taped 10/8/02)

    Eddie Guerrero defeated Rikishi...Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle defeated Billy Kidman and John Cena...Billy Gunn defeated D'Von Dudley...Torrie Wilson defeated Dawn Marie in a lingerie match...Edge and Rey Misterio defeated Brock Lesnar and Yoshihiro Tajiri.

  • Lafayette, Louisiana (taped 10/1/02)

    1. Eddie Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero Jr. d. Mark Henry & Rikishi in a first round match in the tournament to declare the first WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions

    2. Matt Hardy pinned The Undertaker at 4:44 of a falls count anywhere match after Brock Lesnar interfered

    3. WWE Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble pinned Crash Holly at 3:34 using the ropes for leverage

    4. Edge pinned Kurt Angle after the spear. 21:33 was shown. Match was restarted after a double pin at 15:34.

    5. Faarooq & Rev. D-Von d. Billy & Chuck in a first round match in the tournament to declare the first WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions when Faarooq pinned Gunn after a spinbuster

    6. Rey Misterio Jr. pinned Chris Benoit at 10:49

  • San Diego, California (taped 9/24/02)

    Rikishi defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr....Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo defeated Jamie Knoble and Yoshihiro Tajiri...Edge defeated Eddie Guerrero in a No DQ match...The Undertaker defeated Matt Hardy...Rey Mysterio defeated Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit in a three way match.

  • Colorado Springs, Colorado (taped 9/17/02)

    Torrie Wilson and Rey Mysterio defeated Jamie Knoble and Nidia...World Champion, Brock Lesnar defeated John Cena...Matt Hardy defeated Hurricane Helms...Chavo Guerrero and Eddie Guerrero defeated Edge and Rikishi...Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit fought to a No Contest against Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo.

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota (taped 9/10/02)

    Undisputed World Champion, Brock Lesnar, defeated Hardcore Holly...Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero defeated Edge and John Cena...Kurt Angle defeated Rey Misterio...Chris Benoit defeated Rikishi by Disqualification...Torrie Wilson defeated Nidia...Matt Hardy defeated The Undertaker by Count Out.

  • Green Bay, Wisconsin (taped 9/3/02)

    Match #1: Rey Mysterio vs Billy Gunn
    Match #2: Shannon Moore vs Jamie Noble
    Match #3: Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar
    Match #4: Mark Henry vs Tajiri
    Match #5: Batista vs Reverend D-Von
    Match #6: Hardcore Holly vs Matt Hardy
    Match #7: The Hurricane vs Crash Holly
    Match #8: The Undertaker, Edge & Rikishi vs Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit

  • Uncasville, Connecticut (taped 8/27/02)

    Match #1: Edge vs Eddie Guerrero
    Match #2: John Cena vs Reverend D-Von
    Match #3: Rey Mysterio vs Rico
    Match #4: Rikishi vs Eddie Guerrero
    Match #5: Shannon Moore vs Tajiri
    Match #6: Rikishi vs Chris Benoit
    Match #7: Matt Hardy vs Brock Lesnar
    Match #8: Undertaker vs Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle

  • Fayetteville, North Carolina (taped 8/20/02)
  • Seattle, Washington (taped 8/13/02)

    Match #1: The Hurricane & Shannon Moore vs Jamie Noble & Tajiri
    Match #2: Matt Hardy vs Chavo Guerrero
    Match #3: Mark Henry vs Kurt Angle
    Match #4: Rikishi vs Brock Lesnar
    Match #5: Torrie Wilson vs Nidia
    Match #6: Edge & Rey Mysterio vs Eddie & Chavo Guerrero
    Match #7: The Rock vs Chris Benoit

  • Richmond, Virginia (taped 8/4/02)

    Match #1: John Cena vs Kurt Angle
    Match #2: Mark Henry vs Reverend D-Von
    Match #3: Rikishi vs Deacon Batista
    Match #4: The Hurricane & Shanon Moore vs Billy & Chuck
    Match #5: Edge, John Cena & Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero
    Match #6: Billy Kidman & Torrie Wilson vs Jamie Noble & Nidia
    Match #7: Hulk Hogan vs Brock Lesnar

  • Charlotte, North Carolina (taped 7/30/02)

    Match #1: Rey Mysterio vs Tajiri
    Match #2: Mark Henry vs Brock Lesnar
    Match #3: Rikishi vs Reverend D-Von
    Match #4: John Cena vs Rico
    Match #5: The Rock & Edge vs Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero

  • Indianapolis, Indiana (taped 7/23/02)

    1. Mark Henry defeated Kurt Angle by Disqualification after Brock Lesnar interfered
    2. The Big Valbowski defeated Deacon Batista
    3. Rikishi defeated Albert
    4. Hollywood Hulk Hogan & The Rock defeated Christain & Lance Storm in a Tag Team Title Match by Disqualification after Brock Lesnar interfered
    5. Rey Mysterio defeated Chavo Guerrero in his debut match
    6. John Cena defeated Test
    7. Edge defeated Chris Jericho after the leaving the cage in a Steel Cage Match

  • Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (taped 7/16/02)

    1. John Cena defeated Chris Jericho by Disqualification

    2. Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated The Hurricane by submission

    3. Edge, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, and Rikishi defeated Lance Storm, Christain, and Test

    4. Billy Kidman defeated Tajiri

    5. The Rock defeated Kurt Angle by Disqualification

  • Atlantic City, New Jersey (taped 7/9/02)

    1. Edge & Hollywood Hulk Hogan defeated Billy & Chuck w/ Rico to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles

    2. Molly Holly defeated Torrie Wilson to retain the WWE Women's Title.

    3. Reverend D-Von & Batista defeated Randy Orton & Mark Henry

    4. Rikishi defeated Test

    5. The Hurricane & Billy Kidman defeated Jamie Noble & Tajiri w/ Nidia

    6. The Undertaker & John Cena defeated Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho

  • Boston, Massachusetts (taped 7/2/02)

    1. Lance Storm defeated Rikishi

    2. Reverend D-Von and Deacon Batista defeated Randy Orton and The Big Valbowski

    3. Edge and Hollywood Hulk Hogan defeated Billy and Chuck for the WWE Tag Team Titles

    4. Chris Jericho defeated John Cena

    5. The Undertaker and Kurt Angle fought to a Draw (causing The Undertaker to retain the WWE Undisputed Title)

  • Chicago, Illinois (taped 6/25/02)

    1. Kurt Angle pinned John Cena in Cena's WWE TV debut at 5:56
    2. WWE Tag Team Champions Billy & Chuck (w/Rico) d. The Big Valbowski & Hardcore Holly at 4:21 when Billy pinned Valbowski after the Fameasser
    3. Lance Storm pinned Mark Henry at 2:33 after a superkick
    4. Rikishi d. Test via DQ at 2:40 when Rikishi pushed Test into the referee, who then disqualified Test
    5. Billy Kidman & The Hurricane d. Tajiri & Jamie Noble (w/Nidia) when Kidman pinned Tajiri after the Shooting Star Press
    6. Rev. D-Von & Batista d. Randy Orton & Faarooq at 3;18 when Batista pinned Orton after a spinebuster
    7. Hulk Hogan d. Chris Jericho via DQ at 6:28 after Jericho hit Hogan with a chair

  • Sacramento, California (taped 6/18/02)

    1. Rikishi defeated Christian

    2. Jamie Noble defeated Billy Kidman for a Cruiserweight Title Shot at King Of The Ring

    3. Triple H defeated Billy Gunn

    4. Chris Jericho defeated Val Venis in King Of The Ring Quarter Final

    5. Test defeated Hardcore Holly in King Of The Ring Quarter Final

    6. Kurt Angle defeated Undisputed World Champion, The Undertaker, in a Non-Title Match

  • Greenville, South Carolina (taped 6/11/02)

    1. Test pinned WWE Cruiserweight Champion The Hurricane at 1:52 of a King Of The Ring Qualifying match with "The Test Drive" (a pump-handle slam)

    2. Hardcore Holly pinned Tajiri at 3:39 of a King Of The Ring Qualifying match after the Alabama Slam

    3. Billy Kidman & Big Valbowski d. Lance Storm & Chris Jericho when Kidman pinned Storm at 5:33. Storm actually had his shoulder up, but referee Brian Hebner didn't see it.

    4. Faarooq pinned Reverend D-Von (w/Deacon Batista) at 0:07 after a spin buster

    5. Trish Stratus & Linda Miles d. Jackie Gayda & Ivory at 2:57 when Trish pinned Ivory after a springboard bulldog

    6. Undertaker & Kurt Angle d. Triple H via DQ at 9:52 of a handicap match when HHH hit Undertaker with a sledgehammer

  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (taped 6/4/02)

    1. Triple H and Hulk Hogan won a 20 man Battle Royal #1 Contender's Match
    2. Chuck and Billy Gunn defeated Rikishi and Rico Constantino to win the World Tag Team Titles
    3. Val Venis defeated Christian in a King Of The Ring Qualifying Match
    4. Lance Storm defeated Billy Kidman
    5. Triple H defeated Hulk Hogan in a #1 Contender's Match

  • Calgary, Alberta, Canada (taped 5/28/02)

    1. WWE Tag Team Champions Rico & Rikishi d. Billy & Chuck when Rico pinned Chuck

    2. Christian pinned Maven after the Unprettier

    3. Chris Jericho pinned Faarooq

    4. Undisputed WWE World Champion The Undertaker pinned Randy Orton after a chokeslam

    5. Tajiri & Chavo Guerrero Jr. d. The Hurricane & Billy Kidman when Tajiri pinned Hurricane after a kick to the skull

    6. Test pinned Triple H after big boot

    7. Edge pinned Kurt Angle in a cage match after a spear

  • Tupelo, Mississippi (taped 5/21/02)

    1. Triple H pinned Lance Storm after the Pedigree

    2. Test pinned Randy Orton at 3:25 after an inverted face lock into an overhead swinging neck breaker

    3. Maven & Edge d. Kurt Angle & Christian when Maven pinned Christian at 4:25

    4. Rev. D-Von (w/Deacon Batista) pinned Rikishi at 3:03 after Rico interfered

    5. Cruiserweight champion The Hurricane pinned Chavo Guerreo Jr. at 2:55 after the "Overcast" (AKA the Buff Blockbuster)

    6. Chris Jericho pinned Mark Henry at 3:13 after a chair shot

  • Montreal, Quebec, Canada (taped 5/14/02)

    1. Randy Orton & The Big Valbowski d. Hardcore Holly & Lance Storm when Orton pinned Storm

    2. Rev. D-Von pinned Maven after the Saving Grace

    3. Rikishi pinned Rico at 2:04 after a sit down splash

    4. The Hurricane pinned Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri after a chokeslam at 2:20 of a three way dance also involving Billy Kidman to win the title

    5. Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho d. Triple H & Edge

  • Bridgeport, Connecticut (taped 5/7/02)

    1. The Hurricane d. Cruiserweight champion Tajiri (w/Torrie Wilson) via countout when Tajiri was distracted by Torrie stripping on the announcer's table

    2. Test pinned Mark Henry at 3:41 after a big boot to Henry's face

    3. Reverend D-Von (with the debuting Deacon Batista) pinned Triple H at 4:42 after Chris Jericho hit HHH with D-Von's "Building fund" donation box.

    4. Billy & Chuck & Rico d. Al Snow & Maven & Rikishi at 5:28 when Billy pinned Snow after the Fameasser

    5. Lance Storm d. Randy Orton at 3:33 via submission with the half crab. Hardcore Holly was the special referee

    6. Hulk Hogan & Edge –no contest- Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle

  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (taped 4/30/02)

    1. WWF World Tag Team champions Billy & Chuck (w/Rico) d. The Hurricane & Rikishi when Chuck pinned Hurricane after Rico spin kicked Hurricane.

    2. Randy Orton d. Hardcore Holly via DQ when Holly low blowed Orton

    3. Lance Storm & Kurt Angle d. The Big Valbowski & Edge when Angle pinned Valbowski after Storm superkicked Valbowski

    4. Christian & Test d. Faarooq & Mark Henry when Christian pinned Faarooq after the Unprettier

    5. Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri (w/Torrie Wilson) pinned Billy Kidman after a kick to the head

    6. Undisputed WWF Champion Hulk Hogan pinned Chris Jericho in 10:17 of a No-DQ match with a roll up after the playing of Undertaker's music distracted Jericho.

  • Peoria, Illinois (taped 4/23/02)

    1. Billy Kidman & Maven & Al Snow d. Billy & Chuck & Tajiri (w/Torrie Wilson & Rico) when Kidman pinned Tajiri after the shooting star press

    2. Randy Orton, in his WWF TV debut, pinned Hardcore Holly with an Oklahoma Roll

    3. Mark Henry d. Christian via submission with a bear hug

    4. Albert & Kurt Angle d. Edge & Rikishi when Albert pinned Rikishi after the Baldo Bomb

    5. Chris Jericho pinned Triple H at 16:34 of a number 1 contenders match with a roll up after Undertaker distracted Triple H

  • Houston, Texas (taped 4/16/02)

    1. Al Snow & Maven & Rikishi d. Chuck & Billy & Albert (W/Rico) when Maven pinned Chuck with a flying bodypress

    2. Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Tajiri (W/Torrie Wilson) d. Billy Kidman & The Hurricane

    3. Faarooq pinned Test with a roll up using the ropes for leverage

    4. Hardcore Holly pinned Diamond Dallas Page after a dropkick

    5. Hulk Hogan & Triple H d. Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle via DQ when Jericho threw referee Tim White over the top rope.

  • Tucson, Arizona (taped 4/9/02)

    1. Tajiri (w/Torrie Wilson) pinned The Hurricane after a kick to the skull

    2. Albert pinned Scotty Too Hotty after the Baldo Bomb

    3. Chris Jericho pinned Edge with a roll up and a handful of tights

    4. Al Snow (w/Maven) pinned Chuck (w/Billy) after the Snow Plow

    5. Undisputed WWF Champion Triple H pinned Kurt Angle in a non-title match after the Pedigree.

  • Rochester, New York (taped 4/2/02)

    1. Tag Team Champions Billy & Chuck (with Rico) d. Albert & Scotty 2 Hotty when Billy pinned Scotty after Rico interfered

    2. Christian pinned Diamond Dallas Page after the Unprettier

    3. Edge d. Kurt Angle via DQ when Angle hit Edge with a chair

    4. Billy Kidman pinned Cruiserweight champion Tajiri (with Torrie Wilson) with a roll up

    5. Hardcore Holly pinned Maven after the Alabama Slam

    6. The Rock pinned Chris Jericho after the Rock Bottom

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (taped 3/26/02)

    1. DDP –no contest- Booker T when Brock Lesner interfered

    2. WWF Tag Team Champions Billy & Chuck (W/Rico) d. The Dudley Boyz when Chuck pinned Buh Buh Ray after Billy hit the Fameasser on Buh Buh

    3. Hulk Hogan & The Rock & Kane d. X-Pac & Kevin Nash & Scott Hall when Kane pinned X-Pac

    4. Chris Jericho d. Matt Hardy (W/Lita) via submission with the Walls of Jericho

    5. WWF Intercontinental champion Rob Van Dam pinned Test after a sunset flip

    6. Raven pinned WWF Hardcore champion Maven after a DDT

    7. Vince McMahon & Kurt Angle d. WWF World Champion Triple H & Ric Flair when McMahon pinned Flair after the Undertaker interfered.

  • Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (taped 3/19/02)

    Booker T d. Edge

    Trish Stratus & Lita d. Ivory & Jazz

    William Regal d. WWF European champion Dallas Page to win the title

    Test d. Tajiri

    The Hurricane -no contest- Mighty Molly

    WWF Tag Team champions Billy & Chuck (with the debuting Rico) d. Hardy Boyz

    The Rock d. Kevin Nash via DQ

  • Cleveland, OH (taped 3/12/02)

    Kurt Angle d. Rob Van Dam

    Billy Gunn d. Jeff Hardy, Bradshaw, and Buh Buh Ray Dudley in a four way dance

    Maven pinned WWF Hardcore champion Al Snow to win the title

    Test & Booker T d. Tajiri & Edge

    Undertaker d. David Flair via DQ

  • San Antonio, TX (live)

    1. WWF Hardcore Champion Goldust pinned Rob Van Dam

    2. Booker T pinned Tajiri

    3. Undertaker defeated Maven & Al Snow in a handicap match in 3:19

    4. WWF Champion Chris Jericho pinned Kane in a non-title match

    5. Lita pinned Stacy Kiebler

    6. The Rock beat Scott Hall by disqualification

  • Boston, MA (taped 2/26/02)

    1. Jazz & Dudley Boyz d. Hardy Boyz & Lita when Jazz pinned Lita at 5:45 after a fishermanbuster

    2. The Big Show pinned European champion William Regal in a non-title match

    3. WWF hardcore champion Maven d. Goldust

    4. Undertaker – no contest- Al Snow

    5. WWF Tag Team champions Billy & Chuck d. APA

    6. Goldust pinned WWF Hardcore champion Maven to win the title

    7. Booker T pinned Scotty 2 Hotty after the Harlem sidekick

    8. Triple H & Kane d. Chris Jericho (w/Stephanie McMahon) & Kurt Angle

  • Rockford, Illinois (taped 2/19/02)

    1. Kane d. Kurt Angle via DQ in 41 seconds

    2. Edge d. Christian via submission in 3:30

    3. Hardy Boyz (w/Lita) & Rob Van Dam d. Lance Storm & Dudley Boyz (w/Stacy Keibler)

    4. Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo d. WWF Tag team champions Tazz & Spike Dudley to win the belts

  • Little Rock, Arkansas (taped 2/12/02)

    1. Spike Dudley pinned Booker T

    2. Billy & Chuck d. APA

    3. European Champion William Regal pinned Val Venis in a non-title match

    4. Goldust d. Tajiri

    5. Kane d. Undisputed WWF Champion Chris Jericho via DQ

    6. undertaker d. Kurt Angle via DQ

  • Los Angeles, California (taped 2/5/02)

    1. Rock pinned Booker T after the people's elbow

    2. Dudley Boyz & William Regal d.Rikishi & Rob Van Dam & Edge

    3. Maven d. WWF Hardcore champion Undertaker to win the title

    4. Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho d. Triple H

  • Norfolk, VA
    Episode 5

    Chris Jericho vs Tazz

    European Title

    - Christian vs Diamond Dallas Page

    The Dudley Boyz vs RVD & Edge

    Booker T & Test vs APA

    Kurt Angle & Undertaker vs The Rock & Triple H

  • North Charleston, SC (Taped 1/22/02)

    1. "The Whole Damn Show" Rob Van Dam pinned WWF Intercontinental champion William Regal in 41 seconds of a non-title match after the Five Star Frog Splash

    2. Rikishi pinned The Boss Man at 3:19 after a Banzi Drop

    3. WWF Tag Team champions Spike Dudley & Tazz d. Scotty 2 Hotty & "The Hip Hop Hippo" Albert when Hotty submitted to Tazz's Tazzmission

    4. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin pinned Booker T at 9:16 after a Stone Cold Stunner

    5. Dudley Boyz (with Stacy Keibler) d. Big Show & Kane in a tables match at 2:08 when Big Show knocked Buh Buh Ray into Kane who then fell through a table

    6. WWF Womens Champion Trish Stratus d. Jazz via DQ

    7. Kurt Angle pinned The Rock at 9:21 after Undertaker interfered and chokeslamed the Rock

  • Bossier City, Louisiana (taped 1/15/02)

    1. William Regal pinned Rob Van Dam @ 5:04 after a punch with brass knux

    2. Billy Gunn pinned WWF Cruiserweight champion Tajiri @ 2:43 of a non-title match after the Fameasser

    3. Diamond Dallas Page pinned The Boss Man at 3:08 after a Diamond Cutter

    4. Rikishi won an over the top rope challenge. Lance Storm was eliminated at 1:29 by Rikishi, Christian was eliminated at 1:42 by Rikishi to end the match.

    5. Test d. Intercontinental champion Edge via DQ at 3:44 after Edge hit Test with a chair

    6. HHH & Steve Austin d. Kurt Angle & Booker T at 9:48 when HHH pinned Booker after the Pedegree.

  • New York, New York [MSG] (taped 1/8/02)

    Tag team champions Spike Dudley & Tazz d. Christian & Lance Storm

    Intercontinental champion Edge pinned The Boss Man

    Rock & Rob Van Dam d. Chris Jericho & Test

    Rikishi d. Booker T via countout

    Steve Austin -no contest- Kurt Angle

  • Washington, DC (live)

    1. WWF Tag Team Champions Dudley Boyz (w/Stacy Keibler) d. Spike Dudley & Tazz when Bubba pinned Spike after a Bubba Bomb

    2. Jazz pinned Mighty Molly with a fishermanbuster

    3. WWF Hardcore champion Undertaker d. Big Show via submission with the dragon sleeper, now known as the "TCB" (Takin' Care Of Business)

    4. Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle d. Rob Van Dam & Edge

    5. Test pinned Tajiri (w/Torrie Wilson) after the big boot

    6. The Rock pinned Booker T after the Rock Bottom

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