WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Season 9 Episode 16

Smackdown: Italian Style

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2007 on Syfy
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Smackdown: Italian Style
1. Batista vs. Finlay 2. The Hardys & Chris Benoit vs. MVP & Chavo Guerrero & Gregory Helms 3. For the WWE Tag Team Championship: Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. Deuce & Domino 4. Kane vs. William Regal and Dave Taylor (2 on 1 handicap match) 5. Undertaker vs. Mr.Kennedymoreless

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  • 400th show! Kristal and Teddy Long a couple?

    Ok, I am not happy about this but if anyone who saw Smackdown a few hours ago, you know what happend. Besides Mr.Kennedy and Finlay are going wild and destroying Batista and Undertaker and Deuce n' Domino are the new tag team champs. Kristal Marshall, Smackdown interviewer and diva, was kissing Teddy Long, Smackdown GM! Oh bother! Things are heating up on Smackdown!

    Also during the six man tag team match Between The Hardys and Chris Benoit against MVP, Gregory Hemls and Chavo Guerrero, JBL and Michael Cole started to run their mouths about Backlash and the Hardys opponits at Backlash, Cade & Murdoch! Mostly JBL was do a whole lot of talking! He said to Cole that Cade & Murdoch are like him and Ron Simmions back in the days. I didn't get what he was saying! But they should be foucusing on the six man tag team match. The Hardys and Chris Benoit defeated MVP, Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero.

    Somehow next week Undertaker and Batista may want revenge against the wacky duo of Finlay and Kennedy. After all in the begining of the show Batista faced off against Finlay and somehow the match ended in a DQ because Mr.Kennedy attack Batista and both Finlay and Kennedy destroyed Batista in the prossess. Later on as the main event, Undertaker went after Mr.Kennedy and like the begining the match ended in a DQ because Finlay attack Undertaker and both Finlay and Kennedy destroyed Undertaker in the prossess.

    Deuce n' Domino finally didn't do anything stupid. The play fair and win the tag team titles off of London and Kendrick. The crazyness of Domino and the step-son of hall of famer, Jimmy Snuka, Deuce get the gold with there good teamwork. Never the less Paul London is hurt real bad. Also Jillian Hall want to give the Italian fans some opera, but she got interupted by Smackdown resident teacher who is better than Matt Striker, Michelle McCool. She gave Jillian a lesson to learn! Don't sing so awful. You will be hated by all! Also Dave Taylor and William Regal may think twice after what happend to them on Smackdown. During their match against Kane, both Taylor and Regal chicken out of their match and cause a count out and let Kane be the victor. After that, Regal and Taylor barge in Teddy Long's office and telling him that they wanted to stay away from Kane. But Teddy decided to book them next week against Kane and his tag team partner, The Boogyman! Ok, Kristal and Teddy are nuts! They make me want to think more about Lance Cade!moreless
  • boring

    JBL and Michael Cole came to the ring. JBL made Cole hold an American flag in the ring and sang "God Bless America" for heel heat.


    Batista vs. Finlay Ken Kennedy hits the ring, causing a DQ. They beat down Batista as the referees try to stop them. Finlay hits the Celtic Cross, leading to them teasing Batista is injured.

    *Condemned Trailer.

    *Jillian Hall comes to the ring and brags about putting Ashley Massaro out of action. She sings, badly. Michelle McCool stops it, telling Hall, in Italian, that she sucks. They have a catfight and McCool clears the ring. World Tag Team champions The Hardys & WWE United States champion Chris Benoit vs. MVP & Chavo Guerrero & Gregory Helms

    Although this will be edited, live they weren't ready for MVP's entrance and had to stall. Chris Benoit used the Sharpshooter on Helms for the win.

    WWE Tag Team champions Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. Deuce & Domino

    Deuce and Domino capture the belts. During the match, London did a moonsault to the floor but missed. Paramedics checked on him, so they did an injury deal to build to the finish. They hit the Crack 'Em In The Mouth on Kendrick for the win.

    *The main event tonight is WWE World champion The Undertaker vs. Ken Kennedy (non-title)

    *They recap Backlash. No new matches.

    Kane vs. William Regal and Dave Taylor Kane wins via countout in a long match after the Brits finally walk out.

    *Backstage, Regal and Taylor complain to Teddy Long, who announces they will wrestle Kane and The Boogeyman next week in the UK. Kristal Marshall arrives and shows Long all the expensive things she bought while shopping. Long tells her that the time they have spent together is the best time of his life and they kiss.

    WWE World champion Undertaker vs. Ken Kennedy

    Kennedy put himself over on the mic when he entered the ring. Undertaker had his grand entrance. Finlay interferes to cause a DQ. Kennedy and Finlay beat down Undertaker. Kane hits the ring to make the save, which may take place after the show goes off the air.moreless
  • Well, looks like after the Creative Team Renaissance we got before Wrestlemania, Creative put their heads back up their butts and began writing garbage again.

    Smackdown kicked off it’s 400th episode in Milan, Italy coincidentally in the same arena, with the same people, with the same signs, hmm I wonder, could this have been prerecorded? NAH!

    The episode started off with what should have been an actual match between Finlay and Batista(YAWN!). Well, can you even call what your eyes just saw a match. Finlay couldn't carry the dead weight that is Batista to a decent match, and what we got was a 1/4 star match. Just terrible! And the ending, another Disqualification, WWE seems to like those.

    Next we had a boring promo of Jillian trying to sing an Italian Opera. I thought Smackdown was the wrestling show, if the WWE wants to make garbage then they should keep it on Raw. And what are two of the most talented women on Smackdown doing not competing for the Women's Championship.

    I swear sometimes the WWE gets things very backwards. Next on Smackdown was the 6 man Tag Team Match between the always talented Hardy Boyz and Chris Benoit versus MVP, Chavo Guerrero, and Gregory helms. The match started off slow but, what I liked about this bout was that each wrestler told a story with their moves and they actually got the suspense building till the end of the match, which saw Benoit winning by applying AN ACTUAL SUBSMISSION, not the STFU, to Helms. This match is better than anything I saw on Raw this week and since I don't care about ECW, ROH, or TNA, I'll say this is the match of the week. ** stars! Well we all knew it would happen and it did. Paul London and Bryan Kendrick lost the WWE Tag Team Titles to two guys who think punches and kicks are wrestling maneuvers, Deuce and Domino. The match started off great with London showing his talent until he messed up a Moonsault from the outside apron and hit his head on the ground, OUCH! From there the match was dominated by Deuce and Domino taking advantage of Kendrick who's partnerless. Then it happened, the fourth longest reigning Tag Team Champions lost their titles to two guys with limited talent. *1/2 stars Next match was a handicap match between Regal and Taylor vs. Kane. The match was decent but nothing special, as it started out very slow and in the end we got another messed up ending as Regal and Taylor left the arena to be counted out. * star! After some backstage lovey-dovey shenanigans between Kristal and Teddy Long, who is probably twice Kristal's age, we got the main event.

    Undertaker vs. Mister Kennedy, well this match was pretty average with nothing special really which for the third time in one night ended in a crappy way. Why is the WWE so obsessed with Disqualifications and Count Outs, can't they see that those things take away from the match and interfere the quality. Finlay came in to attack Taker and DQed Kennedy initiating a beat down on the Dead Man. *1/2 stars!

    All in all this Smackdown was not as good as the episodes before Wrestlemania, but this is still far better than anything you'll see wrestling wise during the week and TV show wise on Friday Night. Ghost Whisperer, Wife Swap, Nanny 911, PLEASE! Smackdown is better than all that garbage.

    9.1 out of 10!moreless

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