WWE SmackDown

Season 10 Episode 31

Things to Come

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Aug 01, 2008 on USA



  • Quotes

    • Mick Foley: You bring up some great points, I never was the same after the Cell match with the Undertaker, and there's part of me Edge that would really like to help you, it's just that over the past several months, week in and week out, you've really hurt my, my credibility Edge. Because the one thing I have going for me more than anything else is my word, and my bond with these fans. And for weeks, for months, for years in both the words I've spoken and on the written page, I've said it loud and I've said it long: Edge is the greatest superstar in the WWE. Even when it hasn't been popular to say, the problem Edge is unless our fans have a really, really long memory, they think you suck. Because they see an Edge week in and week out who takes the shortcuts. They see an Edge week in and week out willing play the numbers game, willing to rely on his fianc…no, his wife! And so Edge I say not only will I not help you, I can't help you, but I know the one person who can: Edge. Edge, you need to look inside your heart, your soul and inside your mind and find the Edge who made me say you were the greatest superstar in WWE! Remember the Edge who shattered through the glass ceiling when everyone else said it wouldn't be popular. You need to find that Edge! The Edge who took the letters T L C and made them mean something! The Edge who smelled his own flesh burning and didn't mine because it reminded him of victory! You and I Edge, we engaged in the greatest hardcore matchup in Wrestlemania history just two years ago. And you need to find that Edge, because if you do, then JR & I will sit at Summerslam and we will call, and our fans around the country and around the world will bear witness to what I know can be the greatest, most exciting, innovative and violent matchup in WWE history. You need to find that Edge and bring him to Summerslam, because if that Cell door slams shut and the Undertaker states face to face at this Edge, the white tuxedo wearing Edge, the loofah sponge-bathing Edge, the teeter-totter riding Edge, the down on his knees saying forgive me baby, I can't live I won't live without your love Edge... You bring that Edge to Summerslam and with God as my witness and with a body that remembers every fall 10 years after the date, you bring this Edge and the Undertaker will tear you apart! Am I understood! Am I understood?
      Edge: I…I understand. (Edge attacks Mick)