WWE SmackDown

Season 9 Episode 9

White Noise

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 2007 on USA

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    Now, both of the Hardys are in the Money in the Bank match. I like the idea of having 8 guys in the match. It's a good way to get guys on the card that have worked for so long and really deserve to be on there. Finlay is an older guy who has trained a lot of the younger wrestlers, not to mention his stint in WCW. King Booker has been in the title picture, but I honestly don't see him having another run like he did in 2006. Matt Hardy is the most underrated wrestler in the Wwe. He gets hardly any breaks. He's over with the crowd, yet, he gets buried or really doesn't get an opportunity he deserves. Jeff Hardy has gotten a push since he returned to the WWE. I'm one of the ones that's very happy Jeff has returned to. He could have been the face of Tna, but, that didn't work out. Edge has won the belt. Edge is a guy that's won this match already. I really don't look for him to repeat. cm Punk is the wild card in this match. I'm really looking to him to get a run within the next year or so. I personally thinks he deserves it. He's been built up and he's over with the fans. I honestly think he could pull the upset. Mr. Kennedy is our next competitor. I've already staked the claim that he will win a world title by Summerslam or sometime around that time. So, Kennedy is another one that has a good shot at winning. This is a star-studded Money in the Bank match! As for the last competitor, I think it will be Randy Orton or Elijah Burke. The next order of business is Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania. I've received some e-mails about what's going on with Benoit at Wrestlemania. I've heard the rumors of Benoit defending the belt against Finlay to open up Wrestlemania. Whenever I heard these, I was very excited. This would have been the best wrestling match of the night. These two would have put on a technical wrestling fan's dream match. Now, with the triple threat match between Finlay, Mvp, and Benoit, I think it will be a Benoit-Mvp[ match at Wrestlemania. I think Mvp is ready to feud with Benoit, but I don't know if he's ready to carry the title. But, a few Wrestlemania's ago, we saw John Cena win the United States Championship from Big Show and the next year, he won the Wwe Championship. I'm not saying this could push Mvp to win the World Heavyweight Championship, but there's a chance. Now, the Cruiserweight division has been impressing me lately. I'm not saying have another Gauntlet match. But, at Wrestlemania, they need to have a 4-way match or a 6-pack challenge. These guys could potentially take over the X Division. I hope when Rey Mysterio comes back, he will join the Cruiserweights and re-establish the division. I know Lashley is part of Ecw, but he's also part of the Battle of the Billionaires. I think Vince is doing a smart thing by "stacking the deck" against Lashley every chance he gets and then Lashley goes over. I think I believe this was done to maybe The Rock and Stone Cold and a few others. I'm not saying Lashley will ever be a Stone Cold or a Rock. But, Lashley is being built up and we all know Trump won't get his head shaved. That's like Funaki becoming the Wwe Champion. It won't happen. Trust me. Now, the Wwe tag Team Championships have taken a backseat this week. They need a tag title match at Wrestlemania. They won't get one from Raw, unless Cena & Michaels lose the belts pretty quick. I'm sure London & Kendrick and Deuce & Domino could put on a pretty good show. I wouldn't mind getting Taylor & Regal back in the title picture. They really need a tag title match on the card. Come on creative team, get on it!
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