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WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Season 9 Episode 14

Wrestlemania Aftermath: Deadman's Day

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2007 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

Wrestlemania Aftermath: Deadman's Day
400th episode of Smackdown

1. Interpromotional Match Mister Kennedy vs. Jeff Hardy 2. Matt Hardy vs. King Booker 3. The Miz vs. Chris Benoit 4. Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. Gregory Helms & Chavo Guerrero 5. Kane vs. Dave Taylor

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  • The aftermath from Wrestlemania sees the Tag Champs in action and King Booker paying a special visit to the Undertaker.

    A recap of sorts. A lot of video for Wrestlemania. The matches were ok but had no long term effects. Hardy vs. Kennedy was decent. Finlay comes out after the match to beat up Kennedy with his trusted midget.

    King Booker vs. Matt Hardy was ok. Hardy scores the semi-upset.

    The Miz vs. Chris Benoit was a no brainer.

    Kane destroyed Dave Taylor and William Regal in a handicap match. Regal wasn't even wearing wrestling gear not that it mattered.

    The best match was probably London and Kendrick vs. Helms and Chavo. A lot of high fly action. Then that facebuster of that top rope literally knocked out Helms.

    Undertaker comes out at the end with the belt Booker T tries a cheapshot but gets put out with the tombstone on the announcer's table.moreless
  • The only reasons I wanted to watch this episode was a) Jeff Hardy was going to fight and b) Undertaker was returning to Smackdown as the new World Heavyweight Champion 15-0moreless

    The best matches I would have to say was Benoit vs. The Miz and The Undertaker beating down King Booker. Why...? Because when they were hit, you felt it! When Benoit gave Miz the first chop! That chop echoed throughout the Smackdown arena!! And when Undertaker flung Booker to the steal post... dear god! I thought that he broke him on the pole. I was annoyed that Jeff Hardy lost cause he's my favorite, but at least it was to someone talented like Mr. Kennedy. But on Jeff's defense he was going half speed. And when did Helms and Guerrero become a tag team? Helms should hate Guerrero's guts because he has the crusierweight which belonged to Helms for over a year. But for the sake of everyone, the crusierweight is boring and no one ever goes after it. It's always either the WWE World Title, the World Heavyweight title, the United States Champion, the Intercontinental, the 2 tag team belts, and sometimes the ECW Heavyweight title, but the crusierweight is rarely challenged.moreless

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    • Finlay: (To Mister Kennedy) You listen to me, big mouth! If you ever put your hands on Hornswoggle, you'll be watching WrestleMania sitting at a wheel chair. You got it?

    • Mister Kennedy: Ladies and gentlemen, once again actions speak louder that words. That's right, 'cause at WrestleMania 23 I did exactly what I said that I was gonna do. I climbed up that ladder, I grabbed this briefcase. I defeated seven, that's right, seven other superstars. I became Mister Money In The Bank. And as a matter of fact, from now on, you will all refer to me as Mister Money In The Bank. (pauses) You all know what's inside this thing, don't you? There is a contract that guarantees me a title shot. Anytime, any place over the next 365 days. But I'm gonna guarantee you something right now that when I cash this baby in, I'm gonna be exchanging it for championship gold. You all heard of the Hogan era, you all heard of the Austin era. Well, the Kennedy era has just begun! (pauses) Begun.

    • Michael Cole: Miz battling back!
      JBL: You say Miz and battling in same sentence?

    • JBL: I don't have to admit anything, I'm JBL.

    • JBL:(about Chris Benoit during his match against The Miz) Chris could do something bigger then winning the World Championship at Wrestlemania here! He can get rid of Miz, could be the best possible thing this business can see.

    • Batista: (To Undertaker) Congratulations. Now I want my rematch.

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