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NBC (ended 2002)


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  • If you didn’t have cable, it was Friday Night Videos all the way.

    I loved this show when it aired during its run in the 80’s. I was one of the few 80s heads that relied on network television to get my kicks.

    The name says it all. It was a full fledged hour dedicated to the top ten weekly videos and you watched it on Friday night. I anticipated this show and loved the variety between Pop, Rock and R & B (Rap hadn’t reared its head too much during this era).

    Toward its demise, Friday Night Videos did undergo a few changes - new host, new layout and an entertainment segment that hovered around dry jokes and day old news.

    But when you lay the cards down, for the show to survive for years being based primarily on videos – well that’s a self explanatory assumption that somebody was doing something right. It’s a classic and still an all time favorite though I’m sure with the route most videos nowadays has taken – it would be difficult for Friday Night Videos to survive on “regular” television now because their selection of “appropriate” videos would be slim and thin. Guess its good FNV ended when it did. And hey, we’ll always have Friday nights.